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Dreams and Visions

More Lies and Twisting of the Truth

I had a dream where I saw a woman being interviewed by reporters. I really could not make out the facial features of the woman, however, her mouth was what my attention was drawn to. In the dream I saw reporters, a lot of reporters, standing in front of this woman taking down on notepads everything she said. I saw that as she was speaking little snakes would come out of her mouth. The snakes were very small but they were snakes nonetheless. A snake moves upon the ground by twisting its body. In the dream these little snakes represented lies and twisting of the Truth.

I find it fascinating that in a previous dream I posted entitled, “recount”, also had a woman in it and she, in this dream was carrying snakes.

I have a hunch that the reason it has been a woman in these dreams is because this is none other than Jezebel. 

Queen Jezebel of old like the spirit was /is known  for lies and false accusafions.

Again we need to pray for our President-elect that lies of the media would be silenced. We need to keep this man in prayer up until inauguration day. I am not saying that prayers should stop then but am saying that the enemy is going to use whatever tactics it can, in the dream it looks like the press will be one of his weapons, to keep Trump out of the Whitehouse. 

Pray pray pray!!!!!!


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11 thoughts on “More Lies and Twisting of the Truth

  1. That fits Tony. I would also believe this to be true of the lying, deceiving media who report the lies.A generation of vipers. It takes them to pass the lies on to those who will receive them as true. Jezebel has her minions.

  2. Amen. Most of the media are puppets of Satan. Satan is the master liar and the left-wing media do his bidding.

    The left-wing media is to the world system as the Holy Ghost is to the Kingdom of Heaven. Christians need to be listening to the Holy Ghost.

    The Lord Will Judge the Media

  3. walkingalongancientpaths on said:

    I saw in the spirit, evil coming out of someone’s mouth. It was at a funeral and long lost cousins were reacquainting. The woman spoke wonderfully, had a smile, charisma and said only wonderful things to her cousins and my mother in law, but as she spoke I could see – hard to explain – but I could see hatred, vile, envy and thoughts and wishes of most evil wickedness towards them come out of her mouth as she spoke so eloquently.
    I stood there confused watching this as she talked to my inlaws.
    I later felt I should warn my inlaws because she was trying to get close to the family. -not to go in to detail, but she tried to extort money from mother in law and later found out she read palms and was into witchcraft as her main business.

    Imagine the power of God’s word spoken from a pure heart, surely God’s word comes out like a sword when we speak right.
    Your dream reminded me of this.

    • That is a powerful revelation. Do you feel that you have a prophetic mantle upon your life?

      • walkingalongancientpaths on said:

        I did feel a mantle out on me a few years ago and I have heard warnings and seen visions however I know the Lord has gifted me with teaching and that’s as much as I’ve been told

      • Have you felt led to post any of your dreams/visions?

      • walkingalongancientpaths on said:

        I have, over the last 4 years, put a few dreams and visions in my posts here and there. I recently had 2 concussions and I’ve been unable to do much of anything for the last 4 months. I am getting better – but in those 4 months I had so many dreams , so many in fact, that I felt that I was in 2 words- dream world and reality – I guess that goes with the brain injury? I don’t know. Most were just bizarre, maybe some meant something but I have a log of over 30-40 dreams that I really haven’t had a chance to look over.
        I wanted to share one dream I thought you’d find interesting… I was in a room with 3 or 4 people. There was only a large square table in the room and maybe some papers on the table. They were telling me I was going to war. I said no way, I never signed up for the draft. I never signed up for US Army. We argued back and forth and I told them there was a mistake I wasn’t going to war, I never signed up for the army. I began to walk out of the room and still refused all of them, telling them they were wrong. As I walked out I was also waking up in the early morning – still night yet morning sun peeking in dark room and suddenly as I’m waking up still 1/2 asleep wondering about dream – A Warrior fully clothed is next to me! standing at the side of my bed. He was about 5’7-5’9 , His armor was like a bronze color – (but room was still a little dark) His entire body had armor – legs, arms, everything! Almost terrifying. He leaned over very sternly with his arm out and one finger pointed at me and and in a serious and stern voice He said “That’s not the war your signed up for”.
        Have a blessed Christmas!

      • So maybe the angel was referring to a spiritual battle in the heavenly realms. The armor sounds like that which is described in Ephesians.

  4. Interesting. Ofcourse we deal with this in daily life, this is the world. Everybody uses the mouth with snakes coming out. Moms dads grandparents etc etc who are loving at the same time. Yep, they do it.

  5. People are receptive for this now more than ever. And merkel and facebook want to take measurues against so called fake news.

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