My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

My Journey Thus Far

In the early 90’s, the Lord, while at a prayer meeting, gave me my first word of discernment. People were praying for a woman and I heard the word, “witchcraft” . It was like someone had a megaphone inside my chest it was so loud and that is how my journey into the prophetic started. Next, a few years later, as I was driving down a road to one of my clients, I heard the word, “watchman”. I knew what the word meant but I guess I did not embrace the full ramifications of what the Lord was saying to me at the time. The following Sunday, while at church, a well-known prophet came up to me and confirmed what the Lord had spoken to me ant that He was calling me to be a watchman. It was from that time on that I began to get visions, dreams, and words given to me. It has been in the last 4-5 years that they have intensified greatly. What originally started out as being used as a watchman for the local church I was in has now become words that the Lord is showing me for America and the world.


32 thoughts on “My Journey Thus Far

  1. This is a blog of Dreams, Visions and Words that the Lord has shown me.

  2. The watchman is very important. Without them there would be no purpose for sheep. The watchmen need to be like a good barking dog. Sounding an alarm for the sheep to move out. I know there is more to it than that… I just wanted to drop a quick comment. Be Blessed my friend!

    • when the Lord first started using me as a watchman, it
      was confined pretty much to the local congregation that I was part of. As of the last 4-5 years, the dreams,visions and words
      have been on a national and global scale. The dreams, visions, and words have been much more frequent so that I keep a journal
      by my bed.

  3. Dreams and visions, words of wisdom and words of knowledge, are of great importance in the Church, but they must always be exercised with a submitted, discerning heart. I have seen legitimate ministries shipwrecked because of a proud spirit. Every Word must be examined in the light of Scripture, which is why anyone with prophetic gifting should be immersed in the Bible. Blessings on you as you allow Christ to use you as a tool in building His Church.

    • Amen and Amen. I agree that the Word of God must be the final authority on all prophetic words. Also that anyone with a prophetic mantle must immerse themselves in the Word

  4. Hi Tony…thank you for stopping by and liking “Remembering Miss Mary.” God bless you my brother.

  5. anora on said:

    Thank you so much for sharing your dreams and visions.
    Could you please mail me ? You can see my emailadress in the dashboard/reactions, right ?
    I’m really longing for someone with spiritual insight.
    Thanks a lot…. !

  6. Like you, the Lord led me out of my church. Its beem 3weeks now. I have a lot to say but i still am waiting on the Lord to release me to write. I still feel there is more before i can be able to write that part of my life. My post, “walking” on water” just skims the surface. There is so much He is teaching me…sitting at His feet. So much Truth He has been showing me. I thank God for blogs like yours. I am new to a lot of this.

    • I will be glad to help in any way I can. The Lord is still getting the church out of my wife and I. It is amazing how much junk one can amass from being in religion. We are not alone, however, there are many who are leaving the traditional church.

      • You said it! Junk!! The Lord has instructed me to not raise my daughter in any man made traditions of “worship” to Him but to raise her to seek Him and be led by the Spirit: to worship in Spirit and in Truth.
        i have seen some amazing things God has said through her and what God is doing in her through this obedience.
        I, on the other hand have a lot to sort through. Like you, so much junk!! It makes thingsa bit difficult for me ( thankfully not for her) but i am pressing on,holding onto my Father for dear life.
        One day at a time…

        Thank you for your offer. Will definitely keep in touch and look forward to more posts.

      • I post most all of my dreams/visions. unless they are personal or have to do with someone specific. I pray you are blessed by what you read and do not be afraid to comment as well on what you read.

      • Sure thing Tony. The few i have read already spoke to me/ confirmed somethings. God be praised. I am following your blog and will be notified of new ones. Will definitely come back. God has a good thing going here.

      • Hi Tony, thanks for “following” my blog. I appreciate your heart with which you write. As for getting the traditions of men out of us and all that the churches have become, God was able to get the people out of Egypt with a few “magic tricks” in a couple of weeks time, but it took 40 years and a lot of killing to get Egypt out of the people before He could take then into the land of promise. The wilderness had to do its job there was no way around it. People tell me about this or that “great man of God” and first of all I want to SEE his wilderness and what it did to kill Egypt in HIM, then we will talk.

        Before my 14 year wilderness started I had the same gifts of prophesy, words of knowledge, dreams and interpretation of dreams, etc. working in me and it was by the Spirit, but my brother, pride in me grew up with them. One Sunday, I had prophesied during the church service and this older brother came up to me and asked me if I had ever asked God to show me as HE saw me instead as I thought He saw me. So, I went home and prayed that God would do that for me. HE DID. and it was sickening. I had a dream and in it I was standing on a pedestal in a three piece suit looking like Binny Hinn and all around me on their knees were people in my church with hands raised in worship. The problem was that I was taking their praises meant for God and tucking them inside my suit vest next to my heart. I said, “GOD! Is this what I am doing to you? Taking your praise to myself? If it is, JUST KILL IT!”

        Well, He did. He took everything away from me that was identifiable as “spiritual” and left me with my flesh and the death was agonizing for 14 years until like Job, I could say with heart felt conviction, “YOU alone, oh God, are righteous and just and I agree with everything you have done in my life. If you want me to remain in this death till I die, so be it.” That was the beginning of the end of this period of my life. I can now say many years later that it was all worth it. What fell in the ground and died in 1980 was not what sprang forth as a little blade of grass in 1994. If we are serious about being God’s watchman we will embrace the cross of Christ and call out on God to purge us of all that is of the flesh no matter the cost.

        Love you, my brother!

      • My call as a watchman came in the early 90’s . Right after the call was confirmed by a well known prophet of that time, all hell broke loose and I, like Moses ran into the desert, literally, and it’s from here that the Lord has been calling me.

        Powerful testimony you have. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  7. Tony, yes… I relate. Moses and us spent our years on the back side of the desert in Midean. Mine was 14 years until God finally spoke to me again.

  8. J G HEMLOCK on said:

    You have the most wonderful gift of Prophecy as well! This I DO know. Many will come to your site and KNOW that Yeshua is very real and alive! I think that is awesome! And as we are both aware as many here, pen-name 🙂 Be blessed I enjoy your dreams and visions from the Lord! I always smile when I see a confirmation.

  9. sarah on said:

    From looking up others like myself I know God is calling out to me he is always showing and giving me visions words etc….but I would like to be able to learn from others and meet people who understand the things the Lord shows me…my email is God Bless you all

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