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Dreams and Visions

Itching Ears

The Lord showed me a vision today 08/10/2015 where I saw what looked to be a movie theater. The theater had lazy boy chairs for seats and the people in the seats had remote controls. I looked up to where one would normally expect to see the screen and saw preachers on the screen. The remote that each person had enabled them to change the channel, so to speak, so that each could choose to hear what they wanted to hear.

It is sad to think that this is what has become of the church.

The lazy boy chairs speak for themselves. People want to be comfortable. The remote speaks to the fact that people seek out preachers and teachers who will tickle their itching ears. The screen speaks to the fact that church has become entertainment and the church with the best entertainment has the most people.

What comes to mind here is the following scripture :

3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers;


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16 thoughts on “Itching Ears

  1. Could be the internet, too, couldn’t it! (The screen, the ‘remote’ as a word-play).

    A danger I see with the internet is that, a) it can replace doing things with people nearby in our community, and b), no matter how tiny a person’s niche, there *will* be a group of people online sharing it, so they can feel validated and, as you say, hear what they want to hear. Some Christian saying something you don’t like to hear? Just click away from the page!

    I’ve noticed a big increase, since we’ve had the internet available, in people ‘cherry-picking’ the Bible. Used to be, you had Scripture, and you had the few preachers in your town. Nowadays anyone can set up a website with a lot of flashy stuff, a completely distorted view of Christ, and get followers!

    • Breaks ones heart doesn’t it?

      • sandra on said:

        There are many good things on the internet, and together with the discernment this will work out fine.

        I may hope that when christians with discernment read about f.e. ‘returning a curse back to the sender’ they understand they better leave the site for what it is.

        A personal relation with Jesus + internet = a good replenishment.

        If not (the personal relation), believing error is inevitable anyway, if not from something on the internet, than of something else.

  2. It does. 😦
    I’ve had to keep reminding myself in the last few years, that people have free will, because I tend to be interfering, and often I’ve wanted to scream at them: ‘What are you DOING?!’

  3. Hello you are dead on with this please note article I wrote in 2007 God is speaking may His people hear….

    “For the time will come…”

    *“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;* *but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers,* *having itching ears”* IITim: 4:3

    *(Greek Exegesis)*

    *“…shall heap to themselves teachers…”*

    Shall they heap to themselves teachers (ἑαυτοῖς ἐπισωρεύ σουσιν διδασκάλους) A vigorous and graphic statement. Ἑπισωρεύειν to heap up, N.T. Comp. σεσωρευμένα laden, 3:6. The word is ironical; shall invite teachers en masse. In periods of unsettled faith, skepticism, and mere curious speculation in matters of religion, teachers of all kinds swarm like the flies in Egypt. The demand creates the supply. The hearers invite and shape their own preachers. If the people desire a calf to worship, a ministerial calf-maker is readily found. “The master of superstition is the people, and in all superstition wise men follow fools” (Bacon, Ess. 17).

    Having itching ears (κνηθόμενοι τὴν ἀκοήν) Or, being tickled in their hearing. Κνήθειν to tickle, N.T. lxx. Κνηθόμενοι itching. Hesychius explains, “hearing for mere gratification.” Clement of Alexandria describes certain teachers as “scratching and tickling, in no human way, the ears of those who eagerly desire to be scratched” (Strom. v.). Seneca says: “Some come to hear, not to learn, just as we go to the theater, for pleasure, to delight our ears with the speaking or the voice or the plays” (Vincent’s Word Studies)

    The word narcosis is the result or state of temporary being that arises from this pursuit of mere gratification. As it speaks in the scriptures of a famine of the “hearing” of the Word of God, and because of this “…they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it” Amos 8:11 – 12.*There is a lust for knowledge that is not for the purpose of becoming but simply for the pursuit of accumulating more knowledge*. It is a day of great obscurity as the wheat and the tares grow together until the day of harvest when the sheep are separated from the goats. This separation is not based on the accumulation of knowledge but is determined by the/nature/of the individual (IIPet. 1:4). It is through the process of obedience and the pursuit of His person that what we hear becomes what we are.*When teaching no longer creates a cry within the hearts of its recipients to become, it is simply another means of entertainment for a people who “heap to themselves teachers*”.

    I felt impressed to send out this short article that I wrote in 2007 and though it is not meant as something easy to read it is simply a Greek word study on 2Timothy 4:3.

    B. Troxel March 18, 2007

    • Have you had an opportunity to share this word with anyone? How was it received?

      • Actually in 2007 I was seeking the Lord and he gave me the word narcosis and that scripture flashed into my heart and the rest just came together. I appreciate the word that is going forth from many different expressions concerning what is about to break forth. How will they know unless someone speaks that word of warning. May we be faithful…

      • For the time being this blog is my only outlet

  4. BT, That’s very interesting. Knowledge for knowledge’s sake, entertainmnent.
    I learn so much from the discussions here!

    • Maybe that’s why Paul considered all the knowledge he attained under Gamaliel to be rubbish . To know Christ is to know Jim intimately. To know about Him is to not know him at all.

  5. sandra on said:

    May I ask a question? When I hear sermons on YT I notice people are screaming all the time ‘amen amen ! and ‘oh my god’!’ Really all the time. They can impossible hear the message but they scream amen and ‘thats very good!!’ I does not seem spontaneous, is this a hype thing in America these days? It is as if they are so busy encouraging the speaker (or trying to make an impression?) that they don’t hear a thing.

    • It depends on the hearts of the individual believer whether or not he/she is sincere. I know what you are saying about hype though. I have been to those types of services.

      • sandra on said:

        Well if I would sitting next to someone I think my fruits will be challenged (love, peace, selfcontrol) Exact, it does not seem real to me. It is not possible that they hear anything, cause they are busy all the time. It is crazy.

  6. sandra on said:

    It is something of recently, years ago it did not happen like that.

  7. sandra on said:

    If one does that here, he/she would be removed. 🙂

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