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Dreams and Visions

Do Not Quench The Holy Spirit

The title of this post comes from 1 Thess. 5:19 where it states not to quench the Holy Spirit.

The word quench is the Greek word σβέννυμι sbénnumi; it’s definition is as follows:

Figuratively to dampen, hinder, repress, as in preventing the Holy Spirit from exerting His full influence, with the acc.

With that said, let me describe a vision of what I saw today. In the vision I saw pastors and or leaders in a circle each having buckets in their hands. They were standing in a circle around a campfire.  Each pastor in the vision would take his bucket and subsequently dump it on the campfire in order to douse the firr. The fire did not die easily, however, as each person repeatedly dumped water on the fire it began to dwindle until only a glowing ember remained. It was then that I saw an individual running at full speed break through the circle and grab the ember and run with it. As you might have guess running with the ember caused it to be exposed to the wind which made it glow brighter and brighter until it was ablaze once again.
The person snatching the ember did so with a violent force. He was not polite, in other words, asking for it. He took it and ran.

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26 thoughts on “Do Not Quench The Holy Spirit

  1. This is how I see the Spirit of the Lord coming to His church that remains on fire. Though their fire is not as bright or as strong as it once was, He comes to ‘snatch’ them away from the ‘watering down’ of the gospel and restores their fire to their former brightness and fervency.

    This great anointing coming will do just that. That ‘dying ember’ are those who are the sold out ones but the devil seeks to ‘wear them out’ by using the church’s lack of fire and desire for even further lack of transparency, to wear them out. But God hears their cries and rescues them with a jealousy not known for generations.

    He doesn’t ask for the permission of those pastors who are actively at work ‘quenching the fire’ of those who are sold out by not letting their fire burn brightly but seek to put their fire out because it casts them in the wrong kind of light they do not wish to be seen in.

    I had a dream/vision in late ’76 or early ’77 where I was included in an army of believers who were engaged in battle with the enemy. Eventually, the enemy changed strategies and left most of us for dead (burning embers instead of a hot and bright fire). We were all led by the Spirit a great open and enclosed area where we all recounted our journey to that point and all re-committed in our resolution to fight to the death if necessary. Everyone dispersed to return to that area they were left for dead by the enemy and this time, when this enemy, with their new strategy at work, fell before us. The reason for the change? With our last strength, we lifted our ‘sword’ and then the ‘sword’ took a life of its own and moved in a skill beyond us to defeat the enemy. Here is the link to the full dream/vision:

  2. Oh Tony! there are those of us tonight, a company of us tonight, that are running! grabbing the glowing ember that remains! and running at full speed with it! loving not our lives even unto the death! not allowing the fire of the Holy Spirit to be quenched in this hour! tonight! the ember is exposed to the wind of the Holy Ghost tonight! it is glowing brighter and brighter! it is blazing once again in this hour! the Kingdom of God suffereth violence. and the violent take it by force! we take it! no apologies! thank you Tony for your faithfulness! thank you for your watchfulness! thank you for your diligence! tonight is a certain night! the night that we pass through the deep waters. the night the Lord is with us through the waters! they will not over flow us! we are coming out on the other side! a new day! a new day! ~Sophereth

    • It is something that you mentioned the kingdom of God suffering violence as the person who broke into the circle of pastors and other church leaders to grab the glowing ember in my vision did so with violence.

  3. tony. it is about 11:30 here tonight. did you get my comment? it seems to be lost. I will wait.

  4. I will post it again. I will not be denied. Tony! there are a company of us running tonight! we will not be denied! we are running at full speed! grabbing the ember that remains! the ember is exposed to the wind of the Holy Ghost tonight! it is ablaze once again! the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force! tonight, the 7th night of Passover, they crossed over on dry land. the waters did not overflow them! He is with us through the waters, tonight! they shall not overflow us! tonight! thank you for your faithfulness! thank you for your watchfulness! thank you for your diligence! tonight we come through!

  5. what is up with you guys? tonight, the 7th night of unleavened bread, is the night that they went through the waters. the waters did not overflow them, God was with them. God saw them through. the Lord is seeing us through the waters tonight. the flood shall not overflow us. we are running with the ember. the wind of the Holy Ghost is blowing. the ember is getting brighter and brighter, as the light of the world is getting dimmer and dimmer. we are heading for the promise land!

  6. Advanced Research Technology on said:

    The runner… Ezekiel 10:6-7.

  7. sandra on said:

    I always think a lot, so it can happen that I return to an ‘old’ topic.

    Today I remembered a dream from a couple of years ago

    There was this church building which was ‘ours’ (the churche we belonged to, once)

    There was outside a small gathering of our pastor, an orthodox priest (looking shabby with afrolike hair, a t-shirt and jeans) and some people from which I knew (in my dream) that they were seventh day adventist: this was to unite.

    It was a beautiful summerday. Outside the church there were marketstands full of fruits and vegetables. I was the only one standing there, to smell it. It smelled nice.

    In quietness I turned to see the ‘scene’ around the church: everyone was running and working. I was so surprised, no one looked at the fruits/vegetables.
    I felt lonely.

    Up to today I always thought that the meaning of this dream was: It SEEMED that the fruits smelled nice, while they were in fact not smelling nice.

    But today I thought: no, I interpreted that wrong.
    The fruits and vegetables DID smell nice.
    Only nobody took the effort to smell them.

    Is that not greeving the Holy Spirit?

    • Mar 3:13 — Mar 3:14
      The Twelve Apostles
      And he went up on the mountain and called to him those whom he desired, and they came to him. And he appointed twelve (whom he also named apostles) so that they might be with him and he might send them out to preach

      Note that Jesus first called the 12 that they might “be with Him” and then go out to preach. So I would say that it grieves the Lord when we don’t spend time with Him and make Him a priority.

  8. Wow, what a dream! This is exactly what the pastors and elders and church people have been doing since the beginning of my call which is about 9 years now! I thought at first that all Christians have such a powerful Holy Spirit supernatural leading but how wrong I was! I realized quickly, that while I was totally on fire for God and searching Him with all my heart, the church people were just coming on Sunday to sit and listen for ever and nothing else. I know the bible is of utter importance and that’s why I keep going to the bible teaching old fashioned church but so often this makes me just falling asleep and the fire is going out. What a shame!

    Recently, I met a new pastor hoping that he would be different but what a mistake, I have never expected a first time pastor, seeming to be in love with God but rejecting everything I have been taught by the Holy Spirit from the bible! Including the fact that Jesus is coming back soon. What a shock to learnt that the pastor does not know nothing what is going on in the world, not to mention any kind of knowledge about deliverance, people being tormented with depression and other mental problems, never mentioning fasting, oh my! This dream is exactly what is going on in churches, the Holy Ghost puts people of God on fire for Jesus and teaches them all things from the bible by His amazing anointing and leading, but churches,pastors and leaders shut us up! Just be nice, be quiet, you are nobody, it is them that take decisions and lead the church… May God have mercy on those pastors as they destroy what God is building, what a shame. They do not pray for healing as said in the bible, do not cast out demons while Christians are in chains of demonic tormentors, locked in dark houses alone, do not do street preaching, do not have all nights prayer meetings, never proclaim fasting, never even mention it, never call praise meetings that can go for hours and so on. If any pastor will ever read it, please wake up as you are responsible for quenching the fire of the Holy Spirit in people of God, do not do it!

    • Powerful word Juliet!

    • Juliet the fire has gone out of most churches long ago. Programs have replaced prayers, agonizerz have been replaced by organizers. People go to church to be entertained instead of gathering to lift the name of Jesus up. You have a fire in you. Keep on fanning the flame that burns within you.

      • Thank you Tony. That’s right, I could write a tone of criticism of how strangely churches act and how far it is from the first Christians and apostles.

        But I would like to mention one dream, I do not get many dreams from the Lord, had just a few but in one of them I saw a horse with great power and passion, very strong and bursting with energy, trying to gallop in a tiny flat, he had to stop every few seconds because of corners and very narrow door openings, like a lion in a cage, he could not break free and use all that power he had. Every few moments he had to stop running suddenly to avoid being crushed against the door or a wall. I woke up from that dream and was bewildered as I had never dreamed about horses but later on I though this was exactly how I felt, with that great, amazing fire in me for the Lord which seemed to be just rejected and never understood by my brothers and sisters from the church. I had to keep it for myself. It is very painful, it is painful enough when most people reject the message of salvation and the need for the Savior, but even worse when people of God have no passion and fire for Jesus. And, yes, many of them just come to be entertained or because they are used to coming. After a long time of suffering like this, you just become one of them, a church goer who sleeps in the pew. My goodness! I thank God for leading me to best preachers online when I got saved, and I just still hope and believe that this fire in me will be very bright and greatly used one day, for the glory of God and for the sake of the people who will need it. I think this is a very vivid dream here by Dumitru Duduman, the Romanian pastor, very powerful dream, but it speaks volumes about the weak and sleeping Christians and the ones with fire in them. I love this message because the first lesson from the Holy Spirit when I was under heavy attack of the black army of the devil, was to use praise as a weapon, to praise God with singing and psalms which gave me victory. What a great God we serve! How amazing to be privileged to be called by the Creator of all things and to be redeemed by His Holy, perfect Son. THE BLACK ARMY

      • Juliet do you live on Europe?

      • Yes 🙂

      • Poland?

      • No, why are you asking?

      • Went to your blog and the language in the translator said it was Polish

      • I was just wondering.

      • Yes, but I do not live in Poland. I am just reading all your dreams, found your blog yesterday only.

      • I hope you are blessed by what you read

      • Yes, I am, praise God for all things He is doing in secret, and nobody can stop the work of God Almighty.

      • Feel free to comment on what you read.

  9. Reblogged this on Jesus Christ Delivers and commented:
    A very important warning for pastors and church elders.

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