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Waiting to Go


This is a Woody from the 1950’s. I saw?a vision of this vehicle with a family inside and luggage on the roof. From an outward observation one would assume that they were going on a trip or perhaps a vacation. In any event they were leaving their current place and heading elsewhere.  Upon examination of the interior of the car, however,  I saw that it was in park. It wasn’t going anywhere it was just waiting.  I do not recall as to whether or not the engine was running. If it was then that most definitely would be a waste of resources.

What comes to mind here is the church. Waiting to get out  of here, i.e., the rapture.  Sitting huddled up and not going anywhere. I am not sure why the Woody stationwagon from the 1950’s was in the vision that I saw. It could be, although I am not sure, that there was a shift in focus from that of outreach to one of a self preservation.

If anyone has any other thought please feel free to add them.


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24 thoughts on “Waiting to Go

  1. Jesus died on the cross so Woody makes sense. Having them inside the car hopefully indicates they are sheltered by Eagles Wings (think Psalm 91 & Isaiah 40:31).

    You mentioned Woody was in “P” position. My feeling is they are waiting for direct them and remaining focused on him and his timing. Whether or not the car was running might indicate whether their lamps are filled and ready or not. Could also indicate urgency in time.

  2. The hood being opened displays that while we wait for his Glorious Appearing, we still need to be doing his work and He will continue to work on us

  3. Tony, my mother had a dream, I think the year was 1950. I posted the dream on my blog on February 5, 2016. NEW GROUND. in the dream, she, and a few others, were clearing off ‘new ground’. over to one side, she saw a large dung heap. over the dung heap, she saw a large sign. the sign said: Pentecostal Church. then over across from that, she saw a NEW little white building. she went and opened the door. flames of fire were coming up out of the floor. I am taking this dream quite personally, I know, but my mother spent the rest of her life, and died, WAITING for this time. there are some of us that have been WAITING almost all of our lives for this endtime MOVE of God. I have WAITED since I was three years old! we have been made READY for it. we have been PREPARED for it. we are all FUELED up. we are all PACKED up. the ‘ENGINE’ of this endtime MOVE of the Spirit has been on, and WAITING, ‘IDLING’, so to speak, for all of these years now. since 1950! the station wagon itself, speaks to me of family. the family of God is READY! PREPARED! we have packed our bags. all of our earthly belongings. we are ready to leave this current place in the Spirit, where we have been for so long, and we’re HEADING ELSEWHERE! in God! we used to sing a song back then: THE MOVE IS ON! MY LORD, THE MOVE IS ON! THE MOVE IS ON! MY LORD, THE MOVE IS ON! I CAN HEAR THE RUSTLING OF THE MULBERRY TREES! AND I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW! THE MOVE IS ON! MOVE ON BROTHER! MOVE ON SISTER! THIS IS THE MOVING DAY! MOVE A LITTLE CLOSER! TO THAT PLACE OF GLORY! MOVE ON BROTHER, MOVE ON! I cannot praise the Lord enough this morning for this confirmation. I am amazed, and astonished, and astounded at His goodness. ~Sophereth

  4. the dung heap and the sign over it showed that, that move of God, back then had, or was going to, turn to flesh. that is what has happened. as a move of God, the Pentecostal church has turned to flesh. we must MOVE on from that, to what God has for us now. ~Sophereth

  5. “Clothed in flesh”. This was my first thought when I looked at ‘Woody’. Wood, hay and stubble represent the flesh and the ‘vehicle’ represents ‘faith’ as this is what ‘carries’ us to our destination.

    This ‘could’ be a picture similar to the first ‘passover’ where the families were instructed to be fully dressed and ready to go after the angel of judgment passed over their doors marked with the blood of an innocent lamb. But the ‘wood’ draped all over the vehicle does not speak of this.

    Since we came to Christ through faith in Him and repented of our sin and received His forgiveness and been baptized in the Holy Spirit to empower us to fulfill Jesus’ commandment to go out to the world, preach the gospel, baptizing in His Name and making disciples, like this family in that car, we are ready to go do what He commanded. But the car has never moved but remains in park.

    This could have a number of reasons but with none of them sufficient to justify that our vehicle of faith has still not moved. Being clothed still in the flesh and not putting off the flesh is the biggest hindrance towards our growth to maturity. To remove the outward (flesh), we are to walk according to the Spirit and then, through obedience to the Holy Spirit, we put to death the deeds of the flesh. This ‘clothing’ of the flesh would be removed.

    If we are to obey Jesus command for the great commission, it not just requires us to be prepared to go but requires us TO GO. Many ‘parked’ where they were because they just wanted to ‘bask’ in the ‘glory’ but because they did not move out from where they were, nothing changed. Their ‘faith’ vehicle was still clad in ‘wood’ (the flesh).

    Because the church has not obeyed the Spirit of the Lord, they were unable to move from their old position. As long as we are still clothed in the flesh, to think according to the flesh, to act according to the flesh, we can never fulfill that command of Christ regarding the great commission. All this is about to change. It is time for the church to turn on their engine of obedience and move away from what has been their ‘comfort zone’ and go into the unknown and let God guide them through His Spirit.

    After reading sophereth8’s reply, I almost did not want to give what I understood. However, I kept getting the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share what I saw and understood. Not to take away from sophereth8’s comments. It was his followup comment that confirmed I was to share these thoughts.

  6. Advanced Research Technology on said:

    The 1950’s were a time of great spiritual change, not only on the societal scene, but also in the church and the way God was worshipped. Evangelicalism rose during the ’50s, as far as I can recall, and worshippers were encouraged to join in one great big body of faith. The World Council of Churches also became very active after WWII and ecumenicalism took center stage under this movement.
    It’s funny how people doing things for God, rather than tuning in to God, reaps very little results. It is as if the churches wanted to say, “Look, were all here in one great big bunch waiting for you.” It’s as if God replied, “Meh. I have no need of this.”
    So, we’re still waiting and showing off the numbers as Yahweh waits for the heart.

  7. Tony, I have had an awful time today, but God brought me through, with help from a new, old dear soul standing with me today. as I said before, I took this dream so personally, for many reasons. for me, again, on a personal level, I have to go on. I have had, at different times of my life, a breaker anointing. this is one of those times. I am packed up and ready to go. the engine is running, resources being wasted on those that will not. God is requiring me to go on. I have been waiting and waiting for ‘them’ to come out and come with me. weeping over them another time. crying to them another time. reaching out for them another time. explaining to them another time why they must come out. I am going on to Tabernacles. I cannot stay back at Pentecost. it has turned to flesh. I have decided to follow Jesus. no turning back. I am ‘popping the clutch’, so to speak, and going on ahead. today. (I always appreciate Jerry’s comments. such a fatherly spirit. such Love within him.) ~Sophereth

    • It is always a blessing when the Lord sends someone to stand with us in our time of need. Hope you’re doing better.

      • the Spirit of the Lord pulled me through, but I was so thankful for the blessing of someone to stand with me. I know myself, and I know left to my own devices (my flesh), I would have stayed in that place too long. I am thankful for the correction from your vision, and from my new friend. thank you for your comment, Tony.

      • You’re welcome

  8. little book on said:

    Within the context of an area of ministry known as generational deliverence can the car be symbolic of your family( past generation) and potemtially the timely symbols which ART shared about this era than be representative of a former family framed around the primary theme of the dream?

    For instance a majority of dreams which include cars often times represent
    a ministry.

  9. little book on said:

    One of the main elements of the vision necessary to be able to go is that the car was oocupied,packed but parked absent the engine running.It is a worthy endeavor to camp on scriptures pertaing to the repeated promises of the power of the Holy Spirit and how many times it was discussed by the master to the disciples as well asthrough out the NT.
    Against this backdrop the passage Rev 10:8-11 and the words “GO AGAIN”
    come up.

  10. jacqui on said:

    Next to a house the no. 1 idol is a car and although it appeared to be waiting and parked it, the church is going nowhere until ‘They pick up their mat and WALK’. When the LORD brought me down to Cornwall from the city up north in England. I had everything packed in my car to go and what I couldn’t get it was given away. As soon as I found somewhere to live because I came not knowing where I was going but the LORD led it all the way then the car was sold for scrap. I couldn’t afford to run it anyhow. The point is the greatest work for the LORD has been on foot walking. I know this is not possible for everyone especially those with great disabilities, but I have known God to heal my back when I had to get somewhere. I could not have done this without the LORD. I do believe Tony this represents America and has been stuck since the 1950’s. Also what came to mind was Brother Andrew who founded ‘Open Doors’. He was given an old Beetle car and went behind the iron curtain. God told him to go and he went and now they serve persecuted Christians globally. All we have to say to God is ‘Here I am’ and believe me He will send you to people, places, institutions, churches. Times of refreshing yes, but God will always be with those who obey what He has commanded. America has imprisoned even family and children with their idols. Thanks for sharing this Tony, a very grave warning I believe to getting rid of your idols before it is too late. I’ve learned if you don’t get rid of them then God will take them by force so it is much better to release all to God. As of late the words from the LORD is ‘It’s all about the flesh’.

    • You have quite the testimony Jacqui. I know it blesses not only me but many who read this blog. Again, thank you for posting to my blog. I always appreciate it

  11. little book on said: we trained here.they are a frontrunner in generational discenment/ deliverence

  12. Hey Tony, your dream interests me, as I recently had a dream with a 50’s theme. I am not a child of the fifties, I was born in the 1960’s, and the dream has been puzzling me for the last two weeks. Reading your dream helped me crack mine! I’m not saying they’re necessarily the same – although they might be.

    My dream was short but powerful.
    I was picked up, as if by Spirit, flown through the air, and put down at what seemed to be some kind of dance hall or music venue. It felt as if I was being shown something.
    This place was called the arena; I actually heard that word, arena. I associate this word with the Colosseum in ancient Rome; a place where contests or fights take place, and, of course, where Christians were prey! (This says to me that although people think they’re here to have fun, in fact a battle is going on for their souls).
    I wandered around, watching and listening to people, wondering why I was here. I noticed something strange. All the people were wearing 1950’s clothing! They were modern, I hadn’t gone back in time; but everyone there was dressed fifties-style, as if it were normal. This was very creepy, the fact that they didn’t notice.

    In this place were several fairground rides. They were being operated by staff, people who looked sinister, with hard, cold eyes, and who were wearing black I noticed that they observed the people there as if they were cattle.

    One of them put some music on over the sound system. He saw me watching, and stared at me thoughtfully. He said: ‘1950’s, be-bop. I hope you don’t mind?’
    I did mind, and walked away. Then I woke up.

    The 50’s part puzzled me. But after reading your post, suddenly I got it.
    The fifties were a time of *complete materialism*. People didn’t want drama, they didn’t want to think about death or the soul. They just wanted to live their lives comfortably, the ideal was a good job, a nice car, house in the suburbs with all mod. cons, 2.5 children, church on Sundays from convention. No fire in the heart, just survivalism.

    I feel that is where people are at now. ‘Team Dark’ are calling the tune, and people just go along with it, not even noticing how materialistic they’ve become.
    But then they’re not going anywhere! They stagnate spiritually, they aren’t moving forward. In your dream, that 50’s car didn’t go forward! The luggage on top could be their attachment to material possessions, ‘things’ loading them down. But you can’t take it with you. The materialists are stalled on their spiritual journey. Put another way, they don’t reach the kingdom of Heaven. I think the dream is showing how grave that problem is now.


  13. Exactly! You could have seen any car in that vision, so why was it that one?
    There’s another interesting idea. A stem that has become ‘woody’ isn’t green and supple, it’s become hard and lignified.

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