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Dreams and Visions


I had a vision just before going to bed the night of 06/30/2016 and it has stayed with me upon waking. In the vision I saw Europe except it was broken up in pieces with each piece floating independently in the ocean. I saw people on each of these pieces with oars in their hands and they were all trying to row their individual  piece towards each other but to no avail. Then I heard a voice say , “What’s done is done”.

Later on that day I saw the same pieces as I describe above only instead of people with oars, I saw people with fishing poles and their lines were dropped into the ocean. I take this to be evangelism. Possibly evangelism could be a result of these events

I entitled the posting Brexit because this is what I sensed the vision had to do with.

I encourage all who read this vision to take it to the Lord and see what He says.

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31 thoughts on “Brexit

  1. endtimeepochs on said:

    Much thanks for you’re neutral and scriptural stance pertaining to the dream.

    It is almost impossible for the “western ‘church” mindset to understand the depth of the magnitude of the event and what you were shown. Historically let alone prophetically.

    Lots of moving pieces both throughout the nations trying to come together as well as those not in the picture.

    Framing it and using this piece of prophetic( ) will help set the stage.

    When placing what was coming out of the gate( symbols) with Ezekiel 37, dry bones and these letters being the ones in the little scroll in rev 10:8-11, It is these letters which are contained in the little scroll we may be able to see the Brexit as the the second half of the chapter of Ezek 37.

    Putting the stick together. Russia=judah and England=Ephraim and the rest of the tribes all in play at the same time.

    Day Tribe Date Document Modern Nation
    1 Dan 6 Oct 1579 OS Union of Utrecht Netherlands
    12,001 Judah 13 Aug 1612 OS Letter/Zemski Sobar/House of Romanov Russia
    24,001 Reuben 21 Jun 1645 OS Treaty of Bromsebro Sweden
    36,001 Gad 29 Apr 1678 OS Treaty of Nijmegen Spain
    48,001 Asher 7 Mar 1710 OS Treaty of Szatmár Austria/Hungary
    60,001 Naphtali 13 Jan 1743 OS Treaty of Breslau/Treaty of Berlin Germany
    72,001 Manasseh 1 Dec 1776 NS US Declaration of Independence United States
    84,001 Simeon 10 Oct 1809 NS Treaty of Schönbrunn France
    96,001 Levi 18 Aug 1842 NS Law Change/Civil War Switzerland
    108,001 Issachar 26 Jun 1875 NS Decree/Revolt/Treaty of Berlin in 1878 Serbia
    120,001 Zebulun 4 May 1908 NS Agreement/Turks leave Crete, Greeks remain Greece
    132,001 Joseph 12 Mar 1941 NS Lend Lease Treaty funds WWII US/UK
    144,001 Benjamin 18 Jan 1974 Disengagement of Forces Agreement Israel

    All of these nations today are in the headlines.

    What is happening is the stage is being set for a global “Tribal Spring” being unhinged. For use of the prophetic while in God’s hand.

    19Say to them, Master Yahvah says, Look, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his fellows, and will put them together with the stick of Judah, and make them 1 stick, and they will be 1 in my hand. 20And the sticks on which you write, hold them in your hand before their eyes; 21and say to them, Master Yahvah says, Look, I will take the sons of Israel from among the nations where they have gone, and will gather them together and bring them into their own land; 22and I will make them 1 nation in the land on the mountains of Israel; and 1 king will be king over them all; and they will not be 2 nations, nor will they be divided into 2 kingdoms any longer. 23Nor will they defile themselves any longer with their idols nor with their abominations nor with all their iniquity; but I will save them out of all their dwelling places, in which they have sinned, and will cleanse them; so they will be my people, and I will be their god.

  2. endtimeepochs on said:

    A lot to chew on.
    Please consider and of course pray through as led.

  3. I agree, and I already saw that in a dream on June 13th. It was so real! Britain had left the EU, then I saw David Cameron’s angry face, then people on TV talking about it.
    I then saw that, after Britain left, other countries followed, and the whole EU just fell apart.
    I was also told that this has ‘already been decided on’, we are just watching it play out.

  4. Advanced Research Technology on said:

    Daniel 2:43-44.

  5. Tony,
    Yes, when I saw that, I was a bit startled: the EU falls apart?! I only told a couple of people about this, including my daughter, ten days before the referendum, and they unsurprisingly didn’t believe it, because everyone thought ‘Remain’ would win.
    In my dream, I can’t remember the next country that left, I *think* it was Spain. Then more countries pulled out, in a snowball effect, and the whole thing collapsed.
    I also saw that the far right will come to power in Britain, and there will be a violent revolution in the UK, but I don’t know what starts it, or the time-frame, could be several years ahead, I don’t know.
    You are only the 2nd person I’ve read, who’s seen this, all the countries going their own way! Here is a very interesting thread, this man had two prophetic dreams – three years apart.

  6. sandra on said:

    Maybe the EU will NOT fall apart. What about that.

    Maybe prayer is a good option.

    Or is it too far away?!

    Sorry, but when I read things about America, people give the appearance of being prayerful and holy. Now it is about Europe, and noooo……… I hear nothing about prayer ‘it will just fall apart’

    Please, do not measure with 2 measurements. 😦

  7. sandra on said:

    (Tony, what I write, you must never take it personally, cause I do appreciate your visions and dreams, and keep on reading them, sometimes I see a line in the visions, which is a joy, to be a witness of that. So: in the first place: I would never do a personal ‘attack’ on you. Whatever I write, it is never meant like that. More in general)

    Reading this vision and responses on it triggered anger in me, I must admit. the trigger was ‘it will fall apart’, just like that. That is probably because when there are visions about America, I read people saying: ooo yeees we must pray, we must go on our knees.

    And now: nothing? It was a reaction from my flesh, yes I admit that too.

    Shortly after that I understood something.

    This may well be true. The culprit and origin of this situation is the way we treat the refugees.

    When Europeans can change their ways in this, the possibility of falling apart can change. We know also from the Bible and from Who God is and what He stands for, things turn around when conditions are right.

    Prayer can do that.

    Thanks Tony, always, for sharing, It is highly appreciated.

    • I understand what you meant, Sandra, and that at first reading you could have the instant indignant feeling of ‘When it’s an American tragedy, intercessors are praying flat-out, but when Europe comes apart, we just stand there and say, ‘Oh well. Too bad.’ ? 🙂

      I get a feeling of when to pray. I mean, we can ALWAYS pray that no unnecessary harm and suffering befalls people, but I don’t always pray that x or y not happen. How can I know what should happen? Childbirth is messy and painful, you could imagine an onlooker saying, ‘Stop this poor woman’s experience, NOW!’ – but then no baby would be born, would it? Sometimes I’ve even been told specifically *not* to pray for somebody!

      I was shown in visions around 2003, millions and millions of migrants flooding through Europe. Every country has a different destiny: the British Empire exploited many people, and now it will *be* exploited by many (some immigrants are fleeing war, but a lot are economic migrants); this is Divine justice at work.
      I was also told that everything not of God will be taken down, removed. The EU isn’t a wonderful, Christ-centred structure, so it won’t surprise me at all if it breaks apart.
      Tony heard: “What’s done is done”, and I heard, about Brexit, before the referendum: “Important decisions have been made ….. there are consequences [to that referendum], and the consequences concerning what will happen and who will go have already been decided.”
      It felt to me like a done thing, and I don’t get the feeling that I am to pray that the EU stays whole. I’m not saying other people can’t pray, but for me I follow my inner Satnav, as it’s never been wrong.


  8. sandra on said:

    Yes, when God let’s something know, one knows, and there is no doubt, I know how that is. So I understand that, (but, throughout history He did come back on decisions; exodus 32:14 >psalm 106, with nineve; jona 3:10 and after intercession of Abraham;somewhere around genesis 18.23).

    And where is a wonderful Christ-centered governing structure in this world? There is not one. Not one. In America? No. In China? No. And so on. Do not think that participating countries are complete sodom & gomorra -or more sodom & gomorra then elswhere, that does not do right to people. And under evil structures we are, in this world: schools, offices, university’s, charity’s, christian organisations -o yes- etcetera. It is all corrupted, so are the so called christ centered things.

    Brittain exploited many people. Is there a country that does not exploit people (mexicans and black people for example 😉 ?

    Then we could all fall apart.

    I do understand it is clear to you, after ‘what is done is done’, and dreams, and I do assume that you recognize the voice of the Lord when you hear it. So for you there is not more to it, when it is so, it is so. I also think it is good then, to let it rest. You must not do otherwise.

    For me, there is -still- more to it.

    Although a prayer for a union the way it is, may not be a right prayer.

  9. sandra on said:

    Sorry, a ‘p.s.’ : “Every country has a different destiny: the British Empire exploited many people, and now it will *be* exploited by many (some immigrants are fleeing war, but a lot are economic migrants); this is Divine justice at work.”

    That is however very interesting, also in a further-thinking way. Something I definitely will ‘chew’ on.

    • Satnav was my joke, I mean my inner guidance. 🙂
      Sandra, YES, other countries too have fallen short, other structures too. I didn’t compare the EU to Sodom and Gomorrah, nor am I singling it out! It’s just that Tony’s dream was about it, that’s why in my comment I focused on the EU, not Mexico, China, etc etc etc.

  10. sandra on said:

    Yes, I know wat satnav is.

    Yes, I see that the vision and dreams were about the union, my mind is fine. It is always okay to give a certain view on it, which was a response on ‘EU is not christ-centered’. This remark is not a dream, not a vision, but spoken on ones own account. This lead to the logical response: what isn’t.

    People can be shortsighted, limited, seeing one thing, and ignoring the other.

    And I am not joking.

    • Sandra:
      When you say, ‘People can be shortsighted, limited ….’, what do you mean? Are you implying me? I don’t think I am, but of course you are entitled to your opinion. 🙂
      My statement that the EU, like most else in the world today, isn’t a Christ-centred structure, wasn’t based on an opinion ….. I try to avoid ‘opinions’, because who cares what I think? ‘I’ and my feeble intellect could be very wrong. So I don’t hold opinions, I just go for the truth. If I don’t know what the truth is regarding any situation, then I don’t say anything, or I say ‘I don’t know.’

  11. sandra on said:

    Hi there, Yes I was implying you, who else, good thinking.

    Ofcourse you hold opinions, everybody does that.
    Thank God for Jesus, He shows us the sights of us, we did not assume of ourselves that we had them.

    Does not matter for me, Teleile. We are all the same.
    I like reading your valuable comments. And that is no joke either.

    So let’s leave it to this

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  13. A belated comment my friend:

    This dream is very apt and accurate about what’s soon to happen, if not already started, within the EU as a consequence of ‘Brexit’. You may recall from some of the prophetic material I quoted that someone in my network heard this voting outcome was ‘a done deal’ (or similar words) because it had already been decided and declared in heaven! Thank you and praise you Lord

    • It is strange concerning the number of dreams I’ve had concerning England.

      • Perhaps not so Tony in view of the lead Britain is expected to take in getting back into the Lord’s purposes, as is claimed by several prophetical voices. Am about to publish parts 2 & 3 of Fulfilled Prophecies #8 and which will cover this in some detail.

  14. PS: for anyone wanting to keep tabs on what’s happening I highly recommend a Christian friend’s painstaking collection of updates at

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