My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Angels Descending

Shortly after the last 2 postings, I have seen for the past couple of days angels descending from heaven.  Not just a few but many. I don’t ,as of now,  see them in any particular geographic region.  I just see them coming to earth

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29 thoughts on “Angels Descending

  1. sandra on said:

    So there is something to be expected ….

  2. sandra on said:

    Tony, do you know what it means to see 44.44 on the clock?

    • Can’t say that I do Sandra

    • sarah on said:

      4 is a very prophectic number God uses numbers to speak also. I could write a whole list lol and Obama is the 44th president

    • sarah on said:

      Also if I remember correctly the 3rd blood moon on the 4th appeared at 4:44 am

      • We have one more to go which will make 4

      • sandra on said:

        During an important event, I saw 44.44 on the clock, all the time.

        I thougth: this can’t be. But I kept seeing it.

        After that, I’ve never seen it anymore

        It was 13 years ago.

      • Also Sept. 28th the day of the last blood moon is also Elul29 the last day of the Shemitah year. A day of wiping out), according to the bible. 7 years ago 2008 depression…7 years before that 9/11/2001…every seven years God judgement befalls a nation…so please don’t forget September 2015 our nation has abandoned Israel and the day of the 28th will be a super moon as well as the final blood moon as well as Elul29 the day God makes or breaks a nation. There’s more I’m just no good at putting words together. But hopefully it will get you to research The Shemitah and what it means God Bless

      • Sarah you are better than you think. Have you ever read the book The Harbinger?

      • Write what you feel led to write. Don’t let fear of making a mistake hold you back.

  3. Raymond on said:

    It’s about time. What took them so long ?
    Have you ever seen them before ? I wonder how much time elapses after you see them before something happens ?

  4. Marsha on said:

    I surely hope they are and coming for the saved and dead in Christ. Just be ready for anything….Marsha

  5. Signifies the times are now changing (as in dream in Sept ’11 of the Kingdom being set up). Also, I believe this my relate to the preparatory training we are/will be receiving to counter increasing evil activities.

    • The world gets darker everyday. Hence we need more and more oil to keep our light burning. Reminds me of the dream of the angel ringing my doorbell and filling my wife’s and my lamps with oil.

      • Yes but remember, my friend, Isaiah 60 applies to these times and God’s people:

        Arise shine your light has come and the glory of the LORD arises upon you.
        See darkness covers the earth and thick darkness over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and His glory appears over you.

      • Amen Richard

  6. sandra on said:

    Has anyone ever had ( ‘seen’) something about the rapture, occuring in a diagonal movement ?

  7. I had dream of being raptured just on the other night april 11, 2015. I was flying on tremendous speed together with many people. We land on a place where there is a gate. Someone instructed us to leave everything that we have before we xould enter the gate. I remember taking out of my pocket my money bills and coins. As I enter the gate I see Jesus in the midst of many people standing. Then I look out of the gate and I see the devil very furious and is ranging war against us. Outside as if there is war happenning because of the total chaos. Then the devil trying to inflict fear among us but we were not afraid because we see Jesus among us. Then my dream ended.

    • Powerful dream Joey. Thank you for blessing me with it on my blog.

      • Yes Tony. Whatever God has shown me here is not because I am worthy but because of His great Mercy for all of us that He has keep on warning us ahead. May His Name Be Praise For All of HIS goodness, great mercy and love for all of us! Amen

    • unicorncoat on said:

      I believe there are some that will be called out to continue to spread the gospel that the Lord will bring into a safe place. I can’t quite remember the references I have concerning this belief or if it was something told by someone I know concerning the Ministry. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.
      Would also like to note that my first thoughts were of the woman mentioned in Revelations 12, whom most believe represent the remnants of Israel that will flea the lands.
      Just sharing my thoughts, which were more just first impressions as far as I know.

      • The times that we live in are definitely going to get more and more scary as the days get darker and darker. It’s my belief that those that are hearing the Lord’s vice and leaving the building will be more prepared for what is coming. China is living this reality as we speak. They meet in homes because it’s not safe to meet in buildings called churches that aren’t sanctioned by the government. It’s good that you have listened to the Lord’s voice and left. Most mainliners think that those of us who no longer attend regular church in buildings on Sunday mornings are crazy. That’s ok . Maybe we’ve been sent ahead to help those who are still bound to the building when they leave.

  8. During this period,I and some brethren has been on Esther kind of fasting.And many of us saw angels and angelic activities on our behalf in dreams and visions.Tony,I believe some of the angels you saw might have been assigned to us. God bless you for sharing.

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    During this period,I and some brethren has been on Esther kind of fasting.And many of us saw angels and angelic activities on our behalf in dreams and visions.Tony,I believe some of the angels you saw might have been assigned to us. God bless you for sharing.

  10. Here comes the reinforcements…

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    A Word from the Lord

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