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Dreams and Visions

Those Who Know Their God Shall Do Exploits

Daniel 11:32 Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

I had a dream just before waking where I was in my car driving down a street when
I was directed by the Lord to park my car in front of a funeral home. I went inside and saw a little girl that had died in a casket and her family mourning. I remember taking her by the hand and telling her to arise which she did and then she and I had a conversation. The girl’s family went through a plethora of emotions as one might imagine. However,  I did not talk to the family only the little girl and after our conversation was over I left. I am sure the little girl had plenty to say to her family and told them about the Lord.

I remember word getting out and people looking for me but I did not step into the spotlight to take the glory away from God. Smith Wigglesworth said that if you want to be used by God you need to be delivered from the need to be seen and heard.

I was led to quote the latter part of the verse of Daniel 11:32 because in order to do something as described in the dream above one must know their God and be obedient to what He commands.


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14 thoughts on “Those Who Know Their God Shall Do Exploits

  1. interesting dream, Tony. the 3rd time in 2 days that ‘funeral home, funeral parlor’ has been mentioned…I appreciate and agree with your interpretation of it. humility.

    • Amen. Humility is necessary if one wants to be used of God.

      • Tony, I have also noticed another thread that is being said over and over. Love. God is Love. Love will raise the dead. naturally and spiritually. Love never fails. we will Love, and keep, and minister, to His own. to those that need His Love. we won’t let them go. whether or not we have the strength, or the provision, or the ability in ourselves. His Love is sufficient. our ability and our strength, and our provision to love is only in His Love! His Love is enough! we all want to Love, but we all fail in our human love, we have all failed Him and each other in our human love, but His Love never fails. He is going to help us to Love with His Love, in this hour. a Love revival. a baptism of Love. His Love never fails. right before I came to your blog, I read 1Co. 13. also 14:1. Amp. Eagerly Pursue and seek to acquire this Love (make it your aim, your great quest) as always, God bless you Tony, for your faithful seeing. ~Sophereth

      • Tony, a further word came early this morning, before daylight, about humility. I posted it this morning. ordinarily, I wouldn’t point someone to one of my points like this, but after our conversation, I hope that you will read it. ~Sophereth

  2. Marsha Barnes on said:

    That was good, love you, Marsha

    On Sun, Jun 12, 2016 at 9:07 AM, My Dreams and Visions wrote:

    > Tony posted: “Daniel 11:32 Those who do wickedly against the covenant he > shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be > strong, and carry out great exploits. I had a dream just before waking > where I was in my car driving down a street when I ” >

  3. Tony, I posted a further understanding of your dream. I am going to have to come in further now, in order to accomplish the job the Lord has given me to do. I think that I have come too far out, longing too much for fellowship, and I have been wounded in the house of my friends. I will be reading as the Lord leads me, but I won’t be commenting much. I want you to know, Tony, I hold you in the highest regard. I believe that you are a humble man, doing your best to obey and serve God. I believe that the Lord Himself will continue to lead you and guide you. Blessings, ~Sophereth

  4. Amen…

    “Herein is my Father glorified,
    that ye bear much fruit;
    so shall ye be my disciples”
    JOHN 15:8

    Life for the Christian is one of living out each day with a single agenda: Glorifying our Father. Simplicity is the very thing that confounds the religious and brings Joy to the disciple of Christ. To glorify our Father is to simply live to bear fruit unto Him every day of our lives. It can be in the small kindness shown to others, speaking His Word of Truth to another, or living with the breath of a prayer in our hearts to Him. It is the unconscious flow of daily life and as we grow it becomes a life of doing. To fully learn something will result in the simplicity of doing it. He is more desirous to direct our steps and lead us into the very arena of HIS WILL than we are to learn. If there is a true desire to do His will there will always be the knowing of what that will is.

    “…If any man will do his will, he shall know…”
    JOHN 7:17

    Fruitfulness and Discipleship cannot be separated. We read in John 15:8 that bearing fruit unto the Father is the badge of life for one who is a Disciple. A Disciple is simply one who gives up his will to serve another. The Disciples became Apostles, the common people became Prophets and Teachers, and the servants of God became men and women who were called “friends” of the Most High. They grew from outward instruction to the inward knowing of His Will. A true Disciple cannot remain a disciple. Discipleship is the school of learning and as such the day must come for the disciple to cease from needing bread to becoming bread for others. Jesus SENT out His Disciples so that they could learn to live in the wisdom that can only come through the medium of doing.

    There are those who say they would bear fruit if the opportunity arose, if the conditions were right, or if God would only give them more ability. Religion shapes a strange concept of God when men think that God has withheld from them the ability to Glorify Him! Jesus said that HE came in order for us to HAVE LIFE and to HAVE THIS LIFE ABUNDANTLY. This is either a true and valid saying or it is just another empty religious platitude. If being a Christian is simply adherence to a teaching or a tradition, then we are left with a form of righteousness but no power to be actual living expressions. Disciples are those who are actively walking, following and doing the things they hear and see in Him. This is no theoretical life; it is actual and real because Jesus is alive and working in their hearts. The very heart beat of His Life constrains them to a life of focus and seeking to do His will. The desire to glorify our Father is the chief duty and purpose of all life. The reward is too precious to miss any opportunity afforded us. What is this reward? It is “The Joy of the Lord”. Bearing fruit brings the realization that in glorifying Him we can know of HIS JOY in us which becomes our strength to grow in the wonder of His Ways.

    “…but the people that do know their God
    shall be strong, and do exploits*”
    DANIEL 11:32

    *NOTE: Literally in the Hebrew the word “exploits” is not there; the verse actually says “shall be strong and do”. They that know their God shall be strong and DO. It is a daily opportunity for us to be strong and to do of His good pleasure.

    “And let us consider one another
    to provoke unto love and to good works”
    HEBREWS 10:24

    Brian Troxel

    Appreciate the Word,


  5. sandra on said:

    Thank you Tony again, for sharing.

    In this world we see that there is less and less worthful for the christians. The gap is getting bigger, be cannot deny this.

    But also between believers.
    The ones in the front rowes, who do things visible (or for the visible eye) and the ones ‘behind closed doors’ doing their work for the Lord more in isolation. Nobody knows (but He ofcourse). The front row people seem to get what -they- want (?) golden dust, golden teeth for everyone, pants that are in a split of a second too big because of sudden weightloss. What must we say? Hey, I love the Lord because He gave me golden teeth! I lost 20 kilo’s in an eyeblink ! Really, is that our measurement? Ok, maybe I am judging and I am not supposed to do that.

    Besides these -ofcourse- extremes we see that it still ‘pays off’ to walk in the spotlights, throw some religious frases out, etc. That must not discourage us, we keep on doing what we do, for the Lord, although hardly anybody knows what that is.

    What I mean to say is: I have the impression that that is the time where we live in: that true believers are more drawn back in their private space/room, in quietness.
    I don’t mean to say that who goes out under people is not a true believer, I would not dare saying that! No way. I just mean: for some believers (maybe more than in the past?) it is so. It is hard to pronounce this thought in a language that is not mine. The inner believe and faithfullness, reliability of the heart has always mattered but matters now even more. It is like screamers become more screamy and modest ones become more modest. (maybe even because of the ‘screamers’)

    Here we say: there are workhorses and ornamental horses. I don’t want to generalize, cause who is the workhorse and who is the ornamental one. And ornamental ones can be workhorses too (and vice versa). But it is a fact that a workhorse is not admired or seen and ornamental horses get glory.

    We must not feel quilty or minor and think in ways like “why am I not more like this, or like that’ We get our payment, while others already have received it.

    Yes, like it is in the world, it is more and more becoming in the world of christianity (modest ones to the background)

    Never in my faith-life I have spoken the words of Jesaja 44: 25 so often (> these words are true BECAUSE OF 44.26) than in these days. Almost unbelievable how necessary it is on a daily base to proclaim this. (and knowing that it is so!)

    And that is true, 100%, a security and something to rely on. To be very grateful for.

    Hope you could understand a little bit of what I tried to say. In my own language I could have said in three sentences. 😦

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