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Dreams and Visions

Eyes of the Eagle

I posted a dream I had about seeing  an Eagle perched in a tree at eye level with a scroll in his mouth which I took from him. The fact that he was at eye level is indicative, I believe, that the eagle and I saw eye to eye.

With that said,

I have had a vision for at least the past 3 days of an Eagle flying very high up to or over mountain tops. What is odd about this vision is that normally an Eagle flying at this height would appear very small to one standing on the ground because of the height that the eagle was flying at. However, I was able to see the actual size of the Eagle which , I believe, tells me that I was right beside him as he flew. I also remember this Eagle would come and perch on my arm and drop little scrolls off into my hand.

That is the end of the vision. If I get anything else I’ll post it.

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6 thoughts on “Eyes of the Eagle

  1. Advanced Research Technology on said:

    Revelation 10:8-11

  2. eagles, faces, eyes, wheels, God is speaking through a many membered group of sons…

  3. I forgot to mention lamps. so much from different ones about lamps.

  4. The ‘Eagle’ is Jesus as represented in one of the four faces of Ezekiel’s vision of the pre-incarnate Christ. Seeing ‘eye to eye’ means to be in complete agreement with Him. The impartation of the scrolls is His “now” word He is giving to you and will continue to give to you.

    Seeing the eagle high in the sky but still being able to clearly distinguish his physical size is, I believe, a two-fold meaning. Firstly, being able to see the eagle as if distance was not a factor is a picture of clear prophetic vision. Secondly, we are promised that when we ‘see’ Jesus, we will be just ‘like’ Him.

    A servant cannot be greater than his master but can be ‘as’ his master. Most usually interpret that portion of scripture about ‘seeing’ Jesus and becoming just like Him as happening once our physical bodies are dead and we are risen with Him but this is not necessarily true. Just as we start our journey in Christ as new born babes seeing through a glass darkly and having mustard seed size faith, we are to grow up into Him and in this growing up into Him, we grow in our understanding and knowledge of Him. Thus, we grow to ‘see’ Him more and more clearly for as when come into agreement with Him, 1 John 1:7 works to sanctify us in our faith.

    We already are fully justified through His righteousness and nothing more can we add to His righteousness in us but we ARE to grow in our faith and as we grow in the knowledge and understanding of Him, so does our faith grow in maturity. The more we grow in Him, our faith which started as a tiny mustard seed, grows into a large tree, just as Jesus said. The more we grow in faith, the more we are able to ‘see’ Him and the sharper our ‘vision’ gets to where we can then begin to ‘see’ Him AS HE IS. In your vision, you saw the eagle, far above in the heavens, not as a tiny speck but saw that eagle as clearly as you would have had you been where he was. I believe the Lord is showing you that you are nearer to ‘seeing Him as He is’ than you supposed.

    Having the vision and then the dream is God giving you His directive through the ‘testimony’ of two or three witnesses. And in this case, 2 separate witnesses. You are being called to see as He sees, hear as He hears and speak all those words He gives to you to speak. Your calling and election is sure and the time of your prophesying His word to this world is but beginning. Just as the ‘eagle’ is far above all powers that can ‘bring him down’, so are you as we are ‘seated with Him in heavenly places’. He is wanting to ‘elevate’ your perspectives to match His own.

    In Ezekiel chapter 10, another vision was seen, similar to the one in chapter one but with notable greater detail for one of the faces was no longer an ox but a cherub. This new vision is still of Christ but in his ‘glorified’ form. No longer the servant (ox) but now ruling in the power of His Father. Also, take a look at verse 12, especially about the ‘eyes’:

    Ezekiel 10:12 NKJV And their whole body, with their back, their hands, their wings, and the wheels that the four had, were FULL OF EYES all around.

    This ‘full of eyes’ which were on the ‘whole body’ with the ‘back’, ‘hands’, ‘wings’ and ‘wheels’ speaks of total and complete ‘revelation’. Nothing is ‘secret’ any more but all truth is revealed. Since the redeemed of the Lord IS the Body of Christ on earth, our ‘whole body’, including our ‘back’ (the adversary will not be able to ‘sneak up’ on us or take us unawares), our ‘hands’ (all that we do in obedience to the Spirit of the Lord), our ‘wings’ (the faith that enables us to run and not be weary because we choose to ‘wait on the Lord’ rather than walk without His guidance and instruction) and the ‘wheel’ (the Holy Spirit working within us and to be with us forever).

    Eagles are known to have the sharpest vision of all creatures on the earth and it is this ‘sharpness’ of vision regarding the prophetic coupled with being of ‘the royal blood’ of Christ that we are to rule and reign with Him, that I believe that God is speaking in that vision and in that dream to bring you higher where He is, to rule and reign with Him NOW and not just reserved for when He returns with glory and power.

    Get ready my friend. You are about to embark on the journey He has been preparing IN you to accomplish!

    • He has said that I will be shown things that few will see.

      • I had a friend years ago that shared her dream when I shared what the Spirit of the Lord had shown me. I was shown I was an eagle but with my own face. This friend saw me in her dream as well as others and all of us were eagles, each with the face of humans.

        You are not alone my friend. God has chosen a number of His faithful children to ride high with others and He will be giving to each of us that part of His work He has uniquely prepared in us. This also means that what we will be given, few have ever allowed His work in them to bring them to this place of ‘trust’ and ‘faithfulness’. With each ‘test’ that is overcome, we are brought to a higher place of relationship with Him and with this, a greater understanding of His ways and that truth He ‘entrusts’ to us. It is all given by ‘measure’ in much the same way in which some are given a different measure of ‘faith’. What will we do with what was given to us? Will we bury it or will we grow in it and bring back a greater return on our Master’s investment in us? If we are faithful in little, more will be given. If we remain faithful in much, much more is given.

        Some have judged me in my past because of the revelations of truth given to me. I never exalted in myself but with each time I was given more revelation, I was brought even ‘lower’ in humility and gratefulness. Some have even told me that we are never to reach this place of being ‘perfect’ as Jesus commanded us but it is because they did not understand what Jesus calls being ‘perfect’. God calls it “wholeheartedness”. Another word for this is to be ‘pure in heart’. Our knowledge will not reach perfection. Our performance many not reach perfection and most certainly our bodies will not be perfected until they are redeemed as His second coming. However, we CAN have a heart that remains ‘pure’ or ‘perfect’ towards Him and the word perfect also means ‘mature’ or ‘maturity’. Jesus is the ‘Author’ and ‘Perfecter’ of our FAITH. This means that our faith is to grow into completion which Paul speaks as his ‘target’ to reach the ‘mark of the high calling of God in Christ’ so that we can be AS Jesus is. We do not bring our assessment whether we have reached this ‘mark’ but as Paul stated, we leave everything behind us and continue to reach for that MARK. This is a our goal, to be LIKE the Master as we cannot be better than our Master.

        Many ‘secrets’ He has revealed to me. Many of those are included in the messages He has given me as posted on my site. Others are given even further revelation and application. We are called to share what He has given to us and make it plain for all who has ears to hear. Those who do not have ears to hear, will not be able to understand. Only those who are faithful in all His house are given to know what is to come and what is the will of the Lord.

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