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Dreams and Visions

Feed Your Children Well

Below is a dream I had 3 years ago.

Babies, A dream I had 02/2012
In this dream, I was at a place with people in it. I don’t feel that the place was important, however. I remember getting ready to leave when I was asked to take 12 babies home with me. I wasn’t able to because I had 3 children in the backseat who were mine, but I did not recognize any of them, just that they were mine. I remember not wanting to leave these kids, in fact, I even held one of them. As I was leaving, my wife pulled up in her car. I remember that I wanted to return for the 12 and I didn’t want to leave them there.

I’m not sure about the meaning of the kids in my car. But, from what I understand about the number 12 in biblical terms, it stands for perfection of government. I knew in my dream, as I do now that the babies were /are important. I feel that the Lord was intrusting me with a precious position of his, both the kids in the car and the other 12.

At the time of the dream I only had 2 grandsons  one was still on the way and my son and his wife were still married. They have since divorced because of her drug abuse. So for all intense purposes,  he is a single father of 3. My wife and I assist in raising the children.  With that said let me share the vision I received during my prayer time the morning of 12/07/2015.

While praying I saw myself holding a Bible much in the same way one would hold a bowl of food. I saw my 3 grandsons sitting on stools at the kitchen counter. Next I saw myself with a spoon in my hand and I was scooping food out of the Bible, the bowl of food, if you will, and feeding it to my grandsons.

I have gained a new understanding of the dream I posted in 2012 and the awesome responsibility the Lord has charged me with.
The dream also had 12 others that needed me. To date this has not come to pass but the Lord will do it in His timing and in accordance with His will.

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8 thoughts on “Feed Your Children Well

  1. Garry Umphress on said:

    Your car is ministry.
    The 12 are the 12 tribes.
    Now thoroughly dispersed throughout the nations.
    This to a large part is a degree of the healing of the nations and fulfilment of the restoration of the tribes or Israel.
    It is longer times for revivals.

  2. In your ‘vehicle’, you had only 3 children. These represent those you feel you have the capacity to take care of. The 12 children are what God wants you to take care. Only too late do you realize that you are not alone as your wife pulls up with more capacity for the 12 than you alone had.

    I see this dream as God showing you to not look at what YOUR capacity is but to look at and wait on HIS capacity. Remember Job 33: 14-18. God wants to turn you from your path to His path. In this dream, you are limited by YOUR capacity but you DO have a heart for more. It is time to “elevate” your faith and put more trust in His ability.

    That vision gives the answer to that dream. You will feed them through His Word. Faith in His Word, His promises and faithfulness, is what we are to eat from just as the scripture says, “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.” (Deut. 8:3; Matt. 4:4)

    Since you wife drove up and immediately you wanted to return for the 12, I see that you are to look at the faith of who you are ‘married’ to. If you are ‘married’ to the Lord, He is the one who has sufficiency to bear the burden of more.

    I pray this helps.


    • It wasn’t too late that I realized Jerry, at least that is what I believe, but rather, as you have said, I realized that if this was going ot be that it will be the Lord’s doing. I did try at first to accomplish this in my own poser but realize that unless the Lord do this, it won’t happen. Good insight on the dream. Thanks

      • One last thought that I didn’t write down which is more for clarification than anything else. In the dream, you relied on what you could see and understand. You couldn’t see what you could do but wanted to. When your wife arrived THEN you knew you could. Ours is a walk of faith and not by sight. I know you know this but I believe that God is reminding you for what is coming, faith will be required. When no food will be found in the grocery stores, we will need to not trust in what we ‘see’ but trust in the Lord to provide miraculously. I’ve experienced His supernatural provisioning many times, even to Him putting groceries in our cupboards where we did not have the capacity to provide for those given to our care.

        I’m probably needlessly repeating myself and if so, I apologize. It is just that I felt I needed to add this in. Love you brother and many blessings experiencing the extraordinary from our more than extraordinary God.

      • Good insight Jerry.

      • I’ve enjoyed my day with you Tony. Feel free to write me privately on my email:

        I am retired and spend my time writing, reading, writing and praying as well as worshipping our Savior. The only fellowship I have is with the Spirit of the Lord and others who take the time to write me. I wish it were different but the church, as a whole, has forgotten the elderly, the poor, the weak, the sick, etc.

        It is very rare I have visitors and when they come, they hardly ever return.

        For example, my wife and I went to a church that was within walking distance from where we lived in Denver. Within a few months time, we’ve invited for dinner every family in that church. When the associate pastor was invited (he and his family were the last ones we invited), he told me that every one of those families complained that all I wanted to talk about was Jesus. Apparently, my love for the Lord was offensive to them all.

        Years later, I found this to be true among most. They have a day or a time set aside for all things ‘religious’ but all the other free time is considered ‘me time’. They are not interested in a full-time Jesus, just a part-time Jesus.

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