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Dreams and Visions

Communion, A Time Of Intimacy 

I had a dream just before waking the morning of 09/09/2016 . In the dream I was seated at a small square table and in front of me was a loaf of bread and a glass of wine. Sitting across from me was the Lord Jesus. 

I am not going to get into a dispute as to whether the cup contained grape juice or wine as that had no bearing on the dream whatsoever. 

The dream, I believe was the Lord’s heart’s desire for intimacy with me and not me alone but with each one of His children. 

Communion was never supposed to be a separate event but part of a celebration meal known as the Lord’s supper as described by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians chapter 11. It was a celebration of  the finished work of the Lord  on the cross. 

Paul describes Communion as follows:

1Co 10:16 — 1Co 10:17

The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ? For we, though many, are one bread and one body; for we all partake of that one bread.
Communion is a time of celebration as we remember what the Lord has done for us but it is also a time of intimacy with the Lord and with each other. I heard it said that the cross has both a vertical and a horizontal beam. The vertical restored our relationship with God and the horizontal restored our relationship with each other.


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44 thoughts on “Communion, A Time Of Intimacy 

  1. Thank you Tony. It confirms our practice of starting the day and then reading ‘Keep Praying and Bless’ for our family, friends, neighbours and brothers/sisters in the Lord, as well as our locality, nation and specific city in the KP&B 70-day prayer cycle.

  2. What a beautiful dream, blessings

  3. Lisa Aug. on said:

    Reblogged this on Jesus- King in Exile and commented:
    I love how our Lord showed Tony about how when Jesus was on the cross., the vertical beam represents Him, through His death, reuiniting us back with our Father in Heaven (one part of the beam is in the earth and the other part extends up towards the Heavens) And how the horizontal part of the cross beam represents our relationship with each other restored through Christ.. It reminds me of Jesus’s high priestly prayer prior to His Passover and crucifixion where He asked the Father that we made be made One in Them as He is One with the Father..

    Also, what a beautiful dream Tony had! Yes, our Lord wants an intimate spiritual connection with Him and us.. We will never find true fulfillment and happiness unless through Him, regardless of wether we go through tons of trials or not.

  4. Lisa Aug. on said:

    Wow, amen to this dream., and I liked the spiritual respresentation of the cross beams.. how the verticle one represents Jesus restoring us back to the Father.; the horizontal one represents Him restoring our relationship with each other – in HIM.. amen. Thanks so much for sharing these dreams with us.. and thanks, Jesus, for giving them to Tony so He can share them with us all!

  5. I am really struggling “lately” with being intimate with Jesus…I know He wants this. It seems so hard for me to do right now and I’m not sure why. It’s like I can’t get focused. I had a vision last night where he was a lion cub on my kitchen counter beside the sink. I went to Him …he looked kind of wild but i got a pan that had a sponge or a towel in it and offered him warm water. He was not happy about it and he lashed out at me(which scared me somewhat) then He jumped off the counter and walked away upset. I woke up crying out to Him…. ..I don’t understand what has happened to me. I hope He is just trying to show me about His nature and personality and how jealous he is. God bless us all!.

    • It sounds like there is an expectancy on your part to be hurt. Have you been wounded in the past? I have never known the Lord to lash out on one humbly seeking him.

      • I definitely didn’t expect his show of being upset with me but He has human emotion too and gets hurt when we neglect our relationship with Him…. But I will ponder what you have said. I felt like it was about my relationship with Him. The problem is I have probably not sought Him enough lately and He may be jealous. Sometimes it’s hard to understand these visions. Thank you Tony for your input on this.

      • We could all pray more, worship more, serve more, etc. While it is true that God can be grieved, He is unlike us in that His love is unconditional.

    • I do not understand why you think that that particular dream was from the Lord, not all dreams are from the Lord apparently? The best way to be with Him is to read your bible daily, read it aloud, this is when God will speak to you and teach you and show you the way to go. When you devote the best time of the day for Him, I do it first thing in the morning, He will reward you. And if you add to it praise, worship, singing and fasting, this will be the best time of the day for you, to be in the closet alone with the Lord is of utmost importance. Of course the devil will do all kinds of tricks to keep us away from the Lord but you can rebuke the devil and command his demons to leave you. You can also ask the Lord to give you hunger of Him and His word, pray for it, He will do it. God bless you, we all go through similar troubles.

      • Agreed not all dreams are from the Lord and I have, at times, been attacked by demons in my dreams. I know when a dream is of the Lord because it confirms His Word. Dreams are from the Lord and is one of the ways He communicates with people. However, dreams must be taken to the Lord in prayer.

      • Hi juliet, It was not a dream but a vision..He was speaking to me concerning my walk. I guess we all need to stay focused. I am working really hard at my job. I need a very long vacation. I would love to quit my job and pursue my Savior fulltime, and am working towards that.
        YHWH has also been teaching and training me. I am learning discernment….pursuing righteousness always and in prayer. God bless !!

    • Well, thank you for your answer. So that vision sounds quite strange but I can compare it with my experience of how the Lord rebuked me really bad. It happened once during my last 8 years of walking with Him. I was in the park and was looking for the witches circle which I saw recorded on youtube. I live in Scotland which is famous for witches. It was just my curiosity. I was with my friend, we just went for a walk and I remembered that video, I said, lets find that circle. We asked some people but nobody knew where it was. After a while, he led me to one place that looked like a small ground surrounded by trees planted in the circle. It was a very old place situated close to a very old mansion. We approached that place but I said, no, it cannot be that which we saw on yt. However, next moment I started feeling overwhelming presence of evil and I became very depressed and sad. It was the most horrible feelings that embraced me, and I knew immediately, we should not be there and we should not have searched for that place. I said, let’s go, we should not be here, we should not search for the devil’s place. My friend is a Christian as well but he did not feel anything. All the way back I was holding tears and repeating constantly, Lord, forgive me, forgive me, please forgive me…. Oh, it was such a horrible experience. I will never do it again.

  6. Tony, can you tell us why you stopped doing deliverance? I remember you said, you used to be involved in it. I am asking because I also have been involved but after a long while I was pulled away by the Holy Spirit and shown how much false teaching was involved in it. How was that with you?

    • I left that church in Pennsylvania and relocated to Tucson. Before leaving ,however, the pastor went off and began to teach false doctrine.

      • People in deliverance ministry should be extremely careful about deception. But they are not, many of them fall into false doctrines of demons.

      • Very true. Deception is something we all need to be wary of. Pride is the key to opening the door to deception.

      • Yes, that’s right and that’s the spirit of Leviathan which you mentioned before. Pride can be very well hidden inside a man and they can look like the most humble people but in reality pride is eaten them from the inside and they do not even know it. I am not saying i am perfect, far from it, just the work in progress, praise God for His patience with us.

      • Pride is more deadly than Christians know.

    • Juliet are you a pastor?

  7. No, no way and I do not really support women pastors. I am just a born again Christian who was shown a lot by the Holy Spirit and was delivered from demons by Jesus alone as churches do not do deliverance, at least not where I live, which is a shame.

  8. Yes, and there are lots of Christians who suffer because people in churches, even pastors do not obey the commands of the Lord to heal the sick and cast out demons. I know a case when a woman tormented by demons became a Christian but was sent to psychiatrist by a pastor, and then killed herself as the pastor did not believe in demons. What a horrible story and there are probably many more like this.

  9. Yes, I do pray but most Christians I know personally are terrified even to mention demons and they always shut me up.

    • Many Christians are content to play it safe but that is not what we were called to do by the Lord. Jesus said that He sent us out as sheep among wolves. A sheep has no natural defense of its own. It is solely dependent upon the Shepherd to protect it. We are dependent upon our Shepherd to protect us.

  10. Did you have any more dreams about pride?

  11. Amazing that you are Jewish. Have you heard Derek Prince’s testimony on how he was delivered from the spirit of cancer and healed at the same time? Have you studied healing in the bible and through deliverance? I was healed a few times myself. May God bless you and your husband.

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