My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

A Dream About Trump & Protesters

Last night I had a dream where I saw Donald Trump standing on a large rock or boulder. Surrounding him were protesters with signs. While I did not see what the individual signs were saying, I did get the sense that they were statements and accusations against the president. Then I saw a whirlwind come out of nowhere. I watched as it picked up the protesters along with their signs and spun them around. President Trump, however, was not affected and stayed standing on the large boulder. When the whirlwind dissipated I saw that the protesters signs had disappeared and also their clothing so that they were naked as well. Now instead of protesting and hurling accusations at the president they were desperately trying to cover their nakedness but not succeeding.

As with any dream I post, take this to the Lord in prayer.

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4 thoughts on “A Dream About Trump & Protesters

  1. Seems like his foundation was the rock, the sure foundation. Good dream!

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  3. It sounds like the rock would be his foundation. That Trump will remain standing, like a rock.

    And his accusers will be swept away one by one……Ever since he was elected, special interests have tried to find lame reasons and ‘trumped’ up accusations for him to be impeached.

    First it was the Russians helping him… investigation has shown it not to be true. If there was any assistance, it was for the Democrats. The Democrats are the ones that actively pursued the Russians for help.

    Then, it was strippers……I don’t recall the specific details but a Judge ordered Stormy Daniels to pay Trump $300k in legal fees. So…. and Trump was innocent. Otherwise, she would not have to pay his legal fees.

    Then it was Trump having sex with a prostitute in Russia where he urinated on her. Again, it’s fake news.

    Then, there is another story about him having children out of wedlock…. but that story went nowhere.

    There are many more circumstances that have slipped my mind. The Democrats don’t hate Trump, they hate what he represents. Yes, Trump has some personal shortcomings, just like all of us. But what he did or did not do, occurred several years ago and long before he became president.

    The Democrats and many Republicans don’t like him because he is an outsider. He is not a career politician. Many Dems and Repubs, sit around and decide who will be president based on who has the best chance and ‘whose turn is it’. Politics is a business, ask Bill and Hillary. Otherwise, how did they accumulate $2.5BN in their
    Clinton Foundation if they were not selling access and influence? Foundations are created to provide aid the the poor and disenfranchised, not to enrich the founders.

    Trump is an outsider, a populist. He encouraged many people to run for public office for the Democrats as well as the Republicans. He has values and ambition that career politicians don’t. People are tired of the same faces and same broken promises. He is a threat to the establishment. And it’s growing. Look at Macron in France. He is about as popular as the Grinch, or Krampus. Merkle lost her job as the head of her political party in Germany, and the Brits wiill be voting to leave the EU. And there are other examples as well.

    In spite of all the hate directed towards Trump, he has done quite well. He has reduced personal income taxes on individuals, reduced corporate income taxes, begun to negotiate fairer trade agreements, stood up against Putin and the established good ol boys network in Europe and the U.S., begun to reduce troops in Syria and hopefully Afghanistan will be next. He has begun to rebuild our military and instituted a bit of pride in soldiers that did not exist in Obama who held the military in contempt.

    He has actually done a pretty good job if you look at it objectively.
    If he would only stay off Twitter.

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