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An Eagle and A Scroll

I had a dream Easter morning. What I know about eagles is that you don’t find them nesting in valleys but on mountain tops. So I am guessing that is where I could have been although I am not sure as I did not see that. In the dream I came upon an Eagle perched on a tree branch that was eye level he had a scroll in his mouth. I know that in the natural an Eagle wouldn’t perch in a tree at eye level with a scroll in his mouth.  I remember walking up to the eagle and taking the scroll out of his mouth. Again, not something that would happen in the natural. I took the scroll and saw that there was writing on it, both sides, if I remember correctly.  However,  I could not read it in the dream. I am assuming that the writing will be revealed and its meaning will be revealed in the Lord’s time.  I found it worthy of note that the 4th living being mentioned in Revelation had the face of an Eagle. Not sure whether or not this has any significance or not but it did come to mind as I was writing down the dream.


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35 thoughts on “An Eagle and A Scroll

  1. Very interesting. I believe the Lord will reveal the meaning as you pray. He has told me to ask Him when I needed or wanted the answer to something, and said He would reveal it one way or another, (not necessarily the same way every time). It seems He wants you to seek, ask and knock.

  2. What a cool vision to have on Resurrection Sunday.
    Thing is, with what I’ve read the Eagle represents as well as how “scroll” is described in NT, (considering the timing) it would seem unveiling of Judgment is very close at hand.
    Plz continue to share any additional clarity HS provides…

  3. In Ezekiel 1, he sees a vision and this living creature has 4 faces…An ox, a man, a lion and an eagle. Each face represents an aspect of Christ as revealed in the 4 gospels. The eagle, as I understand it, represents that aspect of Christ which maintains His perspective and view from the heavenlies, far above all power and principalities. We are ‘seated’ together with Him in heavenly places is not just something that is a ‘positional’ location but a place God wants us to remain always, with our thoughts always being directed and coming from God’s perspective.

    With this, comes the scroll which is written within and without. This represents complete revelation, not just towards our own heart and its motives but also the revelation give to us by the Spirit of God towards our earthly position. Like an eagle, we can have that heavenly ‘overview’ perspective that places everything in our lives into a perspective that shows the working of God in everything we do and all that occurs in our lives. Notice how that Jesus was never taken by surprise by anything that happened in His life as the Spirit of the Lord always revealed to Him all things. No trap by the religious leaders found Jesus unprepared but He was able to answer all with the wisdom from above which confounded their poor attempts at trapping Him.

    I believe that God is showing you that this is that place He is desiring to bring you as well as all those who look to Him for guidance, safety, perfect love, and assurance for it has always been the Father’s design from the beginning to bring us to the ‘elevated’ perspective, high above what is happening in this world and being able to see all things, from God’s heavenly perspective. With this, we also know that all ‘secrets’ will be shown to us, even those ‘hidden’ things as spoken about in Proverbs 25:2.

    By the fact that the eagle is shown at ‘eye level’ and the scroll being ‘easily accessible’ is showing that these things, both the heavenly perspective and revelation knowledge is within your grasp and so it is for all who believe.
    Jeremiah 33:3 comes to mind as well.

  4. This interested me to begin with, but especially since my grandson and I were looking at pictures of eagles, maybe five minutes before I went to your blog. I would like to add my comment along with all of the other good comments. Eagle. OT #5404, 7360. the one that caught my eye was 7360. for two reasons: 1. because of your love and care for your grandchildren. 2. because of our Father God’s love and care for us. 7360: from 7355. a kind of vulture supposed to be tender towards it’s young. eagle. 7355. to fondle. to love. espec. to compassionate; have compassion on, upon, love, find, have, obtain, show mercy (-iful, on, upon) have pity, Ruhamah, x surely 7356 from 7355. compassion (in the plural); by exten. the womb (as cherishing the fetus); by inpl. a maiden- bowels, compassion, damsel, tender love, great, tender mercy, pity, womb.

    eagle. NT #105, 109, 5594, atha see 3134. the one that caught my eye was 3134. maran atha meaning our Lord has come; maranatha, i.e. an exclamation of the approaching divine judgement:-Maran-atha.

    scroll. OT # 5612 NT #975. 5612. cepher. from 5608 writing (the art or a document); a book, bill, evidence x learn (ed) (ing), letter, register, scroll. 5608. caphar. to score with a mark as a tally or record, by impl. to inscribe, and also to enumerate; intens. to recount, i.e. celebrate;-commune, (ac)count; declare, number, + penknife, reckon, scribe, show forth, speak, talk, tell (out), writer.

    Websters. scroll. a written message.

    We are beloved of our Father. His heart is tender towards us, His children. He has great love, and tender mercy, and compassion for us. He will send to us, because of His love and mercy, right before our eyes, complete revelation, like Jerry said. Complete revelation for this time we are going into. It will be written. Some are saying, and this dream confirms it: There is coming an apostolic anointing on the scribe in these last days. To write the message. To put it online. right in front of our eyes. It will be a scroll, a written message, right in front of our eyes, and we will scroll down to read it all. an end time anointing to write out what is coming on the earth.

    Blessings to you. ~Sophereth

    • That is powerful Sophereth! Have you any references you can share about the apostolic anointing you spoke of?

      • Tony, I don’t want to get too ‘wordy’ here. I have already taken my liberties! Just briefly: I hesitate to even use the word apostle, although as you know it is completely God’s plan. i.e. …and He set some in the ekklesia, FIRST apostles… everybody seems to be an apostle nowadays. but there still is a true. apostle. Strongs #652. also I have found Websters to be good on this. my understanding is this: in the day we are going into, the 7th day, God will raise up apostles. just like He raised up Paul to go into the gentiles. no one had preached the gospel to the gentiles before. Paul was the FIRST. Webster says quite a bit. part of what he says is this: ‘the FIRST prominent Christian missionary to a region or group.’ the apostle, it seems, is sent, to deliver revelation where there has been no revelation. always, of course, according to scripture. all scripture has always been there. God just reveals certain truths in His (It’s) own timing. since Luther nailed the thesis, and the revelation that the just shall live by faith was revealed. Luther revealed revelation where there had been no revelation. The restoration of truth to the ekklesia during the church age has continued from Luther, down through the years until now. I don’t believe that we have, at this point, the revelation of the kingdom age, like we are going to have. just like Paul was the first to go into the gentiles, to preach the gospel to the gentiles, for the 5th and 6th days of the church age, I believe that God will raise up apostles again. with the gospel of the coming kingdom. the 1,000 year millineal kingdom. I am very isolated, but I don’t see a lot of teaching out there about the 7th day. i.e. Ezekiel’s temple, and other kingdom age scriptures, in the NT. I think most people believe that things will stay like they are now. they haven’t been taught that there is a new day coming. the 7th day. things are going to change. the Lord will send in the apostles FIRST, to teach us. to bring revelation where there has been no revelation. It hasn’t been the time before this. I believe that it is time now. just like Paul couldn’t go before it was time, God hasn’t sent the apostles of the seventh day kingdom age before their time. the anointing comes with the call. It’s a deep subject, and time and space does not permit here. I appreciate your spirit, Tony. blessings to you. ~Sophereth

  5. Tony, I have to just say this one more thing. having to do with kenzelsfire’s comment: “judgement is very close at hand.” I believe God is speaking to us today through this dream. I just turned to Zechariah 5:1-4! I believe everything that I said in my first comment, but this scripture puts an additional slant on the dream. maybe you couldn’t read it because this particular scroll is end time judgement on thieves and liars.

    Isaiah 8:1….take thee a great roll, and write on it with a man’s pen…

    Jeremiah 36:2. take thee a roll of a book, and write therein all the words that I have spoken unto thee against Israel, and against Judah, and against the nations…

    Ezekiel 2:9, 3:1. …an hand was sent to me; and lo, a roll of a book was therein; and he spread it before me; and it was written WITHIN AND WITHOUT: and there was written therein lamentations, and mourning, and woe…

    Ezekiel 3:1-3. …son of man, eat this roll and go speak….then did I eat it…honey for sweetness…son of man, go, get thee…and speak….

    again. blessings to you. ~Sophereth

  6. jacqui on said:

    Hi Tony, this is a very good dream. I believe the Eagle represents the LORD himself coming down to you personally. The words I had were ‘The Most High God’. I thought it was interesting that you did not hesitate to take the scroll from the Eagle such is the trust you have between you and the LORD. As a visionary those words on both sides will slowly become clear to you. The LORD has it appears not given you any load you cannot bear. It speaks of your very close relationship with Him hence the eye level. You are not afraid of Him and the LORD trust you implicitly with what He gives you. God honors those who are obedient to him. This is also a comforting message Tony of how He is shielding you and your family under His Wings for shelter and it is guaranteed. He came down for you and to you with this message which contains both personal instruction, comfort and with purpose.Whatever words are revealed Tony will bring freedom, joy and determination to deliver with boldness. As the ‘Most High God’ came to you with a specific purpose so you too will deliver messages which will be received to different saints or whoever and wherever He leads you. This beautiful image of the Eagle is regal and God is honouring you and people will know your messages are from God himself. Overall Tony I believe this is an amazing dream and the LORD will reveal to you the depths of Himself through this. Thank you so much for sharing. jacqui x

    • Thank you Jacqui. This indeed was a powerful dream and one I’m still thinking about. Do keep me in your prayers that its meaning is revealed to me and that I would understand it.

      • jacqui on said:

        Already done Tony! Was praying last night for you. You will understand it with ease Tony.

      • jacqui on said:

        A verse came to me Tony which might hold some insight and with Sophereth’s comments ….. Hosea 8:1. ….. I had this back in 2013 but came to my mind.

      • I’ll check it out

      • jacqui on said:

        I’ve just posted a podcast called ‘America has Rejected God’ this word I posted to you is part of it. I’ve been up since 3.33 am with a dream which is part of this word today for America.

      • I’ll check it out

  7. Tony, here I am again. my intention is not to be garrulous. and I certainly do not want to offend. this will be my last post concerning this. it is after 2:00 am, and I cannot sleep. as an intercessor, I have carried this dream, since I saw the title of it, and my spirit leapt within me. I knew that God was speaking. you have dreamed a dream of great magnitude. we must pay attention, and not handle this casually, and go on about our usual business, with our usual agenda, as though God has not spoken. we are living in the time of the revelation of the book of the Revelation and Zechariah and Daniel. the seals on the book of Daniel will be opened. our Father God, in His great Love and Mercy to us has sent the flying scroll. it is written within and without with lamentations, and mourning and woe. it is warning of impending judgement upon the nations. it has already started. it is all around us. the news is full of it. everyday. the very Word of God, from the mouth of God, right in front of our eyes. we CANNOT read the writing on the scroll now, but we MUST read the writing on the scroll now. judgement is here. the EAGLE has landed, so to speak. we must pray the very words that you said: Father God, reveal to me the writing on the scroll. reveal to me the meaning of it. cause me to hear it and understand it. we must pray it and trust Him for it until He does it. we must examine ourselves continually. we must repent of every besetting sin, and get right and stay right with God. I won’t speak of this again, except to the Lord. I will station myself on the watch tower, and continue to watch and pray tonight. God bless you my brother. ~Sophereth

    • First off let me say that you are neither garrulous nor offensive. I appreciate you listening to the Lord and posting. I will be taking this dream to prayer and seeking its meaning.

  8. MARVELLOUSLY blessed thread Tony. Will comment after our Bank Holiday.

  9. A most personal and profound dream my friend, especially coming on Resurrection morning!

    First, I’m reminded of the eagle seen over me in an open vision and that it’s specifically related to the gift of prophecy. (As told in – the Anglican Bishop at Chorleywood had brought the power of Holy Spirit from Toronto. I was blessed to visit that church upon his return when he spoke about the outpouring there!)

    The scroll is probably your personal one with details of the Lord’s destiny for you, as may be seen by being so directly and easily available to you. (For more on this topic see

    A few weeks ago I saw a scroll appear during a service for healing. As I was looking toward the altar and chaplain I saw a huge kind of white blanket quickly unfurl and float downwards. (Approx 6ft wide and 8 ft long, coming out of thin air about 10ft above the floor!) I understood its meaning and tentatively confided this to the director. He grinned and told me he’d written out his aims and ambitions on a large broadsheet for prayer purposes just before the service!! Last year, the Lord gave me some insights to share with him and which were well received. (I didn’t know him well nor was I involved with that ministry other than attending with Nina when her back broke a year ago. He was pleased when I recently gave him a copy of ‘Word for 2016: Building on the Apostolic & Prophetic’.)

    When something comes to mind whenever recalling a dream then it IS significant. (This is why Rev Dr Russ Parker teaches the way to understand dreams is to retell them in the present tense and 1st person singular. This puts the person right back into the dream events as they happen. That is, don’t tell it as a historical record but as though watching a sports event and saying what you’re doing and what happens next – a very powerful method when used in conjunction with the Holy Spirit. I first heard RP in ‘95.)

    The eagle is emblematic of the revelator (!) St John’s Gospel account. Therefore, your closing reference to four faces is much more than ‘worthy of note’! (You may like to find the book I recommend in

    The Lord bless you with more, much more revelation on this Tony…

  10. an interesting addition to the discussion…on different occasions, the scroll was not to be read, but to be eaten. then the prophet that ate it was to go then and prophesy. the ‘little book’ in Revelation 10 was also a scroll.

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