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Dreams and Visions

Beware of Leviathan

In that day the Lord with His severe sword, great and strong,
Will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent,
Leviathan that twisted serpent;
And He will slay the reptile that is in the sea. Isaiah 27:1

I had a vision this morning 09/16/2016 while praying  where I saw a pastor at a pulpit who was preaching. I then saw a snake slither across the platform in the direction of the pastor. I watched as the snake, beginning at the pastor’s feet, began to slowly coil itself around the pastor little by little until I could no longer see the pastor. I saw the pastor’s eyes go from human to one’s missing pupils and his tongue went from that of a human to a forked one of a snake.  Leviathan is known as the fleeing or gliding serpent. Snakes do not make a sound as they move, at least that is what I have seen. This serpent slithered right across the platform towards the platform making a bee line towards the pastor. What is really disturbing is that no one saw it.  Leviathan is also known as the crooked or twisting serpent. The best example of this is the discourse between Eve and the serpent as recorded in Genesis where the serpent starts out by saying, “has God said…”

I feel sorry for the assemblies that shun the prophetic. Had there been  prophets, i.e. watchmen they would have been sounding an alarm warning of the deception. In the vision above no warning was given and God’s word became twisted and no one in the assembly was warned.

The Apostle Paul commended the Berean Believers.

These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.Therefore many of them believed, and also not a few of the Greeks, prominent women as well as men. Acts 17:11-12

As believers we are to search the scriptures for ourselves as the Bereans did and were commended by the Apostle Paul. Those who only crack a Bible on Sunday and expect the Pastor to, “feed”, them are in danger of being deceived.

Deception is coming and what better way for it to come than from the mouth of someone trusted.





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16 thoughts on “Beware of Leviathan

  1. In the vision no warning was given.
    It also happens that warnings are given, but that it is below their dignity to listen. The word says that God says that He will drag such down.

  2. (it is sad and horrible. but I can’t help it, I don’t say it, He does)

  3. Tony, I heard a report which I believe came from a real Christian a couple of years ago saying that he witnessed people slithering across the church and gravitating toward the pulpit. So, deception does indeed come from the inside and not just the “world”.
    Sometimes I have thought that “churches” can be the most dangerous places for Christians to gather in these days. Indeed as you say. It’s getting worse and worse as the storm clouds gather.
    Some will heed the prophetic warnings and others will not.
    Much discernment is needed in this hour.
    Lord bless you!

  4. Spirit of pride is this spirit also jezebel works with it

  5. The biggest danger comes from inside. What can we expect otherwise from satan. He takes care of it that he possesses the strategic places. That is not in the supermarket. Consfusion and doubts do not come from our atheïstic family members. There we know what to expect, that can not bring much confusion. From the inside it can because it will apell to the bible and our faith (as a christian you must….and you may not…..etcetera) and that brings confusion. ‘I must turn my left cheeck ‘. ”They say I don’t have love and mercy when I try to correct things, what if this is true?’ And so on. The bible is used to shut people down, to make them tame. Was Jesus tame ? It is more mean and destructive, cause it can make us doubt our faith and walk with the Lord. These are the magic cords that they put around us. It is a difficult time. Even the information about so called ‘false teachers’ , we must explore. There are many ,but It may be so that the ones who tell the truth, ar e ‘false teachers’. And because there are indeed false teachers, it may be easy to believe. This division between believers is horrible ! About workings of the Spirit too, so sad. But it ‘works’because their are counterfeit things. So we throw the ‘baby’ away with the ‘dirty bathwater’. That hurts me too.

    And what if you’re a new believer? What must you believe?
    Is it good or not good to speak in tongues, is it satanic to fall in the spirit, where miracles only for the days back then? Poor new believers, there is so much discussion about these things. And they all read these pro’s and contra’s on the Internet, what must they do, where must they stand?

    We must be carfeful with calling ‘everything’ bad too. I see all these things too, and have some very strange experiences with churches. But not all churches are bad, and when a church is bad: not all people there have a wrong heart. God will work it out with righteous people, also when they are in the wrong places. As soon as they know, yes, it is better to have no magic cords put on you.
    Things must get in the Light, however being exposed, that is extremely neccessairy. Because this may not go on. It is good to stand on the breaches, and to shut more often up , concerning complaining.

    I must say I find this all very difficult -not confusing- myself. His wisdom is so urgent.

    • Very true Sandra. That is why we must check out what is being taught for ourselves being ever so dependent on the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth as Jesus said He would.

  6. It is indispensable, we must! Sola scriptura.

  7. I have “seen” this many times throughout the years. On one such occasion, the Spirit of the Lord showed me those in whom this spirit of deception were in and how they gained influence with the leaders of this church. I saw that demonic spirit in those shown to me and it was the same demonic spirit I had seen in another church years before.

    As I was being shown this during the worship service, I was standing behind the “sound booth” and lowered my head after I was shown this as I was completely broken and entered into prayer. Just then, the wife of the pastor, as she was part of the worship team, interrupted the singing to speak to me that I should lift up my hands and worship. I feebly did so but could not hold them up because of this great burden for prayer that was on me.

    After the service, I was pulled aside by the leaders in attendance that day and was demanded to know my reason for “disrupting” the worship portion of the service. As they each took turns making their accusations and demands of me, I was silently seeking the Spirit of the Lord to see what He wanted me to do. I kept silent, not looking at any of them as I could clearly see the accusing spirits were upon them and speaking through their lips. All kinds of fanciful and imaginary constructs were being made as to why I did what I did, (praying silently in church) and at the end of each narrative, I was found guilty. I’ve seen this before as the demons gather around to cast their accusations on the innocent.

    Finally, the Spirit of the Lord gave me a strategy to end this episode. I suggested to the pastors that I speak with them privately to tell them what I was shown and only privately as this was not for everyone’s ears. They agreed and this “lynching mob” was disbanded. Later, I spoke with the pastor and his wife about what God showed me but limited it to that portion which the Lord permitted me to speak of. They unitedly rejected all I had said and within a month, God disbanded that church, to the shock of everyone. The pastors did not explain fully why they felt it necessary that this church was to close except for financial reasons. It was God’s hand that closed this church but few knew of this.

    Some months later, a few of the elders crossed my path and expressed how helpless they felt when I was “being torn apart” by the rest of the leaders. They told me they were not in agreement with the rest but felt strongly constrained through fear. I told them the reason why they were in fear and it was due to the demonic control already in place in the other leaders, unknown by them.

    When a demonic spirit enters and influences the leaders of a church, a spirit of control will ensue and this spirit will rule through intimidation/fear. Many will no longer feel they can approach the leadership about anything they see may be out of order according to the scriptures. This fear becomes pervasive and the members will feel “trapped”. I have witnessed this numerous times with the Spirit of the Lord showing me what was happening and to intercede for the leaders and the body of Christ in that local church.

    No matter what we see, we must always seek the Spirit of the Lord to learn what each of us must do and do according to all He directs us to. The Spirit of Truth never “suggests” but “commands” us. We are to walk in obedience to Him regardless if we are under threat of being cast out of that church or not. God seeks reconciliation but not always will they have ears to hear. We must forgive, love and pray for our brethren that the eyes and ears of their heart will be opened. We pray until we receive an answer from the Lord and do according to what He says to us to do.

    • Thank you for the story.
      You say: “the wife of the pastor, as she was part of the worship team, interrupted the singing to speak to me that I should lift up my hands and worship.”
      That is enormous recognizable.
      I know not many pastor-wifes, but some. And they have this in common. Strong, unbreakable, not humble, haughtily, subtile dominant, all decisive, and functioning as a shield for their husbands, (nobody can get through to the pastor), finding it normal that everyone is in HER service with personal agenda, but not wanting to serve/minister herself. Wifes of pastors, strategic targets?

      That is significant.

      • She actually works in concert with her husband the pastor. When she speaks, he is in agreement with her. Sadly, they both took the “lure” offered by the enemy. This pastor also, on an earlier date, saw me ministering prophetically to one of the members of the church. He interrupted me and told me I should not minister to this brother “because I knew nothing” of what had been happening in his life. He got this perspective from the husband/wife team who drew close to them and convinced them how the prophetic gift works. They would “learn” about a person “before” they would prophecy to him/her.

        I preferred NOT to know anything so I can hear correctly what the Spirit of the Lord was saying. I challenged the pastor at that time he interrupted me. I told him I did not know anything but the Holy Spirit does and He revealed everything to me. I asked him to stop me at any point I began to tell him what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me. He heard everything I told him and everything was exactly precise.

        After listening to this proof, he walked away and from what the Spirit showed me, in total unbelief, even after witnessing it all in person. Some months before this, a visiting prophet whom he respected had asked for all those who minister to meet with him one Saturday. Since I minister through teaching and the prophetic, I was there. As we all sat together in the room, this visiting prophet pointed at me and told the pastor and everyone there, “Here is the prophet of this house!” I was humbled by this but instantly, I could hear the pastor’s thoughts (given to me via the Holy Spirit). He rejected this word while nodding his head in agreement. Immediately the Holy Spirit was grieved and so was I. At a time I should be rejoicing, rejection reared its ugly head. From that point on, this pastor rejected every prophetic word I was to give to the body and prevented that word from being delivered.

        The last prophecy I gave was directed to this pastor that God wanted him to start a one on one discipling program. He refused this saying, “I believe the church service is that discipling program with no feedback from those “being discipled” and no way to tell what they understood or believed.

        This occurred before that evening where God showed me the demonic influence. As mentioned before, within a month, this ministry was no more, dismantled by the Lord.

        This whole ordeal was a real test for me to forgive them and to love them. It took a while but victory was gained for me. It is vitally important that no bitter root judgments arise out of what we see. It is easy to fall victim and hold responsible those who have deviated from the way of truth. We must be careful how we say what we say. For me, I say what I’ve said for instructional purposes so others do not judge or become critical. We must be quick to forgive and hold no one judgment. Through our intercession, God is both willing and able to turn their hearts back to Himself and it is better for us if WE are that instrument through intercession, that turns them, otherwise, we shall be judged just as we judge.

      • I saw yesterday night an other writing of Jerry, but can’t see it now anymore?

        I was reading you’re writing yesterday (the one I can’t see now anymore) and that was fear that was behind it (from the pastor). You came to close. When one has an own agenda, it is unwanted that someone comes to close; prophecy messes up the own agenda. It is a feature of prophets: it is not always welcome what they have to say, and they are not so populair. (fear!) The attitude of the pastor was a compliment for you, unfortunately one that goes with a little bit of pain.

        Sometimes it can be the other way around too: Once we had a prophet, he spoke a word for everyone, when he came to me, I was curious what he would say to me! He looked me in the eyes and bounced back, I saw fear in his eyes and he stumbled: …but you see in the spiritual world…..but you see in the spiritual world……! He said that astonished and shocked. .I was still waiting for what to come, yes it is nice to receive a word, but he left ‘with the tail between his legs’. His propheci-ing was over from that moment, for everybody. I did feel a little bit akward about it. I did not do a thing.

        Jerry, that is the challenge, what you mentioned in the end of your post, not to become bitter, and bring these things under Him immediately. The Lord is training and testing us also through these things. I know how difficult that is, when we are rejected.

        It is so precious and safe, our relation with the Lord, it is all that matters! He gives us a safe and loving place! We’re under His wings.

      • Prophets are most definitely part of the 5 fold ministry given by the Lord to his bride. However, be wary of the person(s) that go around announcing to everyone that they are God’s anointed prophet. When one develops a need for titles then they get a sense of entitlement which is pride. I’ve seen such people when a word of correction is spoken to them us the, “touch not mine anointed”, meaning that they are above being corrected. Pride is one of the traps that the devil uses to destroy a calling. If you want to see the true spirit of one calling themselves a prophet then watch how they handle rejection and correction.

  8. Lora Moodley on said:

    Hi thank you for this prophetic word.
    In our church,a woman prophesied that there is a serpent on stage…in the Spirit.
    A few weeks later,snake skins were found inside the drum set..
    Sadly,our Praise & Worship team were attacked,spiritually by the spirits of adultery,deception etc…
    Our Praise & Worship needs prayer!
    Please stand with us
    But yes!!Your word of prophesy is very accurate!I reveive it!!


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