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Dreams and Visions

A Second Spider Dream

I had a second dream concerning a spider.  In this dream bugs, which I believe to be indicative of people, would fly into the web,get caught, and then the spider would wrap them in his web but did not eat them. They got stuck in the web because they were unaware of it’s existence and then, once stuck in the web, they were bound by the spider but not eaten, just bound.  I felt the web was deception and those bound by the spider were bound by lies and held captive by them. The spider was watching over those caught and bound in his web.

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31 thoughts on “A Second Spider Dream

  1. The interpretation of this dream is correct.

  2. As Christians our vision can become DIM because of: DECEPTION, IGNORANCE and MANIPULATION!

  3. Advanced Research Technology on said:

    A web is spun in which bugs are caught in their own deceit. Those who are aware, however, can cut through it and come out.

    • Indeed it can it will take intercessors and the Holy Spirit in order to get out of the Web of deceipt. When one is freed from a spider’s web they still have remnants of the web on them. It takes other members of the body if Christ to help them with the remnants of the web, considering themselves, unless the web should stick to them.

      • Advanced Research Technology on said:

        Excellent analogy. Fortunately, those that have come out are a little wiser to not getting re-entangled. However, you’re right, all must continue to remain aware in Christ in order to remain free. Any deliverance, if not is approached carefully, is a opportunity for the adversary to take advanced souls in the web once again.

  4. Tony, have you also thought of the world wide web, and how people can become sucked into and bound to it, always searching for the latest new sensational ‘thing’, instead of listening within and quietly working on themselves to grow in Christ?
    John Fenn has an interesting vision posted, concerning this.


  5. Being ‘bound’ but not ‘eaten’. This looks just like the story of Lazarus after he came out of his tomb. He was dead and those things that bound him while dead continued to bind him in life and required others to help remove his grave clothes. All new born Christians are like this. We come into life but many of the mindsets, unforgiveness, judgments and vows we made before coming to Christ continue to linger and ‘hinder’ our walk with the Holy Spirit. Most are unaware of this ensnarement of the enemy.

    I have a number of messages on my web site that speak specifically towards this issue. For those who are interested, you can start here:

    Notice that when Jesus did something about this, He never called on leaders to loose Lazarus from his grave clothes but spoke to those nearest him. These were not bound in grave clothes but were walking in the clothing of the living.

    That spider (devil) continues to do as he has been doing, to hide these truths from believers and so, they continue to be bound by old mindsets, unforgiveness, judgments and vows and do not have a clue how to be released.

    • Good stuff Jerry!

    • We must remember that Christians can fall into deception and need to be rescued as well.

      • I agree. Many of my message address this as well. As long as we are walking along the path of life, we will be confronted with those things in our lives that do not line up with God’s desire and will. If we resist and not want to face these issues, we fall into that web you described.

        Oftentimes, what we view as events causing us to be frustrated or even people causing our ungodly reactions, is actually God allowing those things to arise in our lives so that we can ‘see’ our reaction and realize that those events and/or those people are not the ’cause’ of our reactions but rather, they are there to ‘expose’ that which is already there. If we get angry, it is because the cause for that anger still lies within us. Like gold being refined in the fire, our faith will be tried and tested and all that is not of God will rise to the surface where we can see it is there, confess it and let His grace cleanse us from this unrighteous behavior.

  6. I need a dream enterpeter from Jesus.
    I tried to post a message but don’t know
    if it went up.
    A very conplex dream world ,full of violence, killing, military and police manuvers that
    I command some (?) personnel.My territories are about two states square with ocean on two sides. Rail systems ,old and in the sky.
    Airports,military and civilian.Enormous malls,
    small towns and large cities like glass, beautiful. It is not Heaven, or Earth….Too much to wright.I’ll leave details for later IF
    anyone can give me a word from our Lord Jesus.God bless y-all.

  7. sandra on said:

    It is funny, but I had a dream about spiders again! In one dream, there were many things.

    – A person I know grabbed a big one, she was not afraid. (very good of her). Now I know she has had a troubled life. I was afraid for that big thing however. Maybe it means she has overcome some of her troubles? I will see her tonight, perhaps I can tell, I’m not sure.

    – I saw a white one, in a web. (the first time a see a white one in a dream) I said: go away. The white spider transformed in a sweet white dove -and because I told it to go away- it flew away. Strange, is it not?

    In that dream lots of things occured, about neighbours who lead a church, houses, gardens, and other spider things, but I can’t recall.

  8. sandra on said:

    Well, not always. Still don’t have it in my system, I’m not so organised. There is a pen and book by the bed, however…(that is a start).

  9. jacqui on said:

    Feel encouraged to write my dreams down again …..

  10. I just had a vision this morning where a spider with viper legs and a diamond body came jumping towards me and then jumped away from me. I was standing beside another woman. She was sitting and I was standing. I then noticed a spider web that took up the whole room we were in. I touched the web and it was sticky. This was a little scary to me.

    Two days ago I had a vision where an eye ..looked to be somewhat human and very large taking up the the whole room…with a web extending in all directions from the eye. I could see a room behind it.

    I think this spider is coming at me and the Lord has his eye on me. Does anyone have an interpretation?

    • Spiders are usually demonic. Did you know the woman in your dream?

      • no I did not know her or know where I was. The spider web was attached to her and I touched it trying to remove it was very sticky.

      • I did not know her…only got a glimpse really..more focused on the spider and the web.

      • What role do you think the woman played in your dteam.

      • I don’t know I was just standing there. We were not talking. we were in a room and the spider came hopping towards me.
        this past weekend I got not by a spider outside on my rt inner thigh. I wonder if God is testing my faith. I always have some small bothersome ailment going on.

      • Have you gone around your home and anointed the doors and windows with oil and prayed for your home?

      • That is a good idea..I did it last year but have not recently..we do have a mezuzah on the front and back doors..but no anointing with oil recently around the rooms. Great idea thanks. I got bit by a spider a few days ago while outsize..(which I find ironic) it is now healing…I guess God has to keep me humble.

  11. oops.. the spider had copper legs.

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