My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

England and America, A dream

I had a very short dream/night vision. In this dream/vision I saw Boris Johnson and Donald Trump standing shoulder to shoulder. In their right hands were drawn swords and in their left hands were shields.


House Fire

As I was dozing off to sleep last night I saw a vision. It was dark and I saw a house completely engulfed in flames yet no fire trucks were there trying to extinguish the flames. Also, like the burning bush that Moses saw, the house was not consumed. I then saw the inside of the house and there were people on their knees praying. I then saw this happening all over the United States. Darkness has always been indicative of evil so I am assuming that the darkness I saw was representative of evil. Nevertheless there were individual homes ablaze with the fire of the Holy Spirit. I found it worthy of note that the phenomena described above was occurring in individual homes and not in church buildings.

Holy Wind Coming to Great Britain

I had what started as a dream and am still seeing it today a powerful wind blowing through great Britain. I saw Big Ben bend and move with the direction that the wind was blowing, i.e., North South East and West. The force of the wind did not topple Big Ben but rather Big Ben seemed in the vision to be cooperating with the wind and would bend in the direction that the wind was blowing. The bending here, I believe,  represents humility. Big Ben, in the natural, could not bend the way I saw it doing in my dream.

Warning to the Church that quenches Holy Spirit (GPS #34.2) — Richard’s Watch


via Warning to the Church that quenches Holy Spirit (GPS #34.2) — Richard’s Watch

England’s Churches

As I was praying this morning I once again was shown England. This time however, I saw what we would call in the states a tornado. This was a whirlwind that had both direction and purpose. I watched as the whirlwind would pass by a church and the church literally would be sucked into the whirlwind leaving the foundation exposed. This was repeated many times. This to me is reminiscent of Ezekiel prophesying in chapter 13 about the Lord tearing down the wall and exposing its foundation.

I’ve seen a similar thing in a dream regarding American churches.

England Ablaze, Another Vision

As I was praying this morning I saw the following vision.

Imagine, if you will, the Olympic runner who runs with the torch and at the end of his/her run lights the flame for the beginning of the games.

With that said I saw England and it was dark. Then I saw what seemed to be Olympic runners seemingly descending from the sky each holding a torch. Again remember the ultimate purpose of the runner was to light the fire signaling the beginning of the Olympic games. However, in the Olympics only one lights a fire. In the vision, as I stated above, was dark but there were cauldrons, many of them. Each individual carrying a torch would use that torch to light the cauldron and that part of England would be lit. This was repeated by the other runners until all of England was ablaze.

The Blind Leading The Blind

As I was praying a few days ago I saw the following vision.

In the vision I saw a church service going on. I saw both pastor and congregation, none of which was anything strange or out of the ordinary. I saw the pastor reading from the bible and the congregation following along as he read, again, nothing out of the ordinary. Then I got a look at the pastor’s face and saw that he was blind yet the bible he was reading from was not in braille but he read like he both saw and understood the words he was reading. Then my attention was turned towards the congregation to whom the pastor was preaching and I saw that they too were blind yet followed along with bibles open even following along as the pastor read from the pulpit.

In the vision the eyes of both pastor and congregation were white, i.e., no pupils, so in the physical they would not be able to read nor understand. However, this vision is spiritual and the blindness is a result of deception and being deceived. Those there chose to be there and did not object to what was being taught. Deception is very patient. A little lie here, a little lie there and in time the truth is obscured.

In these last days it is imperative that one listens to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Pay close attention to what He says. If you are in a church where a compromised Word is being preached then leave quickly before you become deceived.

As with any dream/ vision I post here, take this to the Lord in prayer and see what He speaks to you.

Direction of United States

As I was praying this morning I saw a very large sailing ship that was sideways in the water of what looked to be a very large waterfall. The ship had to have been heading in that direction for it to have gotten there but now it was at the edge but not going over the waterfall to its destruction. This in the natural would be an impossibility as the sheer force of the flowing river would have forced the ship over the waterfall. Inside the ship I saw a captain at the wheel trying to turn the ship, which as I stated above was a sailing ship, around and there were others at the wheel fighting him for control of the wheel. The ship in this vision is the United States and the captain is Donald Trump. Many are fighting for control of the ship but President Trump had at least turned the ship sideways and was attempting to turn it around. This in the natural would be impossible as the direction of the flowing water would have pushed the water over the falls. Nevertheless this is what he was attempting to do. I think it significant that this was a sailing ship because the pilgrims came over on a sailing ship and dedicated America to the Lord. Secondly it is significant that I saw a sailing ship because a sailing ship needs the wind to fill its sails in order for it to move. The wind here is the Holy Spirit and it is the wind of the Spirit that will turn the ship around and head upstream against the current that was leading the ship towards its destruction.

We need to keep this president in much prayer as there are many forces against him and the fight is going to get worse as the plans of the enemy once concealed are brought to light.

As with any dream/vision I post, take this to the Lord in Prayer and see what He says to you.





Watch England

I’ve had this vision stuck in my head for the fast few days so I’m posting it here and now.

In the vision I saw a brilliantly white cloud rest over England. I believe it to be the Shekinah Glory. Then I heard ” Watch England”. I also heard the word, “bellwether”, being spoken. The definition of bellwether is:

the leading sheep of a flock, with a bell on its neck.
  • an indicator or predictor of something.

England I heard will be a bellwether for revival.

As with anything I post, take this to the Lord in prayer and see what He shows you.

A Dream About The Pope

I had a night vision about the current Pope. In the night vision I saw him stand where one would see him giving a mass. I saw a large crowd below him and noticed that there were people of many beliefs there. I know this because of the clothing I observed some were wearing. I then saw the Pope take off his white cap, which I understand to represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and throw it into the crowd like one would throw a frisbee. That was the end of the night vision.

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