My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Death Of A Leader

I had a dream 01/01/2016. In the dream I saw a coffin draped in an American flag and being drawn by horses. The last time I saw something like this was the death of former president Ronald Reagan.
I was not given a name in the dream of any specific individual.  I will update posting as I receive further revelation.

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14 thoughts on “Death Of A Leader

  1. Garry Umphress on said:

    As I read the post the u-tube video came to mind about the 15 year old residing in Israel who describes his 15minute or so journey to heaven to a packed house of Rabbi’s.

    • Mary Bennetch on said:

      Gary, that’s what came to my mind too. Oh my!

    • I saw that video as well

      • Garry Umphress on said:

        There are many bible clockers who are trying to nail timing to the many things in the Bible against what is a very polluted pool of prophetic marketing schemes which is washing over the landscape of late.. As you already know this area of the prophetic is one of the hardest to grasp and even harder to gain competent accuracy in.
        If we clock the 39 months given in this video at a minimum gives a window of potential time however the current administration is in office until January of 2016. Looking out across time in to this window and the ones to come there are already 7 Presidents who Died in office.
        1. William Henry Harrison ( April 4, 1841, pneumonia and pleurisy from undisclosed illness)
        2. Zachary Taylor (July 9, 1850, gastroenteritis)
        3. Abraham Lincoln ( April 15, 1865, assassinated)
        4. James Garfield ( September 19,1881, assassinated)
        5. William McKinley ( September 14, 1901assassinated)
        6. Warren G. Harding (August 2,1923, suspected heart attack)
        7. Franklin Delano Roosevelt ( April 12, 1945, cerebral hemorrhage)
        8. John F. Kennedy ( November 22, 1963), assassinated)
        Time is one of the more overlooked elements which can be defiled. Any of the above dates and times may be potential times. you of course may catch something more to gain more revelation.

  2. Garry Umphress on said:

    For some who get to see some of the mysteries deeply hidden in the word are patterns. Time eternal in Yah’s economy is like a garment. Our time as invented by us is like a pocket on the garment. As time plays out over and over we can see and recognize repeats of some if not all of these patterns. One beneficial aspect of this pocket- garment example of time is to be able to recognize where we(Adams race) are sewn on to the garment.
    Today the world is seeing one of the largest migrations to have ever occurred in the history of Adam as far as we know. If we frame this pocket of time on the garment and peer at it through the lens of the book of Exodus we can also see how, why and when Pharaoh drowns in the sea while in hot pursuit of the tribes of Israel. Backing up from this view we may look at the contemporary symbols that our currency affords us. It is primarily composed of Egyptian trademarks. A match to Pharaoh…. who drowns in the sea….. It indicates that the Children of God are about to be led across the red sea towards the promised land…. this time though it will be important to dispense with the sedition and rebellion fest at the base of Sinai and all ( Ishmael and Jacobs reconciled family will than all get to” pass go” to collect the prize.

  3. Good-day Tony, Last night i had a dream , I was in the room with Pastor Td Jakes and my grandmother that always pray for me ,Td Jakes anointed my sister and she fell and my grandmother was there to stop her from falling ,and he asked me if i wanted to be anointed to see the 17 Angels , And i said yes , he came to me and put oil on my fore head and kept rubbing and praying ,i was beginning to feel like my forehead was opening ,then i felt a white beam of light ,as i drew closer to the light , then i woke up from sleep ,it was as if i had a pan on my back , even up till now as i am typing i feel the spot he anointed on my forehead , then i search the internet and found out u had such in 2012 , i am also a dreamer and i see things ,just wish i can explain and understand most

  4. voiceinthewilderess on said:

    We are seeing the same thing here Tony as in the dream I had “the president shot dead” but in my dream was trickery!

  5. endtimeepochs on said:

    several pieces which you were graced with via the prophetic “may” be aligning and could have been mentioned in this link around 36-39minute mark.

  6. endtimeepochs on said:

    Frame the two part system POLITICAL and they paralell to being either an Ahab or Jezebel spirit.(REP & DEMS) Read the entire story pertaining to this family and how it was abruptly ended in the line of royalty BACKIN THE DAY………. also note the traits of those who who particiapeted in this last scene. jEHU AND THE PALACE EUNUCHS.


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