My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

End Time Army

I had a dream 08/07/2015 where I had been dressed in a robe of white. In the dream I was facing 2 angels and each had what amounts to a bucket of oil in their hands. Each poured his bucket on me so that I was drenched with oil. Then I was set ablaze.

I heard the words being spoken that this is my end time army. It is pure and holy and is why it is dressed in white. It  has a double portion of My Holy Spirit.

What came to mind in the dream is the following scripture from James.

Jas 5:7
(7) Therefore be patient, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. Behold, the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth and has long patience for it, until he receives the early and the latter rain.

The former rain was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. The latter rain is what is to come and from the scripture above that was laid on my heart in the dream, the 2 rains, the early and the latter will be combined hence the 2 buckets of oil in my dream.The Wuest translation of the above passage of Scripture is as follows:

Jas 5:7
(7) (7-8) Be long-suffering, patiently enduring the mistreatment of others, restraining your soul from the passion of anger, therefore, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. Consider this. The farmer waits with expectation for the precious produce of the earth, patiently waiting, longing and hoping over it, until it may receive an early and a late rain. As for you, you also be long-suffering, patiently enduring the mistreatment of others, restraining your soul from the passion of anger. Stabilize your hearts, because the coming of the Lord has drawn near and is imminent.


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17 thoughts on “End Time Army

  1. Tony, the latter rain comes just before the harvest ~ a second outpouring of the Holy Spirit prior to the Lord’s return. Two outpourings of anointing ~ two refining fires. Blessings ~Amen :Y

  2. What a powerful dream! Just before reading your blog, I had been looking at this site, which I like, ‘Small Straws in a Soft Wind.’ She had a vision on August 6th, of a peaceful cove with the tide coming in, and knew that ‘out there’, war was raging, though in the presence of the Lord we are protected and calm.

    At the end of last year, I had an interesting dream. I was on a train, watching people, passengers. I knew that they were alive on earth, while I’d died and was now in the spirit world. (I’ve been shown & told plenty of times that it’s not my destiny to survive the coming years, I get taken off. I’m okay with that).
    The people in the train car were ordinary people, men, etc, but they were all wearing white. They started singing. I don’t remember all the lyrics, but the song went: ‘When a Great Army is on the move ….’ It was as if they were going into spiritual battle. I felt moved, and oddly proud of them. They weren’t afraid, they were resolute, happy and determined.


  3. Marsha on said:

    Hi Tony,
    Yes the oil is Holy Spirt come you. He will come sooner….Marsha

  4. Hello Tony,

    No, not martyred. (Though who knows – I have an Irish temper, and if they introduced Sharia law in Britain, I’d love to see someone try to make me wear a burqa or obey the Quran – I’d be beheaded within 5 minutes!)
    No, I’m just told that I have to leave before things get dramatic. Part of me is slightly miffed, and I don’t like the idea of ‘bailing out.’ But, you know, I am not God, who am I to say ‘when.’ I know how small my knowledge is, so I think, well, it’s not up to me.

    By the way, I had a very encouraging dream the night before last! Well, it was in two parts really.
    In one, I had died, knew I had died, and was standing with a friend at the top of a grassy hill, looking down at Earth below. I exclaimed how we had helped alter Earth’s ‘timeline’ (‘We’, plural, all of us working as Christ’s arms and hands on Earth). It had been on a course set for destruction, but would now survive and go on. (There may be wars and economic troubles, but it seemed that the very real risk of a future M.A.D nuclear war had been averted).

    The other one was really interesting. I help and make toys for a local Waldorf school nursery/kindergarten. (These schools are founded on Christian & spiritual principles). I was there in the kindergarten in the dream, but although familiar, things seemed oddly different. The adults looked kind of familiar, yet not quite. The cut and colour of their clothes wasn’t what people wear today.
    I was invisible as I moved around listening and watching. Slowly I realised who the people were. They were the toddlers of today, but in their early 30’s! I was seeing it decades in the future! I felt happy to see it expanded and thriving. I knew this generation would be a good one, and said aloud: I can leave things in these young people’s hands, they will be fine.
    So I don’t know what will happen *between* now and then, but that was a tremendously hope-ful message that the tiny kids today do have a future, and not one of smoking ruins! 🙂

  5. I want to share this dreams starting with this 1st, because it seem really important and that steal small voice keep telling me to share it, i have had about 8 dreams since i start it to ask god to speak to me thru dreams

    I was as if flying next to a high rise building wish seem to have no end, when i reach the top i was standing in the middle of a platform with 4 runways, then i had the feeling i have been here before and i looked at the runway behind me and i knew for sure i had been there and that runway seem to have like a cave wall behind it, when i look to the front again i see a book and i knew that book had/ was of great power. there it was when i realized the other 3 books of the other runways where missing, and after checking for them i look to the front again and there next to that book a man standing in the air (he reminded me of a how prophets are describe in the bible but he seem evil) was fighting for the book but i did not understand hes words, he was being attack by lighting from above us.

    this other dream im just shearing the 1st part because it had 2 more jumps after….

    The rapture had happen and i was in the middle of gods army with Jesus, i remember all does people around me in white robes, and i think to my self “please have mercy of does i knew that stayed behind” instantly i found my self at the feet of Jesus, He told me something but i dont remember what he told me.

    then the dream jumped and i was in a huge temple, i saw my mother way up high on the stairs, I argue salvation with her, but she does not listen. I start to pray for her to understand, but after starting i couldnt talk, the hole temple start it to shake and some one else finish the prayer for me, i heard the voice that came out of me and it scare even me. My moms runs down the stairs terrified to me, but when i look down an old man is kneel before me and asks me “what do i need to do for my salvation?” so I start to lead him on the salvation prayer and the dream jumps again…..

  6. The Rapture dream went on to, I fond my self in a apt complex, that it seem i use to live at, ( but in waking life i never seen) I see two neighbors, the first one comes out with her boyfriend and her 2 dogs, she sits in the floor and says “look” showing me her braces, I as “why?” and she says “because of swimming” The other one who i had seem to be looking for because I liked her comes out of an apt, I saw the inside of the apt, it was a mess and a guy was sitting in there, she closes the door and walks with me and asks “what was it, that you want it to give me?” when we get to her apt she asks me about the God i knew and I start to talk to her about Jesus and salvation, but she starts telling me her points of view, and i couldn’t convince her. Then out of the window i see 3 objects being carried (i only remember a puppet or marionette) I knew this objects where posses I ran to them and as they where being put in the trunk of a car, i start to pray over them for the demons to leave in the name of Jesus, I woke up as I was praying.

  7. my other dreams….

    I was In some sort of stadium or coliseum, I start it to pray with people for salvation, i remember feeling a bit sad or disappointed because, i kept seeing people walking and ignoring, the i saw hands, ( like looking down at my hands and seeing them from the forearm down). Few people came and garbed on to my hands and little by little more hands would join in, in the prayer then i saw from above a Massive strong chain of hands. (like a net)

    two: i think this was a vision, but i never had one before so i do not know if i was daydreaming or what. it happen as i was thinking of something that happen in the middle east i saw on the news

    I went to a place where some one was preaching, but i know hes preaching was false, I say to him ” there are more with me, then does who are with you” and i slam my feet on the floor saying “in the name of Jesus” and the power of God was seen in that place.

    three: (i was fasting and waiting outside the church to open)
    I saw snow, just a lot of snow and in the distance i see two man one standing in front of the other, and a voice was talking to me, but i did not pay attention to what it told me. (then as i prayed that day i kept seeing snow)

    I dream of a Friend she was on a selling stand, and had a sign posted that said something about negotiation and she says” it is important to negotiate” and then starts telling me “only twice, only twice i was unfaithful to him” and as she is telling me this i kept asking her “do you have Christ?, you have to have Christ”the dream jumped and i saw two women talking as they get into an Elevator one asks the other “where had you been? look at your skin is so light” the other one answers “in Canada”

    I was in what it seem to be a movie theater, in the consesion stand i order ice cream the flavors i order where different, the girl looks at me as (that is so strange) i see one of the cups is almost empty and i tell her she says “oh right” and put more into that cup so mush that it is overflowing falling out of the cup ( i order different mixtures of flavors) i pick up my tray and walk to the room where the movie was playing i see a friend of mine and he tells me “she is upstairs” i look up stairs but i do not go upstairs I couldnt see her so i kept walking to the back, and i found my self on a L shape hallway there was a line in that hallway, but when i get to the corner (the middle of the L where i could see both sides) my mother is next to me and says “just ignore them” the 4 guys start it to fight me, my aunt is recording, but my mom is not there all i remember is hitting one of them with a stool and my aunt telling me “this is going to bring trouble, go”

    I was in like a train station a lady its with me, I have my ticket and i go to find information about the trip,( i remember thinking if i get there, i be able to get to where i need to go.) Im in line but to the side a receptionist calls me and helps me, very happy in doing so and telling me about the trip she tells me “there is food on the train” I ask “is it a cabin?” she says”yes”, the lady that is with me tells her “i cant go” and the receptionist tells her “to bad your not coming” I remember like day dreaming of where i was going (snow and trees is what i saw) at the same time i was thinking i have seem that receptionist before and she was rude now she was nice. when i get to the waiting area 3 (my cousin and 2 friends) of my friends are there and they have shirts of a program, i ask “why do you have does?”(and think did they get arrested?) and they sarcastically answer “things are bad, this is the way to go, dont you know?” They are giving a casserole, full of cut of hotdogs and they eat but not right away, they first look at the casserole wondering if they should eat, i also wonder but i tell them no, i will have food on the train. One of them seem to be apart from the rest but the other feeds him, i see their mouth and they are full so full they cant fit more and they laugh as they ate ( i found it strange that i was laughing with them)

    I was like in a lagoon, but it was like a square in the middle of that lagoon there was like an island i was on that island with friends, the island start it to crumble, one of my friends falls into the water and i almost fell but i garbed on i was hanging by one hand, an alligator, charges the friend that fell and he swim south, i said something among the lines of ” what a better way to die” and i fall into the lagoon breaking another peace of that island and swim east grabbing the attention of the alligator, and allowing the one that fell on the water to save him self, the peace of the island that fell with me comes to me as if it was alive and i grabbed on to it and i was on the peak of it and it takes me north, but after i am north i found my self west (and the rest of my friends where west to but under me looking at me) i was graving on to a hammock struggling to get on it, when i finely get on the hammock my friends say “god is amazing nothing for so long and now twice in one day” and i rested on that hammock with a smile.

    I am hiding inside a church, it was night time. I hear people trying to break in they also sound worried like they are not suppose to be there. when they come in i talk to them and some one says to some one else “he is sot suppose to be here”. there was a women ( beautiful black women, i do not know why but her race seem to be important) she seems to be in charge of that place she tells me to plant something (they seem to be like cactus or savila) she also tells me how and where to plant them. she starts talking to me like we know each other but we had lost touch, she had a child and her father came to pick him up, she sends him a text, i saw him reading the text when he came to pick up the child, she tells me ” do not worried, he is good ignoring messages” after he leaves we call a radio station before she could talk the phone start making noises and i ask “how?”and the operator say “I got it, by the number we can tell”

  8. I do pray for the interpretation, but some like that 1st one with the book I yet to understand, when interpretation of dreams hit me, all i could think of was the missing book where mix in to that one book, Qumran, Buddhist, and the runway behind me where i had been the bible, but i do not know if i am right, and the rest of the dream i dont understand.

  9. I want to correct my self in that last statement, I have had a dream wish i was scare to share because, i thought was and attack or something to break my faith. but as i find this video i realize now what god was trying to tell me

    (In the dream i saw a giant bible under a spotlight and is start it to be tare down in front of me in what appear to be anger but i didn’t see any hands touch it.)

    that was the whole dream, but then,
    i was reading a verse in my Spanish bible and it said and something about
    enter into judgment and when i went to my NiV judgment was not even mention and this lead me to confusion why my English version did not say what my Spanish said.until i found that video.

    So the understanding i gave before of my other dream, is just an assumption and i am yet to get its revelation i just know its connected to this dream as is and evil man who is fighting for that book.

    • There are many who are trying to tear apart the Bible and deceive many.

      Rom 1:18 — Rom 1:19
      God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness
      For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.

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