My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Beheaded for Christ

Early the morning of , 03/24/2013, I had a dream just before waking. What I saw in the dream was truly frightening.  What was taking place in the dream was Christians, many Christians, were being told to deny Jesus. Those that refused were beheaded. What I saw was Christians in shackles being lead up to a place where they were told to deny Christ. When they didn’t, they were kneeling down and placed their head in a carved put piece of wood that looked like the bottom half of a guillotine. What was remarkable is that no one fought to save his/her life. They were like lambs lead to the slaughter.  Those being beheaded did not fight because they were ready to meet their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What dawned on me in the dream was that Muslims behead people.
I was not given a time frame in the dream as to when this will occur and anything more on my part would be speculation. Could the Antichrist arise out of the Muslim nations? Again this is nothing more than speculation as I was not told any of this. Furthermore, I was not given a time frame on when this will occur, I.e.,  post, mid,  or pre-tribulation. Once again for me to say when would be pure speculation.

As I was pondering the dream, I saw, in a vision, the man dressed in black with a very large sword in his hand who had been doing the beheading of Christians. This man turned towards me and pointed at me with his sword and said, ” are you ready to die for your faith”,?

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43 thoughts on “Beheaded for Christ

  1. My first thought is that of the head being separated from the body. Indicative of modern church culture. And the fact that you were aware of Muslims being a group that literally beheads people, makes me think about the move towards globalism in western nations. Toleration for anything and everything is causing the body to be separated from the head.
    I don’t know about “The” anti-Christ, but I do know there IS NOW an anti-Christ spirit in nations were Islam is prevalent and they do NOW literally behead Christians. And their attitude is not so much about “fighting for their inalienable rights, as it is fighting for the Gospel of Christ. I have a very close friend who is an apostle in Nigeria. Nigeria is said to be more than 50% Christian, the president is said to be a Christian and yet Nigeria is a place where Christians are murdered in their places of worship and in their homes by Muslims. There is a spirit of fear within the government that does not prosecute the murderers. This is an anit-Christ spirit, “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but…”
    Sorry, I get a little impassioned about the modern persecuted church.

    • Good to see you back in the saddle Christy. I do not know why I would have such a dream. But I can tell you that as I was laying on my bed contemplating the dream, I saw,in a vision, the man, dressed in black with a very large sword who had been doing the executions, turn to me and ask,”are you ready to die for your faith?”

  2. Hi Tony.


    As if right on cue, I listened to The Man From Modesto, on Utube, and as well Steve Quayle, and in both instances their visions correlate , and even more troubling, go way beyond, describing things that will occur that I would only describe here as a literal release of demon possessing spirits walking the earth, killing, murdering, pilaging, enslaving, eating the flesh of, and raping all manner men women and children. It is gross beyond words, and difficult to comprehend.

    But although it is described to be much worse than all previous history combined , it is not be without some measure of historical accuracy, as what the Concentration Camps were evidenced of doing to the Jews and others, and even back to the ancient world wherein history records the savagery of the Asssyrians so evil , that they would peel the skin off of people who were captured alive.

    This I believe describes the martyred tribulation saints spoken of in the bible.
    Possibly if any one who is a Christian in name but not following the path of the Lord, anyone who is sitting on the fence wondering about the Lord, or anyone who currently doesn’t give a rip about the Lord, ever wondered if there will be a second chance to get to Heaven…well, in my opinion, looks like you,ll be going through hell to see it.

    The choice to escape the fire and the knife is now.

    As a side note , I would add that there is a high probability that this may occur at the hands of demonically infused Muslim inspired teachings which already do this very thing. There are numerous incidents of captured prisoners since Iraq war showing this ultra barbaric method of hacking off the heads off ‘unbelievers’, who will not bow down to Allah,THROUGH what will appear initially to all of the deceived as ‘Christ’ whom they call a ‘prophet’ (or Mhadi)….after the revealing of which, all will awake to the truth, The False Prophet ….and thus millions are now pursued by this antiChrist and his system, captured murdered, maimed, defiled, and or ultimately beheaded for not submtting.

    May God have mercy on us for one more day.

  3. This is really interesting. I love the last part about being ready to die for your faith. I think it’s hard for most people to think about, but if we are not willing to die for Christ, then we are not His true followers. Being in a situation like this would certainly separate out the true believers from the complacent christians. I almost think it would be better if we were more persecuted, because it really puts your faith to the test and forces you to make a decision.

  4. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Tony,

    It will occur in the Tribulation, it talks about the people that believe during the Tribulation will be beheaded for their beliefs. Those people are called “Tribulation Saints”, and they will be resurrected for Christ sake before the 1000 year reign. You will find the references to them in Revelations 6:9-11 These are they which had been slain for the Word of God. Also look at chapter 7, verse 14,15. They are beheaded and killed in many ways those who refuse the mark of the beast. So God gave you a picture of what is coming to those who don’t believe until they are all ready in the Tribulation. But they do stand strong knowing that to be absent in the flesh is to be present with the Lord.

    So rest usurered, we that already believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, will be taken. For all those that believe now, will go in the Rapture or catching away, or as the scripture says, saved from the Wrath of God. II Thessalonians 3:3 and I Thessalonians 4:13-18, and II Corinthians 5:9-11 and Romans 5:1-11, now read verse 9 again. I Thessalonians 1:10 and last but not least, I Corinthians 15: 50-58.

    Now please take the time to read those scriptures. There have been several so called raptures. Enoch was obedient and walked with God and was no more on the earth, and Elijah was taken in a fierily chariot, and Moses was buried by God and went to heaven, later seen by Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, in the new Testament. Also on resurrection morning of Christ, the graves were open and several of the dead were seen as alive walking in the streets of Jerusalem, later taken by God. So it is not unclear, the Lord will come for His bride the church, we have already made our decisions, and have endured many trial and temptations in this life already, there were streets lined with crucified men and women by the Roman Catholic’s in the dark ages. But that is not the “*Wrath of God”,* that will come on the *whole earth, like never seen in the life of mankind.* We will be saved from the Wrath of God.

    Also many in the past were beheaded in arena’s many years ago for the cause of Jesus Christ. They went just like sheep to the slaughter. But God’s Wrath on the whole earth is going to be the most horrific Tribulation ever seen by man.

    So God Bless and please take time to read those scriptures.

    Sincerely, Marsha

  5. The time that we are living in is not one where we are called to die for our faith, but rather become living martyrs and die to our worldly selves. We living in a time when people are receiving an invitation to come to the banquet the King has prepared (Mt 22; Lk 14), but are we going to be like those in the parable that turn down the invitation saying we have more important things to do, or are we going to go and fill the banquet hall? We will be invited, but will we also be chosen (Mt 22:14)?

    Revelation speaks very clearly about the order of events that will take place. Rv 5 the scroll is sealed, but the time comes when the sealed scroll is opened (Rv 6&8) and once it has been opened, Jesus gives it to an angel who then takes it down to the physical world and gives it to Apostle John (who received this prophetic vision 2000 years ago – Rv 10). Apostle John has to eat the opened scroll and then give the words, proclaim its contents, to the people of all nations. We have to know and understand these things so that we can be those ready to hear and receive the words of the one promised in the New Testament.

    I am so grateful to the martyrs and for their obedience and unmoving love for our Lord Jesus Christ, but today. Let us not allow their blood to have been shed for no reason.

    Thanks for sharing your dream, it definitely sounds like it was petrifying!
    Many Blessings,

    • In the dream no time frame was given to me as to when this might occur. I do know that there are Christians loosing their lives in Muslim countries. Some may have been beheaded.

  6. Lisette Defoe on said:

    How freakyyyyyyyy!

  7. Definitely not a dream to give you warm and fuzzy feelings. WHat caught me is the executioner asking me if I was ready to die for my faith.

    • Donna Fuller on said:

      If my Beheader says anything, I didn’t hear him. All I could hear was God saying HAVE NO FEAR.

      • Powerful dream Donna and it confirms my dream. I do believe that the time is coming where we will have to declare our allegiance to Jesus and in so doing have to pay the ultimate price. Thank you again for posting your dream.

  8. optimisticgladness on said:

    Wow. This sounds like a God-dream. I’ve had spiritual warfare dreams before. I remember details down to the color, size and shape. Your dream matches what this other blog writes about:

    Thank you for sharing!

  9. This dream is tribulation come to life!! It will happen one day. And I do believe it will be people of the Muslim faith beheading believers. As you saw in my post about the resemblances between the Muslim savior and the Anti-Christ. They are shocking!!

  10. Actually, I have a heart to muslim nations. When we make them a collective enemy in our minds, we tend to forget about the variety of individual muslims. We have a rich history of hating and generalizing “the other kind”: jews, slaves, various races etc. I guess my point is … let’s not forget that we need to love them too, and witness to them too. The gospel is to be witnessed to all the nations. I saw many testimonies of muslims who converted to christianity (some of them are on my blog). Also there are plenty of ‘cultural’ muslims who are labeled as muslims just because they are born in a muslim country. That is the same as the cultural christians born and raised in christian countries and communities but who are not born again. Unfortunately, it is the problem of many Ukrainian christians. They think they are christians because they are Ukrainians. Hey, I thought I was a christian way before I REALLY became a christian.

    My fiance an American who is now working in Afghanistan. The Afghans are scared! They are so scared that Taliban will come back and their lives will be in danger. That is, Taliban and the like is not exactly a pure muslim group. They are extremists who actually twisted and stretched Quran to fit their needs. It has more to do with politics than with the religion. Anyway, these Afghans asked my fiance probing questions about Jesus and so on. Some are curious but very scared. I mean, can you imagine how much the gospel truth threatens the identity of someone born and raised to think that believing in anything but Quran is worse than a blasphemy? Such people deserve empathy and prayers.

    Now, I think if some group would initiate persecution of christians like this, these would be atheists. The world religions would be called the root of all evil (and christians included). They will probably come up with one religion that they allow to follow, some semi-pagan ‘mother earth’ rubbish. That’s more dangerous for the true gospel, because all religions will be called as EQUAL, meaning none of them being the ultimate truth. And that’s exactly the kind of muddy waters that are good for Satan’s plans.

    Sorry, turned out to be a long comment 🙂

    • Did you know that there are many Muslim people who are having dreams of Jesus coming to them and stating that He’s their savior.

      • Yeah, I heard of that! Fascinating!

      • I had a dream about Hagar that might interest you. I will repost in a second

      • Hagar – one of my favorite characters! I feel sorry for her and Ishmael. What happened to them wasn’t their fault.

      • I saw a desert and in the desert I saw a woman who had covered herself with a blanket to protecting herself from the sun’s heat. I also saw a bush and I could make out a person in the bush but I could not see who it was. I heard a voice in the dream describing for me as in a narrative what I was seeing. The next thing I saw was an angel of the Lord appear and then I saw the woman, who turned out to be Hagar, uncover her head because she perceived that she wasn’t alone. The angel spoke kindly to her and then pointed with his hand to a place in the desert and I then saw a gusher of water come out of the desert sand. Remember, Hagar thought that she and her child were going to die. The next part of the dream I was thinking about the Tucson Refugee Ministry and that they are ministering to a great many of Hagar’s children who have come to Tucson, a desert, seeking refuge.

        Remember Hagar and her son were cast away because Ishmael was not to be a co-inheritor of the promise with Isaac.However, Peter says in
        Acts, “For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all
        those afar off, as many as the Lord our God shall call”.
        (Act 2:39 MKJV)

        Also, the water in my dream is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, and I believe that a revival is coming to the children of Hagar who dwell in desert places

  11. Beautiful. Thank you. 🙂 It only makes sense that God cares of Hagar’s children. Remember, God created many nations from Ishmael too. Did we have this conversation before? lol. In Quran they claim that Abraham was going to sacrifice Ishmael! And God of Abraham provided a ram as a restitution for the sacrifice. I heard a bible study that this is the point where we can relate to muslims about the idea that Jesus is a fulfillment of such a sacrifice. Muslims have a lot of misunderstandings about Christianity. They think that we believe in 3 gods. They also believe that Jesus was a prophet, like Moses. So I was very interested to know just how much of common ground there is to talk to muslims. Anyway I sure hope for such a revival.

  12. I too had these visions when in the year 2000. I saw tens of thousands of Christians being led in wood & shackles to the guillotines.

  13. Tony
    I believe God Loves all His creations and will make a way. The ref. of Acts 2:39 , Hagar , is part of that.
    And I think the Beast will come from an Arab race.

    • God does indeed love all His creation, however, there are those who will reject the truth and be cast into an eternal hell. This is not God’s choice and it grieves His heart. But He must remain true to His word.

  14. I too have had visions and dreams since I was 8 years old. In my dreams I would be in a line waiting with other Christians waiting for my execution. I would be shackled and there would be so many of us waiting for our death. We were asked If we wanted to die for our God, I would lay my head down on the guillotine and be ready to die and then I would wake up. This went on for years when I was a child and I can’t recall any as an adult.
    In the bible it says old men will have visions and young men will dream dreams.
    I truly believe God showed me what will become of the world one day and I am ready to die for him and my faith.

    • Amen and Amen! The “love boat” Christianity being preached today is a false gospel message and there are many who are being sacked into this lie. Your dream shows you being ready to die for your God and your faith. I believe that the day is coming when we will have to make that choice.
      Do you have a blog also?

  15. Donna Fuller on said:

    Oh my goodness! This is my dream that I cannot forget & I keep having visions of it. Except that all of the people being beheaded had on orange jumpsuits, like we had been imprisoned. I didn’t know if the ones doing the beheading were Muslims, I just saw they were dressed in all black with their heads & faces covered. (like in old movies where the guiltine worker had like something of a pointed hood) When it was my time, I laid my head down sideways and had no fear. Actually heard God say HAVE NO FEAR; and therefore, I didn’t.

    Before this dream, I had one where people were all in a very large room. There was a person standing in front of us all, asking ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN? And it broke my heart, because so many denied Christ. Just to not be killed. 😢 Can’t think of the word at this moment, but I’m hearing the scripture of to die in Christ is gain. It was almost like a part one, part two kind of dream.

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