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Dreams and Visions

Never Put Down Your Sword

I had a dream 10/01/2016 where I was in a room of what I will call a medieval castle. I was not a prisoner there. I just happened to be in a room. The room had a door to the outside and also windows. I remember it being pitch dark outside but the room in which I was standing had light. The source of the light was a very large sword that  I was holding in my hands. I remember 2 demonic beings ourside who were demanding that I hand over the sword to them. I kept my sword pointed at them the whole time. When the demons saw that I was not going to give them the sword they said that they would be back with reinforcements.

In the next part of the dream there were more demons and I was no longer in the small room in the castle. Instead I seemed to be on a wall of the castle overlooking the  surrounding area. The demons as I said were back and one had secured a rope to the castle wall upon which I was standing and began to climb the rope to where I was standing. I remember the wall being high and I also remember taking the sword in my hands and cutting the rope. I remember the demonic being in my dream fell and made a thud when he hit the ground. 

That was the end of the dream.

What I take away from the dream is the castle where I was staying was a place of safety.  The sword in the dream was the Word of God which brings light. The demonic beings demanding that I give them the sword never tried to take it by force. I believe that that to be the case because I was pointing the sword at them. Had I turned the sword over to them as they were demanding it would not only have been used against me but would also have been polluted . Of the armour described in Ephesians, the sword is the only offensive weapon mentioned. As for the scene change to me standing on the castle wall I believe that I was fulfilling my calling as a watchman.  The rope that this demon used to  climb up the wall upon which I stood I believe represents a lie. In my dream I cut the rope and and the demonic being fell with a loud thud.

Deception is coming and, in fact, is already here. The demons in my dream demanding that I give them my sword were screaming at me. To hold on to the pure, unadulterated Word of God in these last days will become increasingly more and more difficult.  Never sucomb to the pressure to compromise and hand over your sword to the devil. As for the demon climbing the wall in would only say that the sword is what kept him from gaining a foothold being that I cut his access. The other takeaway I get from this dream is that one could make the assumption that being that I was in a castle I would be safe from attack. This is a very dangerous assumption as the dream seems to indicate. 

Upon waking I was asking the Lord as to whether or not this was just a crazy dream or whether this was from Him. The word dropped into my spirit is also the title of the post which is NEVER PUT DOWN YOUR SWORD.


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22 thoughts on “Never Put Down Your Sword

  1. sandra on said:

    I find this very correct and truth.
    And now my English language comes short/fails in what I have to say, but I’ll give it a try. Somewhere in a previous post I said something that I do experience/see sometimes things from the dark world. That is not perse a bad thing, cause it trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. It made me see how these demons operate and on what. I asked the Lord for more insight in this, so…it is always in my advantage.

    The Sword is really important and for everyday life. Years ago I had a serie dreams of a lot of demons that came out of the sky, like a new era/period started. The darts are fiercy, probably more than before! We can’t lean backwards and if we expect a pieceful life, without much faith-effort, hm, possibly there is no such thing for a Christian (these days?) A preacher who is wellknown, (don’t know his name anymore) and who died years ago gave the warning on his deadbed to pray in tongues as often as we can, because the time now is different than ever before.

    I see how fast they react. That is similar to the demon climbing via a rope on the wall I think. That can be as an ‘anwer’ to ‘small’ things! A ‘little sin’, an ungodly attitude(also to our spouse or children, impatience, irritations, not being kind). Be aware, that is not harmless! They are gathered like vultures, and wait and are fast to respond on our ungodly behaviour (does not matter how small) : they want to bring immediately surpression, fears, doubts, unpeacefull feelings and thoughts on us, they want to put us in oppression (the opposite of what the Lord says He does: taking us out of oppression)
    But they cannot handle the Sword and the Blood of Jesus. I start my silent time with reading efeze, some parts of coll and hebrews everyday, it is good and wonderful to say that outloud, with gratefulness and it is such a privilege that we may speak these words, that we may speak of the Blood of Jesus!

    They rage from anger, when we want to learn from the Word of God. When we seek things in His Word and write things down. That is so: once at night a demon was very angry with me, it was a powerful one, and he wanted to push his face against mine…..but the notebook in which I had written bibletexts and thoughts (I had just started with speaking things everyday), was between my face and his, so his face could not touch mine. THis notebook with bibletexts was between me and him and protected me! And wow, was he angry. He was angry because of this notebook. Well, this experience is actually wonderful (he exposed himself-again- , wants to intimidate but shows actually his weakness/weak points (!) this is how I see it) , it is very encouraging! It encourage very much to use the Sword, and strange experiences like this always brought me further in my walk of the Lord! Even more motivated to speak the Word, seek things in His Word and write texts down. These kind of insights make more and more truculent, and that is great.

    I’ve learned to that we must be quick with using the Sword and this is very important. In the beginning of these experiences it was fysically very difficult for me to use my voice, I was trying to get air, could not speak at first, because of the (also fysical) oppression/pressure. Only after a while I could press some words out, my heartbeat was very high. But these days I’m very very quick, immediately ready to speak, and very calm, it does not influence my fysique (respiratoiy system, heart, bloodpressure> all things that are normally influenced by terror) And it has to go, and it goes, immediately.
    We must not hesitate to speak, does not matter if we are tired or stressed or in a lazy mood or whatever, so for that we make sure that we know our Bible. We cannot afford to hesitate, it is really serious.

    Something else i learned: I have s e e n what happens with our words, our verbal speculations about things, the doubts we express and the names we give something/someone or a situation. I asked from the Lord to show me and He did. This is how it goes: something undefinable comes (in the unseen world) to us, it is a parousia, a stream (in the form of a black substance). It wants our intention (I think it works on feelings) but is not something yet. But when we start to define it……(what we feel or what we speculate)… becomes that. Very, very sneaky. Sometimes we have a restless feeling and don’t understand where it comes from, it seems without reason, but I think it is that. I know it is a popular teaching and many books are sold about the subject: words have power. But it is true. Not words, it started already in the mind (‘what is this’ > when we start to define things)

    So the Sword, and the Blood of Jesus, and tongues, praise and worship are necessary on a daily base. We lose battles if we don’t use what is given to us, and the battles are unfortunately always there, so who told us to stop or to lean back?(right)

    Well for me, I want psalm 149:8,9 and that’s the way!!

    • Powerful Sandra! Your experiences are very telling of what we are facing.

      • sandra on said:

        Maybe the above sounds a bit unusual. But for me ‘do this, and don’t do that’ (f.e. from Paulus) is not enough. I need to know what is behind it, cause those do’s and don’ts are never just a command, but more than that. I ask the Lord often: I find this so interesting, show me how this works, so I can understand. Cause I want to do the things I do as sincere as possible and with my whole heart, and that goes with understanding. Otherwise I’m afraid I only act on the surface, without much meaning. Want to know this about His kingdom, f.e. a Sword, fine, but Lord show me what happens in the unseen world if we use it. Learning about these workings of His Kingdom and what damage it does in the other kingdom, is encouraging and give deeper meaning to what is red in the Bible. So I want to see it myself. I will not forget to battle or get lazy then anymore. The Lord knows my personality so I trust He understands.

      • I believe that the dream I just had gave somewhat of a glimpse into the unseen world of the demonic

      • You have a good heart Sandra

      • sandra on said:

        Yes your dream certainly does!! Very insightful.

      • Thank you Tony for writing all these down for others to see. Praise God for teaching us continually. The bible is absolute truth and our powerful weapon, the devil totally hates it and as Jesus was fighting the devil with the word of God- it is written….. we have to do the same, Spoken aloud is even more powerful, amazing how the Holy Spirit has been teaching me these things to fight the devil and his agents since I met Jesus: Read the bible every day, read it aloud, believe every word and speak it against the devil when he attacks you. Praise God and worship Him, it is all so powerful, we praise you Lord Jesus, you are amazing God!

      • Amen Juliet

      • Juliet my email address is if there are things you do not wish to discuss in this forum

    • Sandra, thank you for sharing this with us. I wonder if you could tell us more, what the Lord showed you about the spiritual battle we face. I prayed many times that I could see a glimpse of how the spirits are working to get us into sin but the Lord has never granted me this request, maybe I would be too much terrified, I do not know, but I continually fight against myself, my own flesh and sinful reactions to every day challenges, that I do not control, I am very tired of it. I wonder if you could tell us anything more so we could get even more understanding. God bless you.

      • Juliet if you keep your eyes on Jesus you will have ample warning from the Lord when you need to deal with the demonic realm.

      • I do keep my eyes on Him all the time but have you not read Tony, the words of Paul? Struggling with Sin
        … I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my flesh; for I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For I do not do the good I want to do. Instead, I keep on doing the evil I do not want to do. And if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.…
        Or, how nobody can control their mouth? It is constant struggle and I do not know how long it is going to be to win it.

      • Yes I’ve read those words many times Juliet. In fact there was a time I saw demons under every rock. What I have come to rely on is Jesus showing me when I need to deal with an issue or the demonic and then I have to realize that I am powerless to change myself. I have to remember another scripture that says, “6And I am convinced and sure of this very thing, that He Who began a good work in you will continue until the day of Jesus Christ [right up to the time of His return], developing [that good work] and perfecting and bringing it to full completion in you.

      • I do think and I do know Tony that demons ARE everywhere and they are watching us constantly and trying to influence us in every way possible. In fact, isn’t it what Sandra described above? That’s why we need the Word of God so desperately every day to help us fight every day battle. There are things that I have been shown by the Holy Spirit but they cannot be discussed openly here as nowadays it seems Christians have various points of view on various things of God, so there is no point in trying to convince somebody to something. I think everybody is on a different level of understating and the Lord chooses how to teach each one of us. It depends how much we desire Him and how much we seek His face. I am tired of Christians opposing the Holy Spirit and trying to tell me that there are no demons at all or there is no demon under every bush or something similar. I cannot even mention demons in my church, I was attacked many times by Christians who denied totally reality of demons and the fact that Christians can have them and even have them while I was delivered by Jesus Christ Himself as a Christian in the middle of the night because other Christians were not able to help me when I was in desperate need, even if this is the commandment of the Lord, to cast out demons and heal the sick. If you do not believe that there are demons under every rock, check the videos of new agers who record orbs floating in their houses or gardens etc, Demons are everywhere, especially nowadays when the world is forsaking God and worships the devil openly. And it is only going to get worse. Of course the more God and His Word in us, the more freedom and peace we can enjoy. Anyway, thank you for your comments. God bless you.

      • I know what you mean Juliet. Before coming to Arizona, I was the head of a deliverance ministry in Pennsylvania for many years. I know first hand what it is to be attacked by demons. I saw many people get set free of demons and their lives dramatically changed. So i have had encounters with the demonic.

      • I know what you mean Juliet. Before coming to Arizona, I was the head of a deliverance ministry in Pennsylvania for many years. I know first hand what it is to be attacked by demons. I saw many people get set free of demons and their

  2. What a powerful dream Tony and so apt to the times we are living in right now! I concur about standing on the Word of God and it witnessed into my spirit the Word you had ‘Never Put down your sword’. All I seem to be doing right now is reading, meditating, speaking out, listening to the Word of God. I know God is doing something mighty and we have to be ready, you are right it is dangerous times indeed. I was just asked to be part of a Christian group to help them and found that most things were anti-Christ and demonic. I said unless they got rid of these things I could not be part of them. Straight away the LORD said “come out”. I did.

    I also saw with you high up Tony and I think this signifies that you are seated in the Heavenlies and under the Shadow of the Almighty. I also thought it was good about you being able to cut the rope the demons were coming up. This really spoke to me, cutting strongholds, yes where the devil can get a foothold.

    Thanks for sharing this, sorry not been around much, there is much going on but still writing and writing my dreams out.

    God Bless jacky xx

    • So good to hear from you Jacky. We indeed need to be on our guard. After awakening from my dream I started seeing my self walking along a high wall as a watchman would and warning those below.

  3. (Not checked others’ remarks) Do you know how exceptionally apposite this is for the new Jewish Year (Rosh Hashanah today) my friend???

    Dr Sharon Stone spoke about year 5777 and a vision of the sword a month ago but I didn’t have opportunity to blog it, Chuck Pierce had it too and Charlie Shamp’s wife Brynn just blogged about it – hope to cover it today…

  4. Reblogged this on Jesus Christ Delivers and commented:
    Praise God for His Word preserved for us since it was written. For all the people who were murdered, burned at the stake to give us the Lord’s Word. Thank you Lord Jesus.

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