My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Day Of The Lord

I had a vision early the morning of January 5th 2016. I was hesitant to post it because I realize its implications.  So I will preface the post by saying please take it to prayer and see what the Lord says to you.

I had a vision where I saw an angel in  the sky with a drawn sword.  Next to the angel was a message also written in the sky whether or not by the angel, I can’t say as that was not shown to me.  The message I saw written in large letters was this:



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27 thoughts on “Day Of The Lord

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  2. Advanced Research Technology on said:

    Be at peace. This totally jives with inspiration coming this way.

  3. Just to share a dream I had in the year of 1987, I was taking a nap. I was dressed in my usual white robe and was floating off the ground about 2 feet. It was a smoky gray clouds covering the sun. And there was a man dressed in ashen colored clothes as if he had been in ashess. He was leaning against a wall of a war torn building. His face was looking downward. I sensed that he was not saved. At that moment I looked at him and screamed REPENT! REPENT! REPENT! DON”T YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER? Then BOOM! I woke up and sat on my bed and my heart was beating! Wherever I had been in that dream blew up! So that is what I get from your dream.

    • That is a frightening dream. Did you post that one to your blog?

      • No I did not. I have had so many dreams from years gone by. But I was curious as to know what this angel looked like? Forgive me if I sound vain but sometimes I used to feel like I was the Angel of the Lord. After awhile I let this go. I also had a dream of the Wedding Feast where I was dressed in Gold. And I was the bride. Man you had me go for a walk and ponder upon your vision. And think about my dream. All I ever wanted was for people to get saved in my dreams. Even when I was a child I had a dream of me being a grown up woman dressed in that white robe of mine. But nobody believes me. I am just a nutcase. So many dreams….

      • Dreams can be powerful. To one who doesn’t dream much they can be nonsense.

      • As for the angel, I did not get a good look at him

      • Well you said him so it wasn’t a her.

      • sandra on said:

        In the Bible as it comes to angels, they always are referred to as ‘he’ or ‘his’ (the male sex. Revelation 12:7, 7:1, 10: 1-5, 14:19, 16:2, 4:17, 19:17, 20:1 and Luc 1:29, Jes 14:12, Judges 6:21, Zach 1:19), never ‘it’ or ‘she’ ‘her’ . In the new testament the Greek word is alway ‘angelos’. They looked like men (genesis 18:2, ez 9:2). We never read about an angel being a female.

        From Matt 22:30 people sometimes think that angels are without gender, but can not be proven that it is so. No marriage does not per definition mean without gender.

  4. I have had scripture dreams that I did not know was written too. One of them I was preaching behind a podium in my white robe in a basement. I did not know I was preaching scripture until I told someone about it. It was 2 Timothy 3:16

    • Are you journaling these dreams?

      • No I am not. I wished that I had but life has taken so many twist and turns for me. I used to write love letters to God.

      • you should really think about it

      • I don’t dream much anymore. The last one was a few months ago when the pope was here in USA and in the dream people were lining up to see him. And I thought geez how can these people not see him for who he really is? As for your other dream about someone important in a casket I was thinking of Obama. But that was just my first thought.

      • I will say this. I am very beautiful in my white robed dreams. And about 20 yrs ago I looked like her. LOL No. I know time is running out. I’m just a simple woman. Getting older and waiting.

      • will all regain our youth in heaven. We are all getting older.

      • I know and I can’t wait to be in our new glorious bodies!!!!

      • We have work to do here though.

      • Yes and I can’t seem to figure out what it is that I am supposed to be doing. I sort of minister on the side on FB. I am not perfect by any means. I wish I was. I felt that I lost what little bit of innocence I had to my last marriage. That was in 2008. And I choose not to be with anyone in the flesh anymore because I totally gave my body over to the Lord. I am willing to lay my life down. I know the times we are in. But far too many people are way too blind. This is why I don’t mind not trying to get all those material things that I have lost. I am 95% deaf but I can hear better than most. What I mean by that is when I read I can hear what is being said.

  5. That is the most powerful vision you’ve ever had, Tony!
    The Archangel, Michael, is said to wield a drawn sword.

  6. I was just reading up on this.
    The Archangel Michael,

    …. is said to be the protector of the human soul, and his sword a weapon against evil; in paintings he’s shown as defeating Satan in combat.

  7. The signs would indicate the time Is very close. If your heart is not right with God you run the risk of low oil in your lamp and could suffer the consequences of the five bridesmaids that fell asleep. Repenting will keep you alert…in good standing with the Lord. A little help from a friend, “white horses in the sky”, @ I wrote this song and was brought out of a deep lethargic sleep as I read the dreams and visions on this site. Stumbled on it by accident. Dreams, visions, testimony from believers separates you and keepsyou from falling prey to this worldly system. Falling away is a real threat in the end times.

  8. Tony re Archangel Michael (as in preceding comment)
    If you read my post a month ago on choosing our post-mortem existance then you may have followed through the links to my testimony regarding Jesus’ return.
    The reality check (or triple validation) closes with an imaginary picture of this from Catholic 1st Sunday in Advent – blow this image up and you’ll read an interesting prayer for protection by Michael opposite th eillustration (see

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