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Dreams and Visions

Cut it Down

“These were the visions of my head while on my bed:  I was looking, and behold,  A tree in the midst of the earth,  And its height was great.     The tree grew and became strong;  Its height reached to the heavens,  And it could be seen to the ends of all the earth.     Its leaves were lovely,  Its fruit abundant,  And in it was food for all.    The beasts of the field found shade under it,  The birds of the heavens dwelt in its branches,  And all flesh was fed from it.    “I saw in the visions of my head while on my bed, and there was a watcher, a holy one, coming down from heaven.   He cried aloud and said thus:  “Chop down the tree and cut off its branches,  Strip off its leaves and scatter its fruit.  Let the beasts get out from under it,  And the birds from its branches.     Nevertheless leave the stump and roots in the earth,  Bound with a band of iron and bronze……

Daniel 4:10-15

I post the above scripture because of a dream/vision I had recently.  In the dream i saw a giant fir tree. Its height was taller than all the trees surrounding it. Then i saw that same tree cut down but saw no one in the dream/vision doing so.

I have heard that the church and the United States have both been called Babylon.  I am not making any inferences here rather I am just writing the things that have been attributed to both the church and the United States.


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52 thoughts on “Cut it Down

  1. Tony, I heard the word ‘watcher’yesterday. I even looked up all the scriptures on watcher. watch. in Isaiah and Daniel. I was going to post, but I didn’t. I believe there are heavenly watchers. of course, but I am seeing with my own eyes, earthly watchers. all saying the same thing. they are heavenly watchers also, because they are seeing in the Spirit. their seeing is of the heavenly. not the earthly. in the city that I come from, there was one dear old saint, that had gone to Azusa street, as a young woman, to receive the baptism. she prophesied through the years, that the tree of revival in that city had been cut down again and again. but life would come from the stump…I know that is not the greater picture of what you have seen here, but just a small side note on the precept of it…

    • very interesting. Do you know the identity of the woman? Are any of her prophesies written down?

      • I knew her throughout my childhood as Sister Tinguely. (we didn’t call people by their first names back then, even adults called everyone by brother or sister) there were many prophecies, but I,m not aware of any recording of them but this certain one. the people that were with her that day wrote it down. she died of a great old age soon after that. my mother had a copy, I never found it after she died. lost. but it lives in me…

  2. one more interesting account. I told Jerry about this a few months ago. when Sister Tinguely was a young woman, she heard that there was a place in California where a person could go and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. she boarded a train to go there. as she was traveling, she looked out the windows. there were angels on both sides of the train, escorting her to Azusa street… she brought this blessing back to that city. she laid hands on me for that blessing when I was a little girl…I will say this again: Oh the wonder of it all.

    • What city do you live in?

    • endtimeepochs on said:

      Around the earth are angelic portals. Yeshua fortold that his followers would stand in them and experience angels descending and ascending.John 1:51. In these one can not only be baptized in the spirit but also receive keys, revelation knowledge, assignments from heaven etc. These have been made availablein this season and more will come. There is also anointings to be imparted….. some of them are to have ministries using these heavenly hosts. This falls squarely under the heading of sonship.

      • Is this what the Lord showed you?

      • Very powerful word!

      • you have struck a deep spiritual chord with me. and with what I have heard for many years. I believe also, that prophetic intercessors can be portals, gateways, also. a pathway from heaven into the earth. I’m interested in anything else that you would have to say… God bless you.

      • endtimeepochs on said:

        have mediated on your comment….’deep chord” you may very well have in yur DNA a foundational grace for building and stewarding KINGDOM INFRASCTRUCTURE on earth as in heaven.over 1500 scriptures on land. One of the largest componments in the book of revelation is about land( read nations) ….. this is a piece of what the Holy Spirit is, will be doing in the nations

      • I am so, I suppose the words might be shocked, astonished, at your comment. I have never heard ‘what I am’ put like that before. my very simple purpose in this blog, although it has taken almost a year to get there, is to show the ‘form of the 7th day house. I know what you said is true. O am speechless right now.

      • Tony, I was replying to endtimeepochs, how did it get to you?

      • you might have not replied but put it under a new comment which would have directed your comment to me

      • I don’t understand this. I was replying in the reply box to him. I never clicked the send. ???

      • I’m not sure then what happened

      • I just went to your blogsite. I found that the original message, and my answer to him is on your site??? I will try again to reply to his message this morning.

      • it is on the replies to ‘cut it down’

      • I lost my last comment. I am always doing that. did you receive it?

  3. Lisa Aug. on said:

    Reblogged this on Heart Dwelling With Jesus.

  4. I have said several times today, in several different ways; today seems to be a certain day for speaking, and witnessing the truth of what has been spoken. an assembling in the Spirit, so to speak. not necessarily in the same place physically, but in the same place in the Spirit. so many, saying the same thing today.

  5. endtimeepochs on said:

    Several occasions.
    One involoving a ten plus year assignment involving a territory/ city and it’s original spiritual destiny as purposed by Yah before the defilemant of man clogged them and several others which were still in place untouched by man.
    This topic is found under Kingdom infrastructure….. on earth as it is in heaven.

  6. endtimeepochs on said:

    Many who are so led and ordained by Yeshua have been graced in various forms of angelic ministries. Depending on their destiny and knowledge/ understanding of their birthright will dictate which and how many will be at their side as they walk out their own particual destiny as was graced to them.

    • I remember what i was doing and where i was going the day the Lord called me to be a watchman. The calling was confirmed the following Sunday by a prophet.

  7. endtimeepochs on said:

    It is paramount to file all of this stuff in the ” So what bin” and steadfastly continue pursuing Yeshua for more revelation knowledge in the ways and times of our King Yeshua so as to continue to advance his kingdom.

    • That was shown to me a whike ago. The Lord showed me that i had to depend upon Him alone for revelation. Good point. Too many depend on stagnant water. Anointing must be flowing and the only place it flows from unadulterated is from the Lords throne

      • endtimeepochs on said:

        So do you have revs as to the magnitude of what is to be cut down?

      • That’s all i saw in the dream. However you can browse other dreams and visions that i have had that concern America

      • endtimeepochs on said:

        Tree represents all of the religions which have developed post Daniel12:4including and not limited to church “Christianity”. This all will make way for a reconcilliation of Isaac and Ishmael which takes place during and on the back side of the nations being transformed. Out of this tree falling a new tree will emerge from the root of Jesse which is fulfillment of the mentions to rebuilding David’s fallen tent. There are many moving pieces amidst the process. One of the catalytic keys to unlock all of these things lies in the intro of the little scroll in Rev 10.

      • Interesting interpretation. I will be praying about that one.

  8. Tony, every dream/vision given to the prophets of old were not immediately understood by them and they required interpretation by the Spirit of the Lord. In some cases, an angel was sent to give the interpretation. Many of these were of international scale involving many different nations. God was intent on ensuring each vision/dream was properly interpreted but only through God-fearing servants.

    God also spoke to Moses but not in dreams or visions but ‘face to face’, plainly as speaking with a friend. Jesus said that we are His friends if we do all He commands for us to do. The Holy Spirit’s residence within each of us speaks this ‘face to face’ language and not in dark/mysterious ways.

    Job 33:14, which precedes the verses speaking of the purpose of dreams, says this:

    Job 33:14 NKJV For God may speak in one way, or in another, Yet man does not perceive it.

    That tree of your dream represents the country of the USA. It is seen by all in this world and everything described fits her. She has become great in this world but now, attributes this greatness to her own power and no longer acknowledges God what has enabled her to become great. Just like Nebuchadnezzar, this nation must be cut down to the ground and in the site of all. Judgment is about to fall on this country. Many lives will be lost but many will also be saved.

    Friends, this dream is just further evidence that we are living in the last days as it is Jesus who will come to cut down every green tree and bring down every mountain so that only HE will be shown to remain as the ONLY power and authority men must have to deal with. In that prophetic word He gave me, God is allowing the devil to attack and destroy but just as limits were placed on the devil in Job chapters 1 & 2, so limits were placed upon this time as well. True believers will be spared even while many true believers will give their lives for their faith as martyrs. God will call each one and when He does, each one will choose to accept or refuse. Where each one is called, only God knows but regardless of what happens, our faith and the hope in our faith must be found only in the Lord our Savior and not for what we can gain in this world or the next but because of His love for us and our love for Him in return. We must have the attitude of Habakkuk…

    Habakkuk 3:17-18 NKJV Though the fig tree may not blossom, Nor fruit be on the vines; Though the labor of the olive may fail, And the fields yield no food; Though the flock may be cut off from the fold, And there be no herd in the stalls— Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.

    For our joy is not dependent on the externals but rather on that changed life we continually receive from our relationship with our Lord and Savior. If we place our hope and trust in Him, then it matters not what happens to this mortal body as we are also promised a new and better body through the resurrection. So let us not fear what is to come but rejoice that our name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!

    • God does not always reveal things to me right away but will speak to me plainly at other times. I hear in visions, dreams, and words dpoken directly from the Lord by spending time with Him in prayer. There are times, however, when the Lord does hide things even from His most trusted prophets.

      2 Kings 4:27
      Now when she came to the man of God at the hill, she caught him by the feet, but Gehazi came near to push her away. But the man of God said, “Let her alone; for her soul is in deep distress, and the Lord has hidden it from me, and has not told me.”

      Such as described above

      • I agree. There have been times when He ‘hid’ something from me but later, the reason became apparent and not always for my own edification but to put to the test the faith of others. This is the exception but not the norm.

        Even for me, there are some things that I am ‘hard of hearing’ which requires the Lord to find another way to show me a truth. The last time this happened was when God gave me 3 separate dreams where my wife kept ignoring my pleas to use caution with her ending up losing her life each time. It took 3 such dreams to finally cause me to ask Him what these dreams meant. You see, I made my own assumption that God was showing me how to ‘caution’ my wife in her stubbornness. The person I thought was me in those dreams was actually Him. He wanted me to see myself, represented by my wife, from His perspective. It was really me that was being stubborn and self-willed but in my own self-righteous attitude, I could not see it.

        So, in summary, this response was intended more for others than for yourself. However, if the Spirit of the Lord speaks to you regarding anything I’ve said, then I say, “Hear Him”. He never gets it wrong.

      • Well said Jerry. We must also remember that the body of Christ is just that, a body and as such we must all act for the edification of the body. I have interpreted dreams and have had mine interpreted sometime correctly other times not. The bottom line is that we realize that we are all a part of Christs body.

      • sandra on said:

        Even for me…there are things I do hear, see or understand!

        Goes for everyone.

        Isn’t that great?

      • Indeed it is Sandra

  9. sandra on said:

    I believe it may well be so that receiving comes in various ways and mixed, and ‘how far’ we are on the ladder is irrelevant to it. A vision, a dream, a knowing for sure (or supernatural knowledge, very rational), a text.

    And since there is no such thing as one size fits all, for God, it is individual as well, God is creative.

    In nature there are picturethinkers and understandingthinkers, dyslexycs and non-dyslexycs, intelligent and less intelligent people. He knows how to reach us. -and that is why He is so amazing and wonderfull. And in His creativity he can give dyslexycs texts, understandingthinkers visions etc.

    We have a Versatile God. Can not be catched with our understanding and can not/ should not be limited, by making and telling how He works according to us, and our own limited understandings.

    Not for nothing He has many Names.

  10. sandra on said:

    Sorry i mean a c c o r d i n g to our own understandings (and opinions by the way)

    Better to burry the ‘friends of Job’ behaviors! There is none like Him!

  11. sandra on said:

    So keep it simple.
    simpleness is the best and sometimes the hardest.
    The Cross, the Blood
    Back to simpleness.
    That’s what I learned and I always return to that conclusion again

    Not to theologize God.


    Ok I’m done now….

  12. endtimeepochs on said:

    So back at the ranch……. Two primary trees. Both in contrast to one another.
    One tree was called life, the other was called knowledge of good and evil.

    Both migrated out.One devolved to become a culture who built a tower called babel. It was torn down and it’s dwellers were disbursed.

    The tree to get the “ax” is known as the one of the knowledge of good and evil.

    Scoping out from here using the history of what we all should know as the history of the “Church” “Christinity” & the “bible” along with what is called christianization of the world which btw used ” sealed bibles per daniel 12:4 is it not conceivable to give credence to the tree being somehat larger than just the USA…..given the fact we arefruitof the root.

    The Holy Spirit will shed the necessary light for those to see who have eyes and ears to see.

  13. sandra on said:

    Would such an important verse as Daniel 4 only concern USA? I don’t think the Bible would refer to the USA as USA, is the USA in the Bible anyway? Hm.

    It is a power.

    Or do you mean the vision.

    Otherwise I would also assume something global
    And a tree has many roots and leaves.

    Bronse and iron are a Greek and Roman power I thought.

    • I used the verses from Daniel as a reference point for my vision. There is a possibility that the vision could be indicative of the global church but this is not the sense that i got in the vision.

  14. sandra on said:

    Ok, clear, I understand.

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