My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

The Nuclear Threat 

I have attached a link to a CBN article i read this morning regarding North Korea along with 2 dreams that I had, one from 2012, and one from 2014 both having to do with nuclear war.

Below is a dream I first had in June of 2012. I had it again in August of that same year. The reason for my re-posting of it a third time is because I saw it again in my mind’s eye in July of 2016 and I find it no coincidence that the dream would be brought back to my memory after the dream I had the previous night entitled, “WAR”,. This is weighing heavily upon my heart because of destruction and loss of life that would be brought about by such an attack.

I had a dream this morning and I’m not sure it is a complete dream or not. What I saw in the dream and am still seeing in my mind’s eye is a military commander raising out of the sea. At his command, as I saw him raise his hands from his sides,  many missiles  came up out of the sea.  There were 2 particularly  large missiles, much larger than the rest, they could have been nuclear missiles.  If I had to guess, I would say that they were cruise missiles. If this attack emanated from the sea, then my guess is that the missiles came from a submarine. The warheads, in my dream were headed towards the United States. I do not know the specific ocean from whence the missiles were being fired but my guess is that these missiles were being directed at a military target(s) within the US.

These could make what happened on 9/11 like child’s play.  If indeed the 2 large missiles in my dream are nuclear warheads, then the damage would be extensive and the lives lost would be catastrophic. I am still in prayer about this.

I had a dream 10/08/2014 where I saw a nuclear tipped missile launch from North Korea and hit the United States.  I am not sure where it hit but I do remember it being the United States.  When the United States struck back then China became involved.  I don’t have any more details than this currently, however, it’s very foreboding, at least to me,  that I would have such a dream on the day of the 2nd blood moon of 2014.
Definitely something to take to the Lord in prayer.

Below is the link to the CBN article.

​Recent satellite images appear to show activity at one of North Korea’s submarine bases.

This is a time for intercessors to arise and pray. 

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17 thoughts on “The Nuclear Threat 

  1. 4blessed4ever on said:

    Brother Tony,
    I concur with what the LORD showed you in your dreams/waking vision as the LORD has also shown me….
    Just my opinion here, is that we are very close to that…
    weeks or maybe a month or so
    Some say well just pray against it…
    My spirit within me is not led to do that, only to pray for God’s mercy in His rightful ways- to a nation of people unbelievers and a even those who says they are Christ’s but their heart are full of hate and far from God’s heart.
    To the merciful, You will be merciful. Matt. 5:7
    The prudent foresee the evil day coming and takes precaution….Prov. 22:3
    I also agree with you the cost is severe and will be the wailing of many
    Our time as intercessors is now!
    Thinking of book of Joel…Joel 2:12
    Because of these for coming events, some hearts will be hardened, yet some will
    indeed be softened and turn to Christ.
    Love and Peace to all the sisters and brothers who Love the LORD Jesus Christ.

    • Reports in the press say that the North Korean Dictator backed down. So, at least for the time being, the Lord is being merciful to the United States.

  2. dont worry… that will never happen… North Koreans are fools… hot talk… no substance to their idle threats

  3. We can be sure if North Korea has any thing nuclear, China is behind it and has provided it. As for Kim, he is a tool/pawn in the Chinese hands, so they won’t get blamed for it if he starts something and they intervene. Kind of like the US allowing Osama Bin Laudin to get the blame for 9/11.

  4. Hi Tony, I haven’t seen what Kim said but I remember this vision which I saw years ago on youtube. According to it, nobody will be expecting any attack when it happens, and I think it’s quite possible as the Lord said, they said peace, peace and sudden destruction shall come.

    I pray and hope that we still have much more time to live normally still, but that woman and another one, they both had visions that when I saw years ago, I thought, it would never happen but it’s happening in front of our eyes. So many still don’t know the Lord and do not want to repent. It’s tragic, most of my friends, family, they do not want to repent and believe in Jesus. Greetings.

  5. 4blessed4ever on said:

    Good morning, Everyone,
    As the LORD’s loved people, the chosen remnant of the nations, take root downward (humility and prayer) and bear fruit upward (righteous living and fulfilling the good works Father God prepared in advance for us to do) 2 Kings 19:30
    We were chosen and born to live out our LORD’s perfect good will for such times as theses…
    Prayer: Father we choose to open our ears and hearts to you today.
    Thank you that in ALL things you will lead us in Truth and Love, thank You for the Anointed Gifts you have placed within Your children, may we permit Your Holy Spirit to fan those gifts into brilliant flame in all we do today.
    Thank You that Your Perfect Love removes all fears…
    Thank You for the prophetic gifting in these dear brothers and sisters
    And that thank You that You are the God of Revelation and You will show us
    the Way breath by breath and step by step
    Power up Your saints today in Your earth, LORD, in JESUS Name, amen! 🙂

  6. I’ve not written about them yet, but I’ve had a string of dreams and a vision that depicted a different world that we live in today with a lot of night. These are unsettling times we live, but the Lord is with us. Amen.

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