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Dreams and Visions

Treasure Your Bible

I am away on business so I am staying in  hotel. Whether or not this has anything to do with my dream I’m not 100% certain.

In the dream I was laying in bed inside my hotel room when what seemed like a police raid was happening but it was my room they were raiding.  These men were doing not dressed like any police I’d ever seen. They had black shirts with some sort of insignia and black pants. There were quite a few of them. Usually when the police make such a raid it is for drugs or something along those lines.  Why they were there for me I find hard to believe and am still finding hard to believe that such a thing could happen in America.  In the dream I remember lying on my back on the bed with the Bible on my chest when, I am assuming the police, busted down my door I remember rolling off the bed onto the floor clutching the Bible to my chest and assuming a fetal position. The police and/authorities in my dream were out to confiscate my Bible hence my assuming the fetal position in my dream.

What happened next I am not sure as to whether or not I was fully awake. I remember lying on my back when the covers became taunt as when someone sits on the bed when you’re under the covers. Then I sensed someone or something actually putting their weight on the bed yet I saw no one. I sensed an evil presence in the room but it was as if my speech was taken away from me. Finally I was able to rebuke it in the name of Jesus but it was very hard getting those words out. Then I remember standing in front of the mirror shaving and a demonic being looking back at me along with my own reflection.  Whether or not it was the same being that sat on my bed I’m not sure.

I am not sure as to whether or not the 2 dreams were related or not.


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16 thoughts on “Treasure Your Bible

  1. That must have been unpleasant! The minute you said ‘hotel room’, I guessed what was coming. People leave a spiritual ‘imprint’ of their energy wherever they go; particularly when asleep. Many people who use hotels do so not for legitimate business travel, but for more sinister purposes. These people have demons around them, and if the previous occupant of a room was ‘dark’ as in, negative, then any of their hangers-on that got left behind may attack you.

    As the ‘police’ in dreams are often angels, I believe the black clad police you saw were dark angels, eg luciferic beings.
    They *hate* the word of Christ, so naturally they would attack you, try to disturb you, etc.

  2. sandra on said:

    ” I remember lying on my back when the covers became taunt as when someone sits on the bed when you’re under the covers. Then I sensed someone or something actually putting their weight on the bed yet I saw no one. I sensed an evil presence in the room but it was as if my speech was taken away from me. Finally I was able to rebuke it in the name of Jesus but it was very hard getting those words out.”

    I have that in real, complete with scratches on my back or elsewhere. Serious assassination attempts. But I’m never afraid, only calm, cause I know I’m safe.

  3. sandra on said:

    I live close to God, so that cannot be the case. I call it the ‘parallell world’ whatever that is. I’ve been fighting there too, with the Sword. Maybe dreams are not always dreams.

  4. sandra on said:

    Psalm 144, first part.

    Not scary anymore Tony. In the beginning yes. My heartrate and bloodpressure don’t even get higher anymore cause I’m calm. And I go nice to sleep afterwards, completely in peace. I think I’m in a sort of training, to learn how to respond very very quick and firm. I’m much quicker and firmer and convinced now and have learned that we have to be as fast as we can and as firm as a rock (standing on the Rock!) And this evil reveals always something of itself during these things (accidently, quite stupid) so I do my advantage with it!! Very interesting.

  5. Tony, the first dream is about coming persecution of Christians, they will try to take our bibles, David Wilkerson warned about the end times and crazy sudden hatred for Christians at the end times which is going to happen as predicted in the book of revelation. People are more and more demonized as the evil presence of the devil and demons are growing and many nations are forsaking the Lord. Besides, lots of satanic groups invoke demons on purpose, it is quite crazy reality we are living in. Also many Christians have similar dreams about coming persecution of Christians and how they will try to shut us up. There was a lovely sister on youtube making videos with her dreams a few years ago, her name is karensera, seems that the Lord used her a lot to warn us.

    The second part of your description speaks about so called sleeping paralysis, which is a demon trying to kill you or scare you. I experienced that myself, it is a horrible and petrifying thing but if that happens just call the Lord Jesus in your mind, to help you and He will. This happened to me when I started learning deliverance and was attacking the devils territory, it is a scare tactic, the enemy works using fear, so I would suggest to all Christians to learn to deal with demons, and learn how much power you have in the name of Jesus as demons know very well if you realize that or not, so you need to become very bold and have great faith to overcome this kind of attacks and also to be able help others. The demonic activity is growing fast, I just heard about a nearby house where all things inside are flying and they called the police which did not know what to do about it. Use the bible verses that speak about the victory of Jesus and His blood shed for us, the devil hates hearing it. Please, the Lord wants us bold and full of his light but most Christians I know are very scared even to mention demons.

    • I had another dream similar to this one only it was pastors trying to rip the Bible out of my hands.

      • Yes, I remember that dream, very significant and eye opening. It reminds me my pastor, who after I told him how the Lord had delivered me from demonic torment, ( becasue churches do not do it ), the pastor asked me a few times if I had ever been mentally ill. I am still recovering from that meeting and the pastor put a huge wall between us. I have just listened to David Wilkerson, who spoke about this, how the Lord uses simple Christians to do His mighty work and abandons traditional churches that do not believe in full gospel.

        God Is Training A Holy Remnant – David Wilkerson

        Thank you for sharing your dreams Tony.

      • The Holy Spirit is not welcomed in a lot of churches unfortunately.

    • When I lived back in Pennsylvania I went to a small church and I was the head of the deliverance ministry.

      I appreciate your comments Juliet.

      • That’s great Tony, so you know about deliverance and how to fight the enemy, praise God! If only people knew and believed the words of Jesus, the Lord of lords. I am astonished how Christians pick up and choose what they believe and what they do not. Last week I learned from my church older friend, she is about 77, that she did not believe that children are born in sin, ‘ her children were born lovely and good….. ‘ and also she does not believe in the Old Testament, that it was written by God… I was shocked to hear it and very disturbed as I am trying to help her to be delivered from depression and suicide. It is truly hard to believe, there are so very few people who follow the Lord Jesus with all their hearts.

      • Is that her belief or has she been taught that from the pulpit?

      • No, i think it is her belief. People probably just choose what they want to believe. I had only the Holy Spirit teaching me in time of total desperation that’s why I know what to believe. That particular lady is quite unique by the way.

      • Here is a vision I had a little while ago that speaks to what you were talking about.

      • Yes, I saw this one as well, even left comment, very significant dream. Praise God for keeping His remnant people and teaching us in secret closet to love His word and believe what He says.

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