My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

A Healing In A Doctor’s Office

I had a dream 06/19/2016, Father’s Day.  In the dream i was in a doctor’s office but not out in the waiting room but rather in the back where they see patients. I first came upon a doctor who had trouble walking because one of his legs was shorter than the other. I remember praying for him and seeing him healed . Next I was in a patient examination room but was not myself a patient. I remember a female doctor this time coming in. She was in a wheelchair because of a problem with her leg (s). She tried to stand on her own power but ended up collapsing onto the floor.  I remember others helping her to a standing position and then i prayed for her and she was able to walk normally.

I feel that this dream had significance on many levels the first being that both of the people I prayed for in the dream were doctors who knew the human body and therefore could articulate what the Lord had done for them. I know in the natural if you tell a doctor that you’re healed by God they look at you like you’re crazy, in fact, i think that would rank right up there with saying you heard from God.
These earthly physicians were healed by the Great Physician.

Doctors also represent authority and exercise a manner of control over a patient. People believe what their doctor tells them.
I remember reading an article where a doctor told a man he had 6 months to live. The man died 6 months later but the doctor found out afterwards that he had misdiagnosed the man.

Again, I believe that there is/was significance in the fact that those healed were doctors and their testimony of what the Lord did for them will be respected.
For me I found it strange that I was given free reign, in a manner of speaking, to be in an area where patients are seen but first must be invited to do so by medical staff.
I guess I’ll have to wait and see where Jesus takes me on this one.


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7 thoughts on “A Healing In A Doctor’s Office

  1. Tony, I have taken another ‘hit’ in the last few days, but I am going to, again, try to say what I see. it has to do with “physician, heal thyself.” if you do a NT word study on: doctor, you will see that they are teachers of the Word. fathers, if you will. they don’t know that ‘pulpit worship’ is over. they are still busy seeing ‘patients’, when they are in need of healing themselves. they still have such influence in peoples lives, when they need healing themselves. they are not well. their walk, if they can still walk at all, is crippled, at best. they won’t go in themselves, but hinder others from going in. they believe that healing must come from them, permission must be given by them. but they need healing themselves. just like you went in to the funeral home, in obedience to God, I believe that you have gone to the teachers of the Word, the doctors, the fathers, if you will. in the Spirit, in obedience to God, to pray for them to be healed. evidently you are the one with the faith for this. Blessings, Tony. ~Sophereth

    • Interesting you should post this. Here is a dream from a while ago. Take look at it and tell me what you think.

      • Tony, what can I say? there it is again. the answer is No. there is no healing there any longer. just counting the filled beds, offering no cure. my surprise is that the Lord is still dealing like this. tarrying with this. I believe that the definition of true humility, is obedience to the will of God. no matter what that means. even to changing the way things have always been done. even to going on into things unfamiliar.

      • You provided me with a perspective that i had not seen in the dream which reminded me of the balm in Gilead dream

  2. what I was trying to say is: true humility bows it’s knee to God. no matter what. whoever humbleth himself…he that humbleth…God giveth grace to the humble…humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord…humble yourselves therefore under…Paul even said that God would humble him among the corinthians…it is the only safe place for any of us…even the doctors…

  3. Advanced Research Technology on said:

    This is interesting on several counts. First this is a hospital and the church often calls itself a hospital. Though I think that is a misnomer, people should not come back time after time to true believers. You played the part of the true believer and just prayed for these people, who happened to be the claimed healers, and healed them.
    Then, on that level, we look for physical healing in a hospital, but healing doesn’t happen there. The leg may be set or the shoulder stitched, but the real miracle of healing happens within the body over time. The doctors only facilitate. But true healing is available, even to “doctors”
    I keep seeing this time and time again, in real life. We are spirit, prayers are spirit, and Almighty is Spirit. All that needs to be done is connect spirit to Spirit and it is done. Why we fool ourselves in going through all these other actions is an act of deception. The more I watch Yahweh heal through prayer, the more convinced I am of this.

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