My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Unless You Become As Little Children…..

​Matthew 18:3

and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.

My wife was talking to her sister in California today and asked about our neice . Our neice has recently lost her boyfriend, who would have become her fiancé , due to an accident where he crashed his motorcycle into a car making an illegal left turn. My other niece who lost her daddy due to an accident several years ago said to my grieving neice the following, “don’t worry your boyfriend is in heaven with my daddy, I saw them”. What makes this remarkable is the fact that my younger niece is 3 years old and her dad was killed in an accident when she was barely a month old so there is no way she could have known him in the natural. At this time she has not elaborated as to how she was shown. To be shown her daddy and my older niece’s boyfriend to me goes beyond words.


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11 thoughts on “Unless You Become As Little Children…..

  1. How wonderful! Children up to 3 and a half are like a direct phone line to the invisible, they tend to lose it when they get older. I hope it comforted your other niece a little bit.

  2. How wonderful! I hope it eases the pain of your other niece a bit.

  3. How wonderful! I hope it eased the pain a bit of your other niece.

  4. sandra on said:

    Wonderful. Children know these things! (sometimes better than we)

    My daughter did ‘prophecy’ too, when she was little, interesting things and interesting songs! She made a song about 7 pover years and skinny cows, for example.

    So beautiful to hear from the mouth of a child. We ought to take them seriously!

    • My daughter did the same kind of thing, I would be looking at her openmouthed in awe, thinking: ‘There’s no material way she could have known that!’

      My small grandson, too, but to a lesser extent; I think even as children, females find it easier to ‘hear’ inwardly than males. Not all, obviously! But boys tend to be immersed in outer ‘doing’, while girls live more in the inner.
      I regret that I didn’t write down all the things she said: you’re convinced that you’ll remember them, but no, the passage of time takes them away from memory.

  5. sandra on said:

    No, exactly, I had that too (that she could not have known). Maybe the ‘forgotten’ things will pop up in your mind again, one day. It is surprising what is inside, in a latent way, ready to pop up!

    Not to compare children with pets ofcourse, but pets can be surprising too, they see, feel, hear things we do’nt. I do pay attention to my pets, also when I pray. Sometimes it tells me something. Sounds strange maybe.

    • Yes, animals too! I will tell you something strange but absolutely true.
      I was living at the top of a large tall house owned by a friend of mine who was an ordained priest, and who had a chapel, church room, in a lower part of the house. He now and then would hold services there, and for instance, if someone had died, he would say a mass for them.
      I never attended, as I was brought up in the Catholic church, and frankly had enough of it; I’m sure his services were sincere, and each to their own, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.

      However! Although my part of the house was out of sight and earshot of the chapel part, I noticed something strange. When a service was being held, at a certain point, my tabby cat would put her head down flat on the floor, and stretch her paws out, as if she were prostrate in prayer. I told my friend about this, and he was intrigued.

      After a while I observed that the cat would go into this ‘fervent humble prayer’ posture just before the doors would open downstairs, signalling the end of the church service. I asked: ‘What do you do at the end of the service?’ He said, ‘Oh, we finish with the Lord’s prayer.’ How interesting! My cat would do that every time. Every. Single. Time. It was once very late in the evening, and my cat went into this prayer position. I looked at her and thought, Well, there can’t have just been a service at nearly midnight? So I went down to check, and yes, there was my friend coming out; a relative’s girlfriend had just been killed, and he had said a mass for her soul, ending with the Lord’s Prayer. He wondered how I could know; I said my cat told me! 🙂
      That really is true, and was remarkable to me.

  6. sandra on said:

    Remarkable, how is it possible he? Funny too.

    When I see my pets in peace, just sleeping on,while I say things, I am content. But sometimes it is different while praying: one cat restless, the dog goes silently to the bench. with the tail between the legs. There is a fiercy battle. They show that too. Very sensitive creatures. They also respond on my mood, my sincereness, my true heart. (like many other pets do) I can do happy to them, but feeling different, and they know and react on it. This one cat will avoid me.

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