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Dreams and Visions

Sunday Morning Entertainment

I had a dream where I was back in a church in Tucson. I do not attend this church or any traditional building called church as this is not where the Lord has called me. Back to the dream. In the dream I was in this church and my wife and I were seated upfront so that we had a very good vantage point from which to see. Whether or not it was known that my wife and I were present was not disclosed. What I saw was people dressed in theater garb. I saw some jump up on stage and say, “let’s create an event “, . I am not sure of the meaning of the previous phrase but include it here as that is what I heard said.

Not once while there did I hear Jesus, or the Cross, or any reference to God mentioned.

What I  know about theatre is that people go to be entertained.  The people on the stage are pretending to be someone they’re not.The main goal of the stage performers is to entertain so that people will come back and hopefully bring others to see the performance.

I am sure that this dream is true of many church buildings where people gather. I’ve seen signs here in Tucson touting how cool a particular church is.

Jesus said, “John 12:32
And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.”

When Jesus is not welcomed nor His Lordship acknowledged it becomes man’s church and not that of the Lord Jesus Christ. So the church with the best entertainment, the best programs, and the best feel good,ear-tickling message along with a celebrity preacher has the most people. People have their identity associated with such.

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Entertainment

  1. This dream reminds of the one God gave me back in the mid ’80s. Holy Spirit led me to this particular church where the interior was set in a theatre type setting with the congregation sitting in a semi-circular setting with each row higher than the one in front of it, much like stadium seating. Between the seating and the stage area, there was a large square depression that I could not see the depth of it. The placed filled up and I was sitting about 2/3 up, a great vantage point. The music was upbeat and seemed inspired with everything singing loudly but I never felt the Spirit of the Lord. Then the message was given speaking about something that would occur at the end of the meeting but again, no presence of the Spirit of God.

    The end of the meeting came and the music started and everyone were encouraged strongly to openly rejoice with jumping and shouts of joy…no presence of God again. Then, from the rafters above, there was being lowered a perfect large cube like structure. The leaders were telling the people to rejoice over the ‘revelation of the New Jerusalem’. They all did as they were coached but once again, I could not help but notice that the Spirit of God was noticeably absent but yet, they never noticed this. Then this cube shaped object filled that void between the stage and the seating and everyone was urged to dance and shout on top of this now filled in gap as they left the sanctuary. There was more to the dream but this is the part that seemed very similar.

    After having this dream, I knew it was from God but I did not want to know its interpretation. I resisted the Lord for one week before I finally gave in to Him and asked Him what it meant. Instantly He showed me that this was the church I was presently attending. Much preaching and encouragement was being given for all to demonstrably rejoice over the revelation of the Kingdom of God as represented by the New Jerusalem but no one, not even the leadership, were being moved by the Spirit of God. All they did, was to try to accomplish in the flesh what God desired by His Spirit.

    It took this dream for God to show me that not every church group that names His Name are doing so according to HIS directions in obedience to His Spirit. Such a sadness overwhelmed me at this revelation and I could not help but intercede for the leaders and the people. In my personal experience, I have always known the presence of the Lord in my life and we were always in communication with each other and it was inconceivable to me, at that time, to know that what I enjoyed in fellowship with the Spirit, was not so for many in the church.

    That part I did not share which came after the ‘theatrical performance’ is that part which God showed me the ‘who’ I was to speak to and the ‘what’ I was to speak. I did as He commanded me and was not surprised that what He gave me to speak to that leader fell on deaf ears and immediately after this encounter, that same leader chose to never allow anyone to approach him directly with a prophetic word. By ‘insulating’ himself, he effectively ‘cut-off’ the influence of the Holy Spirit in his life, according to what the Holy Spirit showed me. Such greatness God had in store for this leader but to him, he had already accomplished what he thought was God’s purpose in his life to that point. Such grief I felt because of the nature of that which God told me to tell this man but yet, he refused to allow me to speak all of it, so he never got to hear the most powerful part of God’s word to him.

    I have since been shown many times the condition of the church at large and although God reserves for Himself a remnant, the vast majority of those who call themselves by His Name, do not know Him nor have their ever come into fellowship with Him. As a result, God has raised up many prophetic voices to warn the church of God’s impending judgment as He will judge the church and then the rest of the world. But judgment MUST start in the house of God for it is those who have muddied His Name that He promises to correct/chastise for His Name sake and set His Name in order in their sight as well as in the sight of the rest of the world.

  2. So true Tony. It should make people stop and think when they are ushered into a building with a stage and podium, (pulpit), and with seats made for viewing, (not participation)…..and then expected to pay fees for the expense, (called tithing).

    • As long as there are lazy Christians who only crack a Bible on Sunday there will always be someone willing to read and offer his/her own interpretation for a price.

      • Guess that’s why the Lord Jesus called them hirelings……..if they were required to partake His cup, they would scatter like cockroaches.

  3. little book on said:

    “Filling in the gaps”

    Babylonian Church and it’s king Rising closer to it’s zenith?

    “Then, from the rafters above, there was being lowered a perfect large cube like structure. The leaders were telling the people to rejoice over the ‘revelation of the New Jerusalem’. They all did as they were coached but once again, I could not help but notice that the Spirit of God was noticeably absent but yet, they never noticed this.”

    “Then this cube shaped object filled that void between the stage and the seating and everyone was urged to dance and shout on top of this now filled in gap as they left the sanctuary. There was more to the dream but this is the part that seemed very similar.”

    These events along with what will be eventually taking place at the Temple Mount( New Jerusalem, not) are all vectors steering the world closer to the King of all Kings eminent return.

    Church without the lamp of the King of Kings(Yeshua) and the counsel of the Holy Spirit is again warned here again through these dreams to “come out of her”.

    All while the Kingdom of God is simultaneously being risen up…… all against the backdrop of the vacuum from the gap being filled “in the sanctuary”.

  4. On occasion I’ve been known to ask church-goers how an outside observer might know the difference between an audience watching a concert or movie and a congregation in a worship-service, for they are similar in appearance.

    You might relate to a song I wrote about the commercial entertainment atmosphere of modern churches, called “Just One King” at

    The song was inspired by a sermon that contrasted the king of this world, likened to Elvis, with our King, Yeshua. More about the story of how the song came to be in one of my blog posts at

  5. Such a good message! This is why I struggle with organized religion. Sometimes it becomes a show instead of a time to worship. This doesn’t sit well with me and I won’t be a part of a church that does this.

    • Actually the word church is a mistranslation of the Word ekklesia. Ekklesia means people called out for the purpose of deliberating, i.e. , everyone participates, no one man show. Whereas the word church means building

  6. sandra on said:

    Yes I had a visit of someone living close here, having a church (the biggest in town, with the best music and the best means and the best money). Invited us for a course (training or how you call it). Now it is as if I can read people’s minds sometimes and I told her I don’t feel for filosofing about God, cause too many people do that: just speak about Him (‘He means this, He is like that’ ) but do they know Him? And then the ‘monkey came out of the sleeve’ : she assumed (very shortsighted), since we don’t go to church (anymore) we need lessons about who Jesus is, we are not strong in faith. (I knew her intention by the first step she set in the house) I told her (and I pointed at my Bible): right here, in this house, every day, I know who Jesus is, do you? Going to church does not mean anything and does not give people the status ‘believer’. When she realized she did not have a foot on me, she began to say: but it is in the Bible that we need to go to church! Oof, a very weak argument, based on that one scripture, when gatherings were still good. (Now don’t get me wrong, there still are gatherings that are good. But is that perse when music is loud, with flashlights and smoke, and everything is so organised, and people dress up too much to show off a ‘succesful imago’ ) Jesus tought me not to look at people or to be impressed by their ‘position’. I dissed her calmly. I don’t think she will ever ask something like that again. Now they look at me in a strange way (we see eachother often cause we are actually neighboures), something has obviously changed, they perceive us (me) differently, I notice. I am the one who tells things right on, so in some eyes I must be a difficult wife for my husband and o, my poor husband, it is probably my fault that he does not go to church, I am stopping him. Maybe the are praying for him now, assuming (shortsighted) that he needs it. 🙂 O, I know these kind of folkes too well. My husband would never have said those things, I am more straightforward. So I catch more wind. But I don’t care.

    • Sandra, when the scripture from Hebrews is used about assembling together I ask where does it say in the Bible that they went to a building called church on Sunday morning, stare at the backs of people’s heads and finally listen to a lecture. Then I would refer them to the following passage form 1 Corinthians,

      (1Co 14:26) How is it then, brethren? Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification.

      This is Ekklesia. everyone participates and is not a one man show and Sunday morning Entertainment.

  7. sandra on said:

    Exactly Tony. It would be great if it would be like that. I do think however that God does His work also through a building or charlatan, I do believe that. for the sake of the righteous and who love Him, and those who truly want/seek Him.

    But being together with a tongue or a song (never heard an explanation to my great regret, and I cannot recall revelations given) like that can be painful too, when some always think they must lecture another with bibletexts, after the service and don’t stop anymore. (quite religious,and euforic in a strange way) In the evangelical charismatic church they speak of being free and they ‘condemn’ all the ‘wetticism’ but it is not much different. There is a competition too: who appears the most holy/religious.

    Now there is this: one wellknown pastor had made a big mistake. The first thing that happened is that we received messages on the phone ‘have you heard…??’ Like they enjoy it that he fell. They judge him and talk about it. How chistianlike is that (not). I’ve said immediately: stop, I don’t want to hear anything of it, this gossip is not coming in my house. Áre you sinless?

    I think/believe through the mistake of that man, the christians (in the whole country, it is a small country here, so every christian inhabitant gets the news) are tested about their hearts and behaviour. It can be that this man was good with God again short after his mistake, but all the christians are not good with God, because of his mistake (because they judge, gossip and spread the ‘news’) It is possible too, that they will be tested at the same issue and might fall.

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