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Dreams and Visions

Ancient Ways

I had a dream that I was awoken from at 2am September 22nd. In the dream I was saw a very old sailing vessel from the period of the Revolutionary War. As one may or may not know these ships were not fancy, no comforts, just built for sailing and doing battle when necessary. The fact that the ship was old had great significance in the dream as the time this ship would have sailed would have been the First Great Awakening which was between the 1730’s – 1770’s, the time of George Whitfield. As I was about to begin this post the following Scripture was dropped into my spirit.

Jeremiah 6:16 (NKJV) 16 Thus says the LORD:
“Stand in the ways and see,
And ask for the old paths, where the good way is,
And walk in it;
Then you will find rest for your souls.
But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

Remember that the ship I saw was an old ship not a modern cruise ship were one goes to be pampered.

In the next part of the dream I was in an organized religion church and I knew the pastor and wanted to share this dream about returning to the ancient paths so, as he stood at the podium to begin his sermon, I motioned to him that I had a word from God, i.e, the dream I’m currently sharing. The Pastor just looked at me and rolled his eyes. Then another man stood up and began prophesying. He had an open Bible but was wearing the thickest glasses I’ve ever seen which indicated, I believe, that he was all but blind. This person the Pastor let speak.

In the next part of the dream I was with a pastor I knew. We were in a car driving, I was doing the driving, as it was I who was sharing the dream. This pastor currently is not pastoring and no longer a part of organized religion. We were driving around looking at houses. I was sharing the dream with him and he was receptive. The fact that we were looking at houses and not buildings is significant.

Remember the ancient ways has to do with examining the path you’re on using the ancient ways as your guide. Also the ancient ways, as in my dream, has to do with past revivals. One has to examine the 1st and 2nd great awakenings and see what the men who led them were like. If we want to see the third great awakening so many say they want to see then we must go back to the past revivals and see what it was that brought them about. Repentance always comes before revival and it must take place from pulpit to pew. No one is above the need to repent.

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6 thoughts on “Ancient Ways

  1. Interesting dream. But does repentance HAVE to come from pulpi and then pew? What if enough people in the pew were stirred by the Holy Spirit into repentance, also prayer and intercession? Perhaps that could pave the way for revival?
    I cerainly think that Christians praying and interceding for the church and their leaders could thn potentially cause the leaders to lead in the way God desires. BUT, we as individuals also have to follow God’s leading. There is no point in praying if we ourselves have to repent, forgive and whatever else God may want from us.

    • If leaders refuse to lead the way in repentance how can the congregation(s) they lead be expected to follow. To your point about people repenting, the exodus from organized religion is occuring and I believe that this speaks to that. People are looking for authentic Christianity not Sunday morning entertainment.

      • Granted, it certainly makes a difference if leaders are leading, preaching God’s word and setting an example. But sometimes, individuals do come to a realisation about certain things when the Holy Spirit shows them. But sometimes it needs leaders or other Christians (probably leaders of some kind, not necessarily in the pulpit) to help them with whatever God wants them to do, repent of etc.
        And you are right about the exodus from organised religion. I know a lot of people wh have left ‘church’. It doesn’t mean though. that they have left the faith. I myself haven’t been a member of a church for quite a lot of years now. This, for various reasons, including having moved several times. I have however been in touch wih some other believers as much as possible, as well as going to services occasionally in various churches. But, at the moment, I really don’t know which, if any, church I should attend. And I don’t want to go to a church merely for companionship.

      • Agreed. My wife and I are in the same situation as we live in a remote area and I’m not at all impressed with the churches that are around me. We fellowship when we can as well.

  2. Love the date here Tony, my birthday! I recall your saying some years ago that you don’t use Facebook, so you may not have seen the extensive details of this related vision Veronika had (and which stunned her as she heard the Lord apologise to DJT for how firmly He had to ‘nail him to the mast’ of the sailing ship representing America.

    • Speaking of sailing ships do you recall this dream?

      As I was praying this morning I saw a very large sailing ship that was sideways in the water of what looked to be a very large waterfall. The ship had to have been heading in that direction for it to have gotten there but now it was at the edge but not going over the waterfall to its destruction. This in the natural would be an impossibility as the sheer force of the flowing river would have forced the ship over the waterfall. Inside the ship I saw a captain at the wheel trying to turn the ship, which as I stated above was a sailing ship, around and there were others at the wheel fighting him for control of the wheel. The ship in this vision is the United States and the captain is Donald Trump. Many are fighting for control of the ship but President Trump had at least turned the ship sideways and was attempting to turn it around. This in the natural would be impossible as the direction of the flowing water would have pushed the water over the falls. Nevertheless this is what he was attempting to do. I think it significant that this was a sailing ship because the pilgrims came over on a sailing ship and dedicated America to the Lord. Secondly it is significant that I saw a sailing ship because a sailing ship needs the wind to fill its sails in order for it to move. The wind here is the Holy Spirit and it is the wind of the Spirit that will turn the ship around and head upstream against the current that was leading the ship towards its destruction.
      We need to keep this president in much prayer as there are many forces against him and the fight is going to get worse as the plans of the enemy once concealed are brought to light.
      As with any dream/vision I post, take this to the Lord in Prayer and see what He says to you.

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