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Dreams and Visions

Another Spider Dream

In this dream I was crawling into a cave, it seemed as though I was crawling on my hands and knees into this cave. Something I would not do in the natural. The cave was narrow and one that you could not freely walk through. Then I came upon a spider. This spider was the size of a small dog , say a beagle or a terrier.  I am sure that all this sounds crazy because in real life I would not go near such a place. I remember that the spider in my dream had seemed to have hollowed out a place for it to hide in the cave. The cave was made of rock so this was quite a feat to have done such a thing. The spider seemed to be in hiding and was not lying in wait to attack me although that may or may not have been the case. I remember killing the spider with my hands, again, something I would not have done in real life especially with a spider that large. The spider was grayish white in color.  Whether or not this is important or not, I am not sure as of yet.  As I have said before, spiders are usually  representative of demons. This one was not looking to be found out it seems and went to great lengths, i.e., burrowing into a rock cave wall to avoid detection. God is good in uncovering that which desired to be hidden.


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16 thoughts on “Another Spider Dream

  1. Interesting dream. Stones are oftentimes representative of judgments and judgments typically come as a result of injury imposed on someone through an offense. Because the door for the demonic is opened through unforgiveness, these demons seek to ‘hide’ until the ‘right time’.

    For instance, I was ministering to a couple’s teenage daughter and suddenly, I saw these eyes within her looking out. They were hidden within her and not manifesting. When I asked the Lord, He showed me that these where waiting for the right circumstances to occur in her life before they revealed themselves. She had suffered emotional injury from the fights between her parents and chose sides in that conflict. She was not directly injured but indirectly, she took great offense. Unforgiveness and then judgments came as well as oaths and vows to self not to allow such a thing to happen in her own life.

    Those eyes were demons and because they could not find expression yet in her life, they bided their time. When God allowed me to see them, their eyes reflected the shock that I could see them and it was not long afterward that they were all cast out after she forgave her parents, broke her judgments and her vows, with the help of her parents.

    When we see the parable of the seed falling among the stones, because there was no root, when offenses came, that person would be offended and fall away. It is from this that I understood that the stones represented judgments because judgments typically come from offenses and unforgiveness. Keep in mind, those who typically fall into unforgiveness, judgments and vows, do so because they do not know Christ or have received His mercy and grace.

    I hope this explains your dream. Blessings to you.

    • Good analogy Jerry. It was interesting in the dream that I killed it. I knew that the spider represented demonic activity.

      • That is exactly what we are supposed to do. Also, being on hands and knees and not walking freely reveals that this is the spiritual condition of those who have this borrowed spider in their lives. They are greatly hindered in life and cannot walk freely in the Spirit.

      • The old saying that time heals old wounds is a lie. It doesn’t heal them other just buries them and makes a place for the burrowing spider to hide until the opportune time.

  2. Tony, I was so disturbed and astonished in my spirit this morning at what I had read. knowing what will happen, but still marveling at it. I read some of what the ‘prophets’ of the church are saying about the denominations coming together. the ‘call for unity’ among the denominations. unity! unity! they are crying. then I read your latest spider dream “It” is happening before our very eyes. God is revealing it now. “It” has been hidden, but now “It” is being seen. The network, the entangling, of the one world church has been hidden, now it is being found out. revealed. this is the opportune time for it to come together, and this is the opportune time for it to be revealed. even though we would never touch it ourselves, we must still declare, speak, write, call, to those entangled in the web of it. until God says: Enough! they don’t have much more time, if any, to get out. all we can do is to continue to declare what we see, having destroyed it in our own lives, and help those children, those babies, that have already, or will come out, that will need to be fed. We are beginning to see the work of the web, the network, the entangling of it, revealed now. spider. Proverbs 30:28. Strongs Concordance #8079. spider’s. Job 8:13,14. Isaiah 59. all of it. Strongs Concordance #5908. these word definitions say it very well. God bless you my dear brother.

  3. sandra on said:

    Although I am not fond of spiders, I find this a very interesting dream.

    And I like the last sentence!

  4. sandra on said:

    Do you remember Tony that I wrote one or two topics ago, that I had a dream about a big spider, and an acquaintance -with a troubled past- of mine took the spider with her hands? She killed it too.

    That evening I was meeting her and I told her about it. Told her that spiders are probably demon activity ( I learned that here), and she has probably overcome something! She was happy with it, relieved.

    • I do indeed remember that dream Sandra. I am glad you reminded me of it. Powerful confirmation of my dream. Again, thank you for posting it!

  5. It’s good that you killed the spider! I agree, they always appear to represent demons and evil.
    I was thinking, reading your dream, that a stone cave is often a metaphor in dreams for the head, the skull, and the spider was greyish-white, like brain matter.
    I wonder if this dream is linked with your earlier dream involving a spider? Hm.

    Off topic, but I read this today, and found it so interesting that I thought I’d share it with you.
    In 2005, a woman named Sharon was struck by lightning …..


  6. jacqui on said:

    I too Tony had a spider dream not so long ago and funnily enough the Lord kept bringing you to mind and this morning as I posting a dream about lightning I had. But this spider was after me and it was metalic in nature like a robot. Also at some point it was frozen so I could get away. Hope you and your family are well

    • Hello Jacqui it is a blessing to see you back again. We are taking care of our 3 grandsons while my son is in training. He and his wife are divorced because of drugs she was doing. So it’s been rough but God is in this.

    • Jacqui, I am leaving your comment in unapproved status until I get the chance to remove your email address. I didn’t think you wanted the whole blogosphere knowing that.

  7. usually gray means sickness

  8. sandra on said:

    Again I had a spiderdream.
    I saw something that belonged to me, but I had forgotten about it. Wanted to take the table, imagining how nice it would look in the garden. Then I saw spiderwebs behind it and I changed my mind, thought ‘i will ask my husband to get it for me later’), and then….I saw these big spiders, they had come out. I knew them: I have seen these ones in a dream of years ago (same size same white stripes on them, in my dream, I remembered that other dream). I wanted to go, but realized I had to go back to turn the lights off. I did that. Then I walked out, and thought “keep on walking, go, go, go, don’t look back’. While seeing the webs I thought of something which had been bothering me the past time. From that place I came in a shop, still thinking about that issue that has been on my mind, and I saw a girl, she told someone she was blind, and I started to pray in myself for her. Then another girl stretched her hand out, and I understood she was going to pray for the girl. I took the hand of the girl who wanted to pray, to pray with her together for the girl. It was as if we already knew eachother. Then the dream stopped.

    I think I must not worry, cause God looks forward and had other things for me.

    And yes, I wrote it down this time!

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