My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart…….

Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee Psalm 119:11

While driving home the morning of 01/28/2016 I was shown a vision. In the vision I saw myself, I believe that I was kneeling, holding an open Bible. Around me I saw Shepherds standing. The reason I presumed that they were shepherds is because each was  holding a shepherd’s staff in his hands. In the vision, as I stated above, I was holding a Bible opened to the beginning,  which is Genesis. Starting with that book I began to tear, page by page, pages out of the Bible, fold them up, and then eat them.  As I ate them I saw that light was shinning through my eyes. The more I ate, the brighter the light. The scripture that was given to me as I saw this vision is both the title of this posting as well as what I have quoted above from Psalms.  As for the shepherds standing around me, I am not sure of their significance in the vision except to say that they were not feeding me the word, I was feeding myself.

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20 thoughts on “Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart…….

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Each shepherd’s staff represents his ‘authority’ much in the same way as Moses’ staff represented God’s authority. They are standing, looking after those who are in their keeping. The good shepherd ‘leads’ their sheep to good pastures where there is plenty to eat. You did not see them actively doing anything but by the fact they were there, where you are, shows me that these represent those God has used in your life to bring you to that place to ‘eat’ of God’s words which will ‘illuminate’ the soul.

    God is giving you a greater ‘love’ for His Word and with it, a greater illumination that others will be able to ‘see’ and take notice. Do not stop eating but continue until it is time to move to ‘another pasture’. If you are to become as those you saw in your vision, then you are to eat where you have been led and eat to the full and become strong in spirit, wisdom and might for the work that is before you will require a strength that is beyond your own and an authority of all those that you saw in your vision (great cloud of witnesses) and understand that you will reap where you have not sown but others have sown, faithfully waiting for the Lord of the Harvest to tend to those fields He had them working in.

    • Good word Jerry!!! I too got the sense that it was my responsibility to eat and not theirs to feed me. As for now, we are doing church in b our home. However, I have had godly people I’ve looked up to in my life.

  2. Advanced Research Technology on said:

    The shepherds are those trying to lead you into their version of truth. You have to eat the Word for yourself in order to have Light in your eyes.

  3. Brother Tony,
    By God Great Love and Great mercy for all of us, that He desires all of us to be with Him in His Kingdom. He has given us many warnings, visions, dreams and revelations of His plans and the state of our souls, nations and the entire world. He also reveals unto us what is coming great persecution and events that He shall pour out to those who despise Him and His Son Jesus and the call of the Holy Spirit. Now God has given us final invitations to run to Him for Safety that He may save all of us, our families, our nations. We are on the very urgent time to run fast to God in repentance, prayer, fasting and seeking His face for the door of the ark is about to close. And Jesus is already at the door to open the gate of heaven to recieve His pure brides (those who heed to His call, those who love Him by thier obedience to His commands and teachings, those who ready themselves, those who had been clean by the blood of Jesus). Our Lord Jesus, through one of His prophet Kevin Mirasi has given us already the time when the time the salvation ends as set in daniels 70th year in the book of Daniel. You can read the entire revelations on prophet Kevin Mirasi blog as he posted yesterday in . I am always thankful to God for your persistent in invitating and warning everyone, brother! May the Lord Jesus protect you and your family as always!

  4. Were you able to count how many shepherd’s there were?

  5. sandra on said:

    Very good. They don’t have to feed you, you feed yourselve indeed.
    That’s the way. I love that. They just guide you or something like that.

    (Or: all of them were holding a sheperds staff, interesting! Could that be as a reaction on prayer ? -just speculating- Was it up, or were they just holding it?)

    It’s also where disappointments come from in general; the expectation that others feed. I love the own-responsibility God gave us. We are responsible, that is just the way it is, we cannot shift it elsewhere. (happens a lot, it is in the nature of the human being)

    And I love the rest of your vision: the more one eats the brighter the light. Wonderful!

  6. jacqui on said:

    What an interesting dream Tony. I was struck by what you wrote in that you ‘presumed’ they were shepherds because they held staffs. What came to my mind is in Ezekiel 34 about false shepherds. They may look the part in every way but do not do what Jesus asks them to do. God is feeding you by His Word. What also came to my mind when Jesus spoke to Peter at the end of John He said ‘feed my lambs and sheep’. True shepherds will guide and help with the Word but these shepherds just stood and watched you. Like bystanders. The other thing I thought of was the shepherds who were the first evangelists at the beginning of the gospel of Jesus and how the angels came in glory to them….. But these simple shepherds did not just stand they acted and went to find Jesus whereas in contrast these ‘adult’ shepherds you had in your dream didn’t even interact with you eating the Word of God. Very interesting Tony and already so uplifted by reading your words that God has given you to share. Believe me Tony, as others have mentioned about the Church, I am encouraged. The deception gets worse and worse by the day but I thank God for keeping His remnant alive in Him. jacqui xx

  7. Reblogged this on Jesus Christ Delivers and commented:
    Wonderful dream, praise God for this.

  8. When I started walking with the Lord, when He called me back after years of backsliding, the Holy Spirit warned me dramatically to trust in Jesus alone, I did not know anything about deception in churches in those days, and I was shaken to the core as it was supernatural warning. I will never forget it, to trust Jesus alone ( His Word, the bible) no matter who the preacher, teacher is, Jesus is the one that we are to follow, Jesus and His wonderful Holy Book, the scriptures.

    • Paul commended the Berean people for searching the scriptures for themselves to see whether or not what Paul was teaching was true.

      • Yes, I know that but the false teachers do not care what Paul said unfortunately.

      • Feel free to ask me about any posting I post and furthermore, I encourage you to take each to God and see what He tells you.

      • Thank you Tony, I am amazed by those dreams, they are very clearly showing what I know and confirming what I have been taught by the Holy Spirit all those years of walking with the Lord.

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