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Dreams and Visions

Brexit Must NOT Be Allowed to Fail

This is what I read today in the news concerning Brexit. “Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement was voted down 432-202, the largest defeat for a prime minister in the history of the House of Commons” As I was reading this I saw a vision of grappling hooks being shot over from Europe to England to pull the country back into the E.U. . Britain must  be totally free from the E.U, or, I feel, that it will share in the judgement that is coming to Europe. Additionally I saw in this vision Theresa May standing at her podium looking out. As I saw her looking out I saw a very large snake  slithering up and down the rows of the House of Commons. I feel in my spirit that this snake is fear and deception and I do believe that this has to do with the rise of the antichrist and an independent England would greatly hinder his plans. So I would say to the people of Great Britain, fast and pray. There is more at stake than you realize. Pray, Pray, Pray!!!! It is imperative that you pray!

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10 thoughts on “Brexit Must NOT Be Allowed to Fail

  1. Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    Further to his dream last April of the need for Britain to regain its sovereignty, I draw your attention to this very specific dream blogged by Tony Puccio Tucson, Arizona:

  2. The same evil entities that want to stop brexit also want to stop and impeach Donald Trump

  3. A couple of prophetical intercessors have since shared their correspondence with me and then added:
    Hi Richard, Another word from an intercessor:
    “Was praying this morning and asking God where the most powerful source of evil was in our government so that I could pray. He gave me a picture of a face with the most evil expressions. Grimacing, triumphant and with the most evil smile, his face red and blotchy. Was not pleasant. Then I recognised the face, it was…!!!  He is seeking to take over completely the government process and get rid of democracy. Then on my tablet some recent pictures came up of him from just a few days ago, they were the same ones that God showed me, when he overturned parliamentary laws to thwart MPs and give the back-benchers the hand of power.”
    I replied:
    ‘Yes indeed, for as I was reading of the picture I thought of the very same person. AND he and ‘fox’ D (per Fulfilled Prophecy #30 Press Scoop Exposes anti-Brexit Schemers and ‘Brexit Plan B’ Leader Doesn’t Grasp Democracy) were in cahoots about that action – and it was next reported but denied that they had plans for bringing about May’s downfall.’

  4. Tony FYI, an email from Devon recv’d this afternoon:

    Hi Richard, Catching up with your posts, I read about the picture of the snake in the houses of Parliament, and now know why I was given Isaiah 27: 1 a day or two ago:
    ..”in that day, I will punish with my sword….Leviathan the gliding serpent…..”.

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