My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions


For those of you that read this blog and don’t know what chrislam is I will define it for you. It is a blending of Christianity and Islam. There are many pastors who’ve bought into this. One can look at a website created for this called a common word . Many have signed this document.

Now to a dream I had last night. In the dream I saw a huge protest going on. The protesters were all black.  Apparently the pope had died and they were protesting that there was no black pope . That in and of itself would be neither good nor bad. However, it’s what they were chanting that is the reason for the posting of the dream. They were chanting the word, “chrislam”, over and over. I remember being in a place where I could observe this and I remember some of the crowd trying to force their way in but I was able to push them out and shut the door.
This dream would have to speak of a future time as there is a current pope. The scary thing is that this figure controls the minds and hearts of millions. This individual could very well introduce chrislam into the church by decree thus making it official.

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9 thoughts on “Chrislam

  1. Tony maybe you’re unaware of the present pope is regarded as the prophesied ‘Petrus Romanus’? As a quick response and if you have time try my ‘story’

  2. little book on said:

    Chrislam originated in Abraham’s tent… The Isaac and Ishmael split. Both receive blessings….. Isaac stays and Ishmael goes. You know the story. Both are multiplied and are responsible founding empires which evolve in to nations.
    Isaac and his respecive nations uses the current bible( one which became the foundation to become what the UN has dubbed ‘ The Doctrines of Discovery” which millions of Indians or natives rallied the UN to recognizethe atrocities which were meted out against them through those nations either using a Catholic or Protestant based bible.
    This entire age of founding of nations via the Isaac based gospel created an alliance of twelve core nations. Simultaneously another alliance of nations was developing….. Ishmaels nations.
    Both have become powerful in their own ways. Both have progressed or digressed due to one common element which both share.
    This common element lies in the fact that both were destined to collide with each other and that both have come about as the result of Yahvah directing Daniel to seal the words and the book( See Daniel12:4). Hiding this ancient text and history has been another facet of Yah’swisdom.
    The word church( which was mis translated from originally ekklesia or called out) is only used the initial chapters of Revelation. Church gets transformed in to sons which is aligned back to Yah’s original prototype as evidencedwith Adam& Jesus and almost the tribes at Sinai with Moses except they refused to come in to the presence and were given rules instead of sonship. These rules have become what we know today as church.

  3. sandra on said:

    Chrislam will not happen, at this point, where fundamentalism is ‘ruling’; impossible, ’cause their god is the only god, and fundamentists will never accept this, it is blasfemie in their eyes, and the whole idea will trigger more terrorism and hate. This can not happen until fundamentalism and terrorism are out of the way. Then this so called peaceful construction can appear, but not before that. There is still something in the way, and no I don’t mean the Holy Spirit, ofcourse. That is why I think terrorism and the problems that have appeared are of a short time, not lasting. Because it is an obstacle for a one world religion.

    • It is already happening here in America Sandra. This may not be the case in the Middle East but it is here. If you click on the link, a common word, you will see .

  4. sandra on said:

    Bizar, is it not.

    In Europe there have been severe attacks, it is at this point a different situation, Terrorism is here and it is real. Fundamentalists (more like: the fundamentalistic hateful plebs) will never accept mixing with the ‘pigs’. It is an obstacle for chrislam. When chrislam is the purpose, those who desire it will certainly have been thinking of a plan to remove the obstacle first. This is first to be done, before the ‘peacefull construction’ can come, is my thought. As it seems now, the road for chrislam is not ready yet, just for submission by terror. If that is over the road for chrislam is open here too. We see politicians making kneefall after kneefall for islam (submission, no union). Merkel made a huge kneefall for erdogan, at the cost of her own people and the freedom of speech, a bizar action of her. After Charlie Hebdo, everyone got emotional because the freedom of speech is in joeperdy. And what does she do? She jeopardizes it, because erdogan demands it, at the cost of freedom of speech and of her own people.

    It is getting more bizar every day.

  5. sandra on said:

    Here it is an cooking-kettle, a ‘hotbed’ (I found that word with google translate, hope it covers it). Lot of things going on. In the USA I have the feeling it is all more covered? That is the same dangerous, it seems moderate, but in the meanwhile……

    I would not mind, I would like to check the states out, seem nice, friendly and open people there, but relocating is not an easy thing to do.

    Maybe we can all buy an island together, and be there. Making our fire, singing, hunting for fish etc.

    I would say YES!

  6. sandra on said:

    (I will even neglect the spiders for that purpose, its it for a good goal)

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