My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

False Flag, a Second dream

Here’s the first dream I had in December of 2016.

I had this dream in the early morning hours of 12/13/2016. In the dream I saw, from above, people hiding under the American flag. I then saw an eagle, I was seeing from his vantage point and not from the ground, swoop down out of the sky with his talons out stretched the way one would see it if he were catching prey. Prey, however , was not what it was after as I saw it swoop down and snatched the American flag and uncover the people hiding under it. How ironic , 2 symbols of America the American Flag and the Eagle. The Eagle is also one of the 4 faces of God as is described in the Word of God. I also find that this is no coincidence that an Eagle exposed those under the cover of the American flag . With all the accusations of Russian hacking of the presidential election out there I would have expected to see the Russian flag being removed by the Eagle but that was not the case hence the title, “false flag”
In the second dream I had 06/18/2017 i again saw the flag covering people but this time a saw the flag being ripped off but did not see anything or anyone doing it.

My take is that those hiding under the flag are going to be exposed with no place to take cover. In other words, the accusers will become the accused. Being that this is the 2nd time I’ve had this dream it’s my opinion that it will be brought to pass.

As with any dream/vision I post I encourage you to take this to the Lord in prayer and see what the Lord speaks to your heart. 


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18 thoughts on “False Flag, a Second dream

  1. 4blessed4ever on said:

    Your post reminds me of Hebrews 12:25-29
    Even on this side of glory there comes times when accounts are due…
    We see this in the rise and fall of kingdoms throughout history on God’s time table…
    the LORD showed to me in Aug 2015
    America you have crossed the point of no return
    you have reaped what you have sown
    in the same way you have treated my little children
    so you will be treated
    your borders will be broken and flushed with water
    YHVH knit each child together in their mothers womb
    Look what our nation has done to millions of babes
    See the carnage of war in the faces of children who are struggling to survive in other countries many are orphans
    Had a dream this past week saw the words SHAKE 1 (with a number one beside it)
    Saw the whole western hemisphere with what looked like a seam coming up
    western side of South America, going through Central America, then coming up the New Madrid fault- saw trees flat, buildings crumbling, people in need, people still thieving in the midst of sorrow…
    May God’s people who are called by His Name be preparing in the Holy Spirit
    and in the natural as you are led….we need to be firmly rooted and grounded in Yeshua for what is to come, not fearing but enduring to the end…
    no matter what, if you have called upon His Name for salvation, and repent from sins, no one and nothing can snatch you, His beloved child out of His hands
    John 10:29 Amen!

    • If you look at my statue of liberty dreams there is one where I saw the statue with a cup filled with blood and dead babies bobbing up and down like ice cubes. I’ve had dreams about shaking as well.

  2. 4blessed4ever on said:

    I will have to look those up….
    Thank you again for sharing in this blog it is a good and honorable place to converse about these things….
    With very few exceptions a few family a few friends, most people, especially many of my bros and sis’s in Christ do not want this kind of message like I have shared and have been asked to stop, and been told your out of your mind (well good I’d rather be in Christ’ s mind :)), as well as like the messages you post, which I perceive in the Spirit are solid…
    the Prophet Amos had a message of repent and turn to the LORD or face consequences, and those in high religious positions told him
    don’t bother us with your prophecies here Amos 7:13
    See Ezekiel 33:2-9
    Be “bold to speak the Word without fear” Phil 1:14
    May those who have prophetic anointing to express the LORD’s heart for the now…
    have great courage and face and overcome their adversaries in JESUS’ Name!
    Shalom Peace and Power in the Holy Spirit to all who love the LORD Jesus Christ…

  3. Tony, you have deep dreams! I have nightmare since I was 12 years old. The only difference is they don’t scare me any more. I dream of deamons mostly blood and death. I find it very interesting reading your dreams. Love your blog!

  4. An eagle can also represent a prophet. Maybe a prophet or some prophets will expose the accusers.

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