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Dreams and Visions

Where Are The Watchmen?

I had a dream last night where I was observing from the back of a church the goings-on inside. What I saw was appalling. I saw a black snake in and among the pews of the church. As people would try to move out from the pews it would entangle their feet causing them to fall. No one around helped those fallen back to their feet. Not one of the leaders in front of the church acknowledged the snake’s presence or the fact that people were being made to fall. Hence the title of the post. I remember crying out several times in the dream, “where are the watchmen?”. As the days grow darker watchmen are needed more so now than ever. Deception is creeping into the house of God and the watchman is needed to expose it.

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22 thoughts on “Where Are The Watchmen?

  1. This is a very important dream. If it was a “snake”, it would have been warning enough; but it was a “black snake”, so it makes it much more serious. Maybe “black” represents death as in The Black Death–not a physical death, but a spiritual death. If the Holy Ghost Fire had been present in that church, then the black snake would not have been able to creep into that church.

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  3. vmtalbot on said:

    I have also seen snakes slithering under the seats in a church service. It was at my friend’s Baptism service some years ago. I have been aware of their presance in services more recently but not seen them as vividly.

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  5. Lisa Aug. on said:

    Brother, over a week ago, early in the morning …right before I fully woke up from sleep to get ready for work., deep within me I heard the words, “Sons of Elisha”. … So when I was fully awake, I searched the scriptures and found where an angel told Gideon, something like, “Mighty men of valor”. What i kept on finding out the more I read was that the Lord had to keep sifting the 20,000 men who offered to help Gideon so that only 300 men remained who were fit and disposed to fully serve the Lord by helping Gideon .. Elisha and Elijah were used by God to NOT tickle the ears of the people no care about winning the approval of others.., but only to live for GOD’s approval alone.. God gave them the grace to be fearless and it seems that He is looking for servants like that today,… who will speak and work only for HIM, and not be afraid of winning the popular opinion. It seems many in the ministry have to overcome this roadblock of self-fear so that they can be true “watchmen” on the wall and speak for God alone.. like it or not!

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  7. Hi Tony, this is what Michael Backholer prophesied in 2005 in his book Prophecy Now Prophetic Words And Divine Revelations for You, The Church and The Nations. The church under attack: False Teaching, Another Gospel 2013. You can find it on and his book.

  8. Typo above the prophecy is from 2012 not 2005. You can order the book on his website. The Watchmen have been cast out of the church and under attack by the False shepherds who target them and try to keep them under attack. That is why the church has to be emptied and the true church The Gideon’s Army of this era arise as they hear the Watchmen call them out!

    • The prophet is not welcomed in a place where he/she should be welcomed. I can testify to that first hand.

      • The Lord is raising up Prophet Watchmen. Those who can watch over the region as they are assigned and also prophesy a warning to the assembly to prepare them and show them who the false shepherds are in their midst. The Watchmen are also being called to be Evangelists so now is the time to seek out the Watchmen and help them be repositioned in the Body of Christ. The old man-made church is warring against this new move of God’s agenda. Therefore, The Lord will come and He will remove his sheep from among the flocks of the deceived when the Prophets speak out against these false teachers who are bringing these snakes into the doctrine of the churches and dilute the power of the gospel of the Kingdom. Watch out for the false prophets who are speaking lies to the people to mollify them and lull them to sleep in a place of false safety. Then they will prevent them from taking up their mantles of authority and walking in this authority in the appointed place.

      • I can remember where I was and what I was doing when the Lord called me to be a watchman. What I have come to understand is that rejection and ridicule come with the territory.

      • Those who do so do not want their Only a “form of godliness “ot be revealed. Pray for their blindness to be healed. Many do not understand spiritual sight or seeing into other realms. We only need concern ourselves with God’s approval. For He will call us to account if we do not raise the warning.

  9. The snake in your dream reminds me the kundalini spirit invading the churches. You can see a video by Andrew Strom who explained this evil very well. This is truly appalling, people have kundalini, a horrible demon transferred into them in churches where they should be safe and protected. Now, it is spread all over the world and started with so called Toronto Blessing years ago. It’s a horrible deception and most Christians who attend those churches have no discernment and knowledge of what’s going on there, they think this is the Holy Spirit which is not. The main churches in USA spreading this evil is Bethel church and several others. They transported it to other countries. People come later on for help to me or other deliverance ministers as they are in awful torment caused by those demons, of which the main one is kundalini. This one is very hard to cast out, so very often they suffer for years. It’s heart- breaking to see it and not be able to stop this insanity. How people can believe kundalini is from God (they act like demonically possesed in churches, which is exactly what it is) is beyond my imagination. If God does not deliver them they finish totally deceived, going gradually further away from the truth plus they suffer mental and physical abuse by evil spirits. It’s very serious.

    • God has placed watchmen to warn the people, however, it is the responsibility of each individual believer to seek the Lord for themselves as to what is and what is not of Him.

      • Tony, I disagree with you about it, there are multitude of Christians who have no discernment and do not love the truth, they are gullible and naive, they will follow anybody who says they are Christians. The duty of every believer who knows and is able to discern, or got deeper understanding than others, is to warn people not to follow the false teachers. At least, this is what the Lord showed me years ago, and let me tell you, I will keep warning, will name names and will obey God in doing so even if it is not easy. Being quiet about lies and deception in churches is not OK. This video explains clearly why it is so important.

      • 1 John 2:27
        But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but as the same anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.

        1 John 4:1
        ​ Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

        According to the Apostle John’s Epistle every true believer has an anointing from God that teaches them what is and what is not of God. Additionally John commands each believer to test the spirits for themselves. Again each true believer’s responsibility.
        Baby Christians are to be discipled by more mature believers so that they can stand and not be own around by the wind of every doctrine.

      • Yes, Tony, that’s true but the problem is that lots of baby Christians are not disciplined by anybody, they even don’t go to any church or are totally alone in their faith, and many old Christians do not test the spirits, meaning they are too lazy or do not care and that’s why they fall into a trap so easily. I know many of them unfortunately, baby Christians who got badly hurt by deception and older Christians who do not test the spirits.

      • I know also many, who come to me for help, who went to churches where kundalini is being transferred, those people were looking for a safe place to worship God but fall into that trap of deception. When they got saved they believed with all their heart that all Christians are genuine and can be trusted. I was like that myself, thanks be to God, He warned me very strongly about deception of which we are being warned in the bible but lots of people do not take seriously those warnings or they think it’s going to happen some time in the future. Very sad what’s going on in churches nowadays. To be safe one must stay in an old fashioned biblical, traditonal church. Lots of deception is also going on throuh youtube, thousands of young Christians watch false teachers are now anybody can jump online and teach.

      • Some deliberately seek churches where their ears are tickled with what they want to hear. Others like listening to lullaby and are being put to sleep. In either case some are being deceived by choice. Baby Christians need to be discipled which was the Lord’s command. Make disciples not converts. The 21st century church does not do this.

      • Ist Corinthians 14 describes what church is to be like.

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