My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions


I’ve had this vision stuck in my head for the past several days and I’ve been praying about it so Im posting what I am seeing and understanding as of now.
What i saw is the inside of a church. The church had wooden floors and pews just like an older church would.   I saw people standing facing the altar. They could have been worshipping but that’s not a definite. Next i saw the floor break away and people were hanging on to the remaining floor for dear life as there was nothing beneath them but what seemed to be an open abyss.  Whether or not thus was hell that they would fall to if they let go was not disclosed. I also saw people facing the altar as I did in the first part of the vision either oblivious or willfully ignoring those who were in fear of perishing. Those facing the altar didn’t seem to realize either that they very well might be facing the same fate.

I titled the vision foundations because under every building there’s a foundation but this building called church did not seem to have one. And, not only did it not have one but it seemed to be built right over an abyss. The oblivious people that were standing was stunning to say the least. Whether or not it was intentional or not was not disclosed. But I find it hard to believe that the screams of those about to perish could be ignored by reason of being oblivious.


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21 thoughts on “Foundations

  1. Very interesting Deanne

    • The Lord just reminded me Philadelphia had suffered earthquakes between the time of Christ and when John wrote The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which explains why Christ told these Philadelphian saints who ENDURED persecution from “the synagogue of Satan” that He would make them a “pillar in the house of My God”! And in your vision (not dream) the church had no foundation in Christ… How cool is our God!

      • That is a tragedy. We need to repent as a body and ask the Lord for His mercy.

      • May I respectfully suggest instead that we intercede as prophetic intercessors instead: that we corporately seek His face – His will, His mind, His heart – and then pray / speak forth / act as John the Baptist and all His other prophets did: in accordance with His will.

      • God’s will has alteady been made abundantly clear in His Word.
        2 Peter 3:9
        The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

      • Jesus of Nazareth did not go only with what God has already said in the OT: He is our model for seeking God’s will one step at a time (see Luke 4:42, 5:16, 6:12-13 etc.)

      • Amen!! And it is His will that none should perish but that all come to repentance. The Lord told Ezekiel that He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked

      • He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, yet He destroyed many wicked people throughout the Scriptures (start with the Egyptian plagues), and God had Elijah have the prophets of Baal slaughtered (1 Kings 18:40-41). Prophetic intercessors seek His face – His will, His mind, His heart – and obey His command.
        PLEASE know I am not suggesting the Lord to have us slaughter people now, but His end-time word WILL be accomplished: many who profess Christ will NOT be overcomers (please refer to all of Rev. 3). It is for ME to educate as I am doing so more may BE overcomers and receive the rewards/inheritance He wants so desperately for all who profess Christ to have!

      • He indeed destroy many wicked people. We must remember that the same sun that melts butter hardens clay meaning that only the Lord knows the heart and whether or not an individual will come to repentance or not. It is not for us to say. You are right that we must educate as the Lord says that when He tells a wicked man that he is going to die and we do not warn him then his/her blood is on our hands.

      • Yes; complete agreement. He also has me educating about prophetic intercession and presumption. Have you noticed that on some occasions Jesus told the freshly delivered or healed people to go tell others, but on other occasions He commanded just the opposite (e.g. Luke 8:38-39 vs. just seventeen verses later in v. 56)? That’s the importance of knowing God’s will for that specific matter at a given time (Greek: kairos).

      • But the man from whom the demons had gone out kept begging andpraying that he might accompany Him and be with Him, but [Jesus] sent him away, saying,Return to your home, and recount [the story] of how many and great things God has done for you. And [the man] departed, proclaiming throughout the whole city how much Jesus had done for him.
        Satan works in the dark and by telling this man to go and tell others what God had done for him, he was bringing what Satan had done in the dark to the light for all to see. When darkness is exposed to light it no longer has any power.

      • I agree that we must seek Him corporately and individually

  2. I believe the ‘open abyss’ has not ‘light’ coming from it but is ‘dark’. If those in this ‘church’ are ‘blind and deaf’ to the cries of others, it is indicative of that blindness and deafness that afflicts all who are religious but have no true faith. This also speaks greatly of tradition which Jesus said makes the Word of God of no affect.

    This vision speaks loudly to me and others of what the Holy Spirit has been showing us for years now, the condition of those who call themselves the ‘church’. Many are not even ‘born again’ of the Spirit of God but have been told that since they ‘mouthed the words’ of that prayer, they are ‘saved’. However, the promise given to us of this “NEW” covenant is not one of just the ‘mouthing’ of the correct words but is based on that faith which circumcises the heart. Jesus said if you do not bear your cross daily, you are not ‘worthy’ of Him. This cross represents that judgment of our sin that Jesus bore FOR us. This goes back to a quote in the Old Testament that says:

    Job 33:27-28 NKJV Then he looks at men and says, ‘I have sinned, and perverted what was right, And it did not profit me.’ He will redeem his soul from going down to the Pit, And his life shall see the light.

    This illustrates those 3 essential parts necessary for true repentance.
    1-We OWN our sin. We do not seek to pass the blame to others but see that the root of our sin lies in our own selfishness and it is out of this selfishness, we have rebelled against God for we have chosen to TRUST our own judgment of what WE think is right or wrong and not relied upon God to show us.
    2-The perversion or ‘twisting’ what is right is when we have taken the truth and used it for our own benefit, only to finally realize…
    3-It did not profit us. We need to be convinced that there is NO GOOD THING within us so that we will be willing to cast away from us all self-reliance and self-sufficiency and turn to accept His mercy and grace, His willingness to give of Himself to enable us to follow Him.

    Many have not ‘crucified the flesh’ and its works but have resorted to ‘trying to be good’ but according to their own definition of what is good in their own sight and understanding. God’s Word says that “It is not IN man that walks to direct his own way”. Those in that vision have not yielded to these truths and as such, have NO FOUNDATION to prevent them from falling into that ‘open abyss’. The others, even IF they see or hear others cry out, DO NOT THINK that what happened to others will happen to them. THIS is also deception at work.

  3. Hi Tony…I agree with Deanna.

    Additionally, I feel led to share what I am getting from the Lord. I believe the Lord is calling you to prayer. Since you can’t shake the memory of the dream, the Holy Spirit is telling you it is important. (Wood) symbolizes Christ, and if there was no floor, that church is not standing on Christ as their foundation. Without Christ there is no salvation! The “worldly church” is tolerant of the things God hates. Titus 2:11-12

  4. sandra on said:

    Fortunately these people were still holding on.
    The vision could also have been, that they were falling in the darkness.
    But they did not! There is hope.

    The only thing is that we don’t know how long the mercytime still lasts.

    A very speaking vision, it is defenitely useful for me.

    Sometimes I thought, when we were still in church: who is praying for eachother actually? (only at the prayercircle, but there is life outside the prayercircle) Here we are surrounded by neighbours that go to church, but there is no connection, more subtile foeship. In the beginning I thought: would be nice if we could come together to pray for the children and the neighbourhood. But that is a no go. There is as much as a distance as between non-believers (no, more, actually).

    For myself, I need consistency in praying for the people described in the vision.
    Please pray for me, for consistency in that, and that my heart is more with them.

    I don’t want to be the one with the face to the altar as described above. Horrible. We ‘complain’ (people in general) about church and the way it goes there, but are we any better, a question I sure ask myself. Am I any better?

    Yes pray for me.

    • I will be praying for you Sandra

      • sandra on said:

        Yes thank you so much,it is needed and appreciated! I loose my empathic feelings sometimes for these people, don’t feel for them anymore so much. I think; they read the same bible, they make their own choices.

        He is Judge, not me.

        ‘I, miserable person’ as Paulus said. (or in English translation: ‘What a wretched man I am’)

        In the original text it says: ‘talaiporos ego anthropos’ I know well Greek, but do’nt know the word talaiporos, think intuïtively it is meant in a way like ‘miserable, suffering’

        Yes miserable.

        Not a person is good, not one.
        Actually, no.
        Only by the Blood of Jesus

        I think God hates it, if we judge like that. Jesus did not come into this world to convict, He said.

        Thank you again for the vision, I realize this now more than ever. Po po (greek). how we must keep on striving to get the medailles. > would that be bearing the Cross, Jesus refers to.

  5. Shofargirl on said:

    This is a powerful dream Tony and thank you for sharing this. I’ve just left a church like that, although they replaced the wooden pews for comfy chairs and the wooden floor with carpet to make it look ‘homely’. But the truth of your vision from God is the reality of those whose foundations are not base on Jesus Christ in a knowledge or personal relationship with Christ. This Tony, I know you know. For weeks now I have had ‘not to pray for these people’. The call of repentance has been I believe for a very long time and they have ignored it. Also when I read about those others not even bothered about the fate of those people speaks for itself as I have found that neither is there love or basic kindness towards those in church. Their hearts are cold. This is a vision of what God is doing NOW! It is shocking and maybe the LORD wants us to wake up to the fact that He will bring His Judgement to the House of God for it is for His Names’ sake alone. His Word is true.

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