My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

The Lion Is Roaring

Below is a vision I had 5 years ago

I had a very tragic vision on 07/25/2010. In the vision I could see many preachers, their pulpits
were lined up next to each other,they were very learned men, some were in suits and some were in robes,and they were preaching to a
very large …congregation . The eyes of everyone in the congregation and their attention were on these preachers. In back of these preachers I could see Jesus on the cross. Not one of the preachers ever mentioned the cross in his preaching and no one in the congregation ever looked at the cross, their eyes were on the preachers and they were attentive to the “wisdom” that was being taught by them.

This Thanksgiving morning, 11/26/2015, I had a dream just before waking. I saw a preacher standing at a pulpit. I saw the congregation seated ready to hear his sermon. Then I saw him open the Bible and it seemed that he opened it exactly in the middle. Then I saw an incredible site. Just as he opened the Bible I saw a lion leap from the pages and onto the podium, stand to the preacher’s right and begin to roar. The roar that come from this lion was like no earthly lion. The roar was so loud that the building shook. The attention of the people, as one might now guess was no longer on the preacher but instead was now on the lion. This Lion, I believe, was none other than the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

I find the contrast here amazing. In my vision of 2010, no one paid attention to the lamb of God suffering and dying on a cross for our sins. The people’s attention was on the pastors and their wisdom. In the dream I just had, the same would have been repeated except for the fact that the Lion began to roar.  I believe that the Lord is bringing  pulpit worship to an end.

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22 thoughts on “The Lion Is Roaring

  1. WOW Tony – wait ’til you see what I’m posting. It’s another instance of ‘Bridge o’ The Pond’!!!

  2. Abigail on said:

    I had to leave my previous church because of “pulpit worship” (aka worshiping the pastors). The pastors were into manipulative power trips and controlling the congregation. When it got so bad that they demanded that all the small groups study a book that the senior pastor was recommending (and no, you couldn’t graciously opt out and study the Bible instead), I left. Prior to that the associate pastor created a legalistic schedule that forbade the small groups from meeting unless it was okayed on HIS calendar. You had to go through all these beaucratic hoops to get permission to come together in the presence of the Lord for Bible study and fellowship and had to deal with being periodically denied because if the associate pastor “allowed” you to worship God that week he’d have to “allow” all the small groups to worship God and that didn’t “work” for him because it messed up his “schedule”. It was all power trips and pointless control-freakness, with no purpose behind it except to feed the pastors’ egos. But, oh man, those pastors were so convinced that they were being “righteous” as they threw all these stumbling blocks and logs in the congregation’s path.

    I had several people tell me that I was supposed to “submit” to the pastors because of Bible says you are to submit to Godly elders. I pointed out that for every verse that says to submit to Godly leadership there are whole chapters warning about unGodly ones (false prophets, false teachers, abusive shepherds, etc.) Didn’t make any difference to them. All I got back was “no one’s perfect, everyone sins, there’s no such thing as a perfect pastor, no such thing as a perfect church, etc.” and the impression that they all thought I was “over-reacting” and being rebellious. They couldn’t smell the spiritual stench that I could coming from the pulpit and shrugged it off as just a little “body odor.”

    I’m currently in a church that is truly freedom-based and the pastor most certainly does preach Christ and the Word of God. He regularly makes efforts to platform lay people and get them up front and serving and keep the attention off of him. Every time I come on campus I can feel the Holy Spirit’s presence. But yes, I know that’s rare. Many pastors preach anything EXCEPT Christ. It’s very sad.

    • That is good that you found such a body of believers. I had a vision a short while ago that I will share here that goes along with your response.

      • Christine Ross on said:

        Hi Tony,
        I never leave replies but read with interest what God is saying to the body of Christ. Just by way of confirmation of the building made up of members of the Body I had exactly the same vision several years ago.

        Praying with a friend for the worship teams in our church I was shown the following:

        First I saw someone on a stage ‘basking in the spotlight’. Then the vision changed and the same person was being lit up and filled up at the same time by a powerful transforming light pouring down on them through an open roof. Instead of basking in the spotlight, they were now lit up from the inside and they were much brighter than they had been when basking in the spotlight. They were now also looking upwards intently, arms raised towards heaven in worship whereas before they were only looking at the audience.

        Following this vision I was then shown a circular building representing the church made up of layers of people linked together side-by side in a circle with further circles of people standing on the shoulders of the circle below making up the building. This building was’open-topped’.

        I often see impressions as I pray that show me what to pray but these two visions were impressed on me so strongly I still remember them clearly and felt they were particularly significant.

        Thanks for sharing what you saw and encouraging us.

        Christine Ross from Belfast

      • What a vision you had Christine! It is an awesome thing when the Lord shows a similar vision/dream to different people and then they compare notes and are blessed by the confirmation of each other’s vision and/or dream. Your vision really blessed me. Do you have a blog that regularly post to?

    • Abigail do you have a blog?

      • Abigail on said:

        No, I just like to “talk.” 🙂 I was a Bible study teacher in my previous church. One of the reasons why I left is because I knew it was only a matter of time before one or both of the pastors tried to use my class as leverage to keep me in line. (Submit to the pastors or give up your ministry.) I loved the class and teaching with a passion, but I loved God more.

        I knew at least two compromised prophets/Bible study teachers in that church that had already faced that choice and chose their ministry over righteousness and standing up against spiritual abuse. They knew that if they stood up to the pastors bullying they’d have to step down and lose their “authority” and their nice cushy seat in the pew. It was very sad to see. One was an elder — one of the few people in the church that had the “official” authority to hold the pastors accountable. I have some sympathy for your average Biblical illiterate sheep (and for the “mercy” people who have a natural inclination to tolerate just about anything because of their giftings), but these two knew their Bibles inside and out and they STILL chose the easy path, while being passive aggressive and grumbling about the pastors. So neither really respected the pastors or their authority, they just did what was easier for comfort sake and for appearances.

        And these are considered the “mature” Christians of that church and given authority to “rule” over the others as elder/small group leaders. No wonder our churches are in such a sad state.

        The pastors, when I had left, were also convinced that they were going to see great “revival” in that church and preached it incessantly. Why in the world they would expect to see TRUE revival in a church where the pastors are control freaks and bullies astonishes me. Revival is all about chasing after God and not worrying about the approval of man. Such people aren’t going to care diddly about the pastors and their ridiculous power moves and agendas. The pastors will just come roaring in and squash anything that even SMELLS of freedom and God-chasing because they can’t control such things and will kill it. All they can generate is false hype and pretend over-emotionalism, not the real thing, carefully choreographed and orchestrated to fit the pastors’ vision and goal of a great and mighty religious kingdom. But I guess if the people can’t tell the difference because of their spiritual blindness, in the pastors’ minds, that’s good enough, right? Lots of people in the pews, lots of money in the offering plate, that’s “revival.” (The senior pastor is obsessed with mega-pastors and is a wannabe.)

        Sorry, ate too much yesterday and got wound up.

      • I always enjoy your comments Abigail even when you’re wound up, lol. The dream I had last night sounds a lot like what you just described

      • This is just my opinion but I really think you should pray about starting a blog of your own. You have a lot of experience you could share. Just a thought.

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  4. Garry Umphress on said:

    Deep revelations about this thing called ” Church”.
    Four of them total from scriptures.
    Dead, Sleeping, Sleep Walking and the one He is coming back for ” The Glorious Church”

    Many,many in both “leadership” and laity are veiled from one simple flaw which has blinded the masses to imprison them from entering in to the Glorious Church.
    This sheep was tethered and bounced from dead to Sleeping to Sleep Walking…….. until receiving all four of the baptisms to an “Awakening” that it takes all of the 5 offices to train and equip the Saints and not just one, the pastor. But only if the Holy Spirit is doing the work through the offices.

    It was the Apostle Peter who was given the commission to make disciples. From inside the shadow of this simple flaw is hidden the fact that it was a man…. Peter the Apostle who was graced with the commission to make disciples….. NOT an institution.

    Awake, awake, Zion,
    clothe yourself with strength!
    Put on your garments of splendor,
    Jerusalem, the holy city.
    The uncircumcised and defiled
    will not enter you again.
    Shake off your dust;
    rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem.
    Free yourself from the chains on your neck,
    Daughter Zion, now a captive.
    Isaiah 52

  5. Abigail on said:

    Thanks for the kind words, Tony. If I did start a blog it would probably have to be anonymous – I have some people in my past that could make my life unpleasant if I started anything public like a blog with my real name on it. I know God’s not given us a spirit of fear, but at the same time He tells us not to be stupid and look for trouble. I wouldn’t be able to tell anybody in the “real world” what I was doing, on the off chance that word would get back to the abusers. I gave up social media for the same reason, not that I miss it much. I have alot going on right now, but I’ll pray about it and ask God if this is something He wants me to do in the future.

  6. Sowing and Reaping

    “He that goeth forth and weepeth,
    bearing precious seed,
    shall doubtless come again with rejoicing,
    bringing his sheaves with him”
    Psalm 126:6

    Those who sow precious seed, and carry with it the burden of the Word of the Lord, have this promise…they “shall doubtless come again with rejoicing”. The mere teaching of the word without the tears and burden of the Spirit will never touch the joy of such things. The weeping must precede the rejoicing; the sowing must precede the reaping. To sow in faith one must see by faith the ONE who is the SEED itself. The sowing is carried out for the Glory of the ONE who is to receive all praise and honor. Our reaping will be according to our sowing and our tears. The desire to communicate the Life of the SON unto His own must be the impetus and purpose of all ministrations. The words that HE speaks they are “spirit and they are life”. So too we must come into union with HIM who is the source of all good things; without HIM there is no life or purpose. The desire to see God’s people arise and walk must be the mere echo of the TRUE Shepherd who has laid down HIS LIFE for US! If we are touching HIS LIFE that will become the pulse of our own.

    We have too long tarried at the tree of knowledge speaking of things about God; discourse after discourse, sermon after sermon, without change and without the rising up of God’s people. Fruit is the corresponding revelation to that which is sowed. We need not look very far to see the issue of the hour. Where there is no breaking forth of the people of God there is a priesthood that has ministered the Word without the Spirit. We live in a generation that desires to hear only good things, smooth things, and words that encourage without accountability. The LOVE of TRUTH has hit such lows that even the people of God refuse to receive admonition and reproof. They have become settled on their lees, comfortable and ignorant of the hour that is about to break. The storm is about to break and the Spirit of God is speaking “who will tell them”. Reproof and admonition is not about our pride it is about truth. Truth ministered in such a way that it will MAKE ME TRUE from the inside out. The true sowing of the Spirit is to bring about a harvest unto HIM. It is about presenting HIS people as a chaste virgin unto Christ. It is not about US, our little fellowship, our church or whatever. It is about us being able to be pure in thought, word and deed. This purity of heart is the lens through which we are able to SEE God (Matthew 5:8).

    Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they refused HIM who is true, they refused to be gathered under the wings of His protection, they chose religion over truth and they perished in the greatest genocide the human race has known up until now.

    “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
    thou that killest the prophets,
    and stonest them which are sent unto thee,
    how often would I have gathered
    thy children together,
    even as a hen gathereth
    her chickens under her wings,
    and ye would not!
    Behold, your house is left unto you
    Matthew 23:37-38

    Desolation is the result of rejecting the Word of the Lord. Even in this hour, while it is yet DAY, may the true ministers of the Lord “weep between the porch and the Altar, saying spare Thy people…”. These prayers and the demonstration of such a heart can only come from the lives of those who KNOW HIS HEART. Those who are still trying to build up “their” own church, fellowship or ministry will never touch the CRY of HIS SPIRIT for HIS House and HIS inheritance. We see the revelation of the true elders in the heavens casting their crowns (their accomplishments) away at the name of Jesus, worshipping HIM who is worthy of all praise and adoration. Self has been set aside. The desire for the praise of our brethren is meaningless for there has been a touching of His heart and glimpses of a GLORY which is utterly transcendent. It is to this end we sow and weep knowing that we will “DOUBTLESS come again with rejoicing” bringing our sheaves and laying them at HIS feet!

    “Unto HIM be glory in the church
    by Christ Jesus throughout all ages,
    world without end

    Hello Tony
    I greatly appreciate your sharing and your heart I would like to ask you for permission to put a link on my blog to yours… let me know if you are OK with this.

    Brian Troxel

  7. Interesting interpretation Garry. I knew that in the dream the roaring lion was the Son of God.

  8. Thank you Tony, for much needed encouragement in this season, not only for your comments but also for the wonderful confirmation in your post “The Lion Is Roaring”. Briefly, in October 2014, my wife and I moved from the midwest to the PNW to help care for my elderly father. For several months, the Lord directed us to attend a small independent country church where we met several spirit-filled believers. There is an older man at that church who regards himself as church watchman, for whom the Lord had me speak the word “the old lion shall yet roar”. He received the word and replied “the lion is indeed roaring”.

    Though the man is baptized with the Holy Spirit and has been given prophetic gifts, he has put them to work in service of man’s religious kingdom. He maintains that the Lord has told him when there is a change of leadership in that church, the Lord will send revival. Sadly, the man and his wife are trying to bring about a change in leadership by human strength and means, through politicking against sitting elders and the former pastor, to install new leadership.

    The message the Lord gave me for that church, is that the change in leadership is NOT a new pastor nor a new board of elders, rather, the Lord desires that existing leadership and especially their paid pastor step aside, so that everyone may step unhindered into their inheritance as the priesthood of believers, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. What I perceived the Lord to be saying for the church, was communicated to the pastor and board of elders through a letter, which the pastor summarily dismissed and the elders ignored. The Lord subsequently directed my wife and I to leave the church.

    It is a difficult thing for me to handle spiritually and emotionally, as I love and care about the people there who are being misled and sold in religious bondage. It was just a few days ago that I wondered on Susanne Shuberth’s blog, if and when God was ever going to wash away all the machinations of men, so that the Rock might be seen, un-obscured.

    Again, thanks for the confirmation, Tony. PS – nice 335 you have there. Can’t tell if it’s a Gibson or Epiphone? I’m an acoustic guitar guy myself, with a stable of Larrivees. 😉 Jack

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