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Dreams and Visions

Destroyer vs Restorer of Lives

I had a dream 11/30/2016. In the dream I was back in my home where I grew up. I remember being in a particular part of town and in this town, in my dream, the suicide rate was high. I remember thst there was a small part of this town where you actually had to go under a train bridge to get to there so it was sort of idolated. I remember seeing a man just about to commit suicide there. I also remember seeing a satanic priest standing there watching the man and by him was a baby in a car seat, I am assuming this child was the man’s who was about to commit suicide and render the child fatherless. I also remember a campfire being in the dream. I yelled out for the man to stop which he did. In the  next part of the dream this satanic priest followed me and I found myself in a gathering of people in a room. It could have been a prayer meeting.  I remember challenging him to prove that his god was greater than my God. I remember him going over to a small dog in the room who had 3 legs, the fourth looked like it had never fully developed. He stood in front of the dog so that I couldn’t see what he was doing and when he stepped back the dog had his right front paw. I went to examine the, “miracle”, and found that the restored paw was nothing like the other 3. In fact, upon closer examination there was no healing at all and the purported  healing was fake and the dog’s front paw was like it was when I first saw it. I then remember going over to the dog and saying to the satanic priest, “your ‘god’ destroys lives, my God puts them back together”. I then prayed for the dog and the paw was restored.

This definitely ranks up there with one of my stranger dreams. I will continue to pray about its meaning and will add to the posting as I get further revelation.

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17 thoughts on “Destroyer vs Restorer of Lives

  1. Regarding the Dog: The dog represents an unbeliever, Our fallen nature is like that of an animal before we receive our Heavenly Father’s nature (born of Him). In the Word of God whenever the word “dog” was used it was to differentiate between those who are of the lineage of Abraham (covenant people which as believers we now are) and those who have yet to come into His family

  2. Tony, this is a very interesting dream, I believe it is another warning about what is coming. At present there is huge rise in satanic worship and all kinds of satan’s trick to deceive and destroy God’s creation, mainly people. The amount of wickedness among people is unbelievable and it is only going to get worse. The Lord is exposing more and more corrupted evil people and places as He promised. The “miracle” with the dog reminds me demonic magicians who are also rising and their tricks are mostly pure demonic. They do unbelievable tricks in the streets of London and other big cities but people have no idea that those magicians are cooperating with the devil himself. God showed you however that the tricks of the devil are false and easily discovered by true Christians. As you said in your dream, your God is greater than any other. Anyway, we are being invaded by demonic spirits that are coming to turn away people from the only true God Almighty and make them believe that it is satan that is god. Hollywood is full of devil worshipers and now they started satan’s after school club in American schools to destroy children. We are truly living in crazy times and there will be more and more wickedness around the world, so the Lord Jesus is warning again and again, to stay close to Him, to stay strong in Him, and we should also tell people, try to warn them even if this is so hard as they do not want to listen. I just checked youtube about reiki as reiki is also from the devil, and it is shocking to discover that there are about 1,240,000 results. People are so deceived into believing that reiki, yoga, spiritism, spirit guides etc, are good and helpful, this is bad, but the Lord is merciful and so patient. He is still waiting for more people to repent before He comes back. This is how I see your dream, I do not see any symbolism just clear situations that may happen in reality soon. And the dream just enforces our trust in God, He is with us! Hallelujah!

  3. The first part of your dream is about children and sons who have no fathers due to Spiritual suicide and divorce. Many young men have been raised in homes across our land fatherless. This verse came to me as I read. “Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD. 6“He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse.” Malachi 4:5. The next portion I believe is this priestly demonic spirit that has been controlling the church (Come out of her my people) This signs and wonders “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:24. You will not be blinded by the big show.

    • That is a powerful interpretation. I believe that the Lord is going to use me to expose this in His body. I’m sure it will not be a popular message.

      • I would like to invite you to my blog site Obadiah’s Cave and would love if you were an editor and would share your dreams there and possibly we could have pages for others dreams and interpretations?
        Just a thought. Pray on it. I just opened the site and it’s small in number but I’m not looking for fame but some flame and some kindred souls who will pray with me there and speak when He gives them something.

      • I’m ready following your blog. I invite you to follow mine as well. I would be happy to share dreams as the Lord leads.

      • Also feel free to re-blog any of the dreams and visions that I’ve posted on my site that the Lord would lead you to.

  4. I was just given an interpretation on the 3 legged dog. These false signs and wonders do not have A LEG TO STAND ON. The three legged dog represents their false anointing and pride.

    • Interesting. So you’re seeing that its so called healing was not the only deception but the dog as well was a deception.

      • Well, no not exactly, what I heard was “Not a leg to stand on.” The dogs foot did not look fully developed . Reminds me of many in the church. They are drinking baby bottles and have been fed real food but dead food. They are underdeveloped and in need of someone to feed them. You represent a man who is going to help them heal and give them food, not Kool-Aid. These men who have been on the scene have had the peoples esteem and they have been in awe of them instead of HIM…and in awe of their signs and wonders, but much of that has been a false kundalini type spirit. It fizzles out. A three legged dog is unbalanced. You were able to heal it properly. I found that what I heard was the this false leader’s miracles didn’t have a leg to stand on but by what you wrote above I guess it could be double because the Body is off balance. Once they get their leg fixed they will be able to stand! The signs and wonders they search for are sad because they must seek HIM first. Jesus said a wicked generation seeks after signs.

      • That is good insight!

  5. have not been fed real food + typo

  6. Okay, I have a site there for Obadiah’s Cave and may share some of your dreams but I guess I would have to copy and paste them from here? I would like to open a place (Tab) on there strictly for dreams and interpretation.

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