My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions


I had a dream 03/03/2016. In the dream I was in a room, I think, and scattered around the room were body parts, i.e., arms, legs,etc. It was not a gross site to see as one may think. I kind of get the sense of what Ezekiel felt when placed in the valley of dry bones by the Lord.
The sense I got in the dream that these scattered body parts were representative of broken lives, specifically broken lives of young adults &/or adolescents. Seeing all these disjointed, unconnected body parts have me a real sense of hopelessness. I can only imagine the bewilderment of Ezekiel when confronted with the bones in his vision. I remember saying in the dream, ”  how do I put these parts together?”. I then heard a voice say to me in the dream pray for wisdom. Jesus alone repairs broken hearts but He uses people to come alongside the broken and help in the healing process. One person alone cannot take  such a task upon themselves. The body of Christ should be a place of healing for the broken.


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13 thoughts on “Broken

  1. little book on said:

    SO TRUE! Early after being called Yeshua anointed my wife and I for discernment which plunged us in to a three year long home based ministry.

    He than told us not to go out and look as he was going to send us people. Pastors, leaders ministry team members and people who he had chosen. Some came to us secretly and some in daylight.

    We asked Yeshua what are we suppose to do with them feeling inferior of their status and credentials…… His reply was” just love them and I will do the rest.”

    So many were wounded, bound up with” dust of the world”, and man;s doctrines, some of them even had linkage to the occult who never had any conscious clue that it would have an effect on the ministry they were serving in.

    After hundreds of them had come and had been set free so many of them returned after a while. We were shocked to see their spiritual condition upon returning. Most of them were in worst shape than they had come.

    When we inquired as to what had happened they all replied that they’re friends, associates and team members and pastors had prayed over them and had laid hands on them which caused them to be infected 7 times worse.

    All I remember doing was crying for weeks after to Yeshua and pleading to him how sick his Church was. He told us those who would continue to come could only stay three years with us as if they were to stay any longer he would fire us.

    Those who stayed most have continued to follow him, those who returned to their churches we do not know what has happened to them.

    But as for us we continue seeking and serving God, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit.

  2. rogerthoman on said:

    The body of Christ has so often been a place of rejection and hurt. May it become a place of healing! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. little book on said:

    Tony, there is an entire additional dimension to your dream. When we can see and frame Ezekiel as a truly end times prophet( read the last ten or so chapters again) we see the temple design and it being built.

    The Sons of God are the ones to be built( read chapter 2 & 3). On earth as it is in heaven- he is simultaneously building a place in heaven at the same time.

    He is building man and their eternal place in the heavens.

    You’re sense of the bones and rebuilding is spot on.

    Man so far has yet to understand all of the dimensions and factors of this rebuilding.

    Mainly due to the fact that the bible was sealed and another replacement is on it’s way.

    See Ezekiel 2-3 and Revelation 10 against the backdrop of Daniel 12:4.

  4. “How do I put these parts together” would seem to be the question that drives most or all of man’s church work on earth. I remember gathering with a group of 2 dozen believers for a time of worship and fellowship. All of us had come out of man’s church and the gathering was a blessing to us, but also had its problems. We had hoped to see an assembling of the Lord’s body on earth, an anointing to do great works, a release of new music and spontaneous spiritual songs, but naturally there were problems, as there always seem to be when men get together.

    As our weekend together concluded, the Spirit gave me a short vision of Ezekiel’s dry bones and then said to me “all you’ve succeeded in doing is to sort and rearrange the bones”. And then I seemed to know and spoke that when the time came to assemble the bones, the Lord would do it, not man, and that they would come together of a sudden, like a thunder-clap.

    Fifteen years later, after what seems like a lifetime now of looking at broken and dismembered body parts all around, I’m not sure I believe they will ever come together in this world … it is, as far as I’m concerned, a quarry, from which we are cut, shaped and filled with His Spirit as living stones – and our sole work here, is to assist with freeing the living stones from the world. We aren’t assembled into anything here, but only there, in the Lord’s kingdom.

    To that end, when I pressed the Lord about “revival”, He told me that “revival comes through destruction”. And so the broken and dismembered body parts, bones, etc., are indicative of the Lord destroying us, before the day of our revival.

    It’s a gut-wrenching thing to watch, this being torn apart. For 8 months the Lord sent my wife and I back to an institutional church. It was very difficult to remain there and finally at the end, I was caught up in the Spirit to write them an epistle of sorts and call them to repent. The epistle was ignored. In the 8 months since, the people have been battling each other continually, have ousted all but one of their elders, asked the pastor to resign just a month ago, and attendance is down 2/3rds. The few people who still go there and talk to us, report of being nauseated when they do and have begun to skip services to avoid it all, yet, they can’t bring themselves to quit.

    This I believe, is the beginning of their “revival”, for which many have been praying. It just doesn’t happen in an institutional setting, it happens individually.

    My heart years for the body to come together, but I’ve only ever seen that happen with 2 or 3, brought together by the Lord Himself, who remains in the midst of humble assembly that He Himself created.

    I’m afraid I no longer believe in large assemblies on earth … here, I believe it’s only intended that 2-3 of us gather together at the Lord’s leading.

    It’s as if the Lord has conditioned me to get used to and accept all the body parts lying round about. That’s this life. They don’t come together until the next life.

    Thanks for sharing your dream, Tony, and thank you Little Book, for sharing your experience. You have both blessed me with your sharing!


    • I’ve seen the vision of the dry bones as well. Death must come before resurrection,

    • Advanced Research Technology on said:

      I am blessed by all of these comments. The assemblage Yahweh is building is not of this world and not built of hands, but by Spirit. Once reconnected by this, the dry bones come to life. I am convinced this process is underway, but unseen to those seeking a physical perception.

  5. little book on said:

    All of this coalesces nicely in the latter chapters of Ezekiel!

  6. sandra on said:

    It seems like a sad dream, but it is not. Not at all!
    Psalm 8: Out of the mouth of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.

    What a privilege! And what a hope!

    Let us use our mouths, for that purpose.

  7. sandra on said:

    And yes, I am concerned for the broken ones who don’t have a place in church, what you mention above.

    This is also for the homosexuals in particular, who are shut out, that breaks my heart (all this conviction!) We must be less shortsighted, think like Jesus (who can throw the first stone? We live in this world with all the shortcomings) start loving without excluding people (which puts US under the law, not standing in mercy).

  8. jacqui on said:

    What instantly came to my mind Tony was the account in the Old Testament when woman was raped all night and then her husband cut her body up into twelve pieces. So just my thoughts is this to do with the broken Church. Also what came to my mind too were the 12 baskets of all the bread which by now were in pieces after the miracle of the 5,000. The disciples were the ones who picked up these broken pieces but it always struck me that it was 12 baskets, like the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 disciples. God bless jacqui x

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