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Another Dream About The Dangers Of Deception

I had a dream/night vision 06/20/2015. In the dream a saw a slow-moving river. The river was called deception and there is significance to the fact that it was slow-moving as deception is patient and slow-moving. I saw an open Bible and it was floating on this river and moving along with the current. The Bible is the Word of God and contains no deception.  In the dream I saw people standing on the Bible. You can stand on the Word of God. The river’s name as I said above was deception.  Just as the water that destroyed mankind in Noah’s day gave the ark buoyancy so the ark in my dream, the Word of God was floating . One thing about this river is that it looked like raw sewage. I saw a person jump off and, unlike the Word of God,  didn’t float but sank. People can usually float in water. I’ve done it myself, however, this was not ordinary water. One can’t float on this water. The person who jumped into the water had to be rescued by someone in the Word. One thing I noticed is that the people on the Word were standing in the middle of it and the one needing rescued had been standing on the edge before jumping and most likely staring at the water. Again, from what I saw, the water looked like raw sewage.  One would most definitely have to be deceived to want to jump into such filth.

When such a one is rescued they are rescuing him/her from the filth of deception; stink and all. Those needing rescued will not be coming out smelling like roses.

The take away from this is to stay in the Ark which in this case the Word of God. Secondly one must gather with other believers of like mind who speak the same thing. And lastly have compassion on those who have chosen deception. In order to rescue such a one means standing in the place where they wilfully jumped off. In the above dream the person that jumped off was at the edge of the Word staring at the river called deception.

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19 thoughts on “Another Dream About The Dangers Of Deception

  1. Teleile on said:

    What an interesting dream-vision!
    Thank you, that gives a lot of good food for thought to meditate on.
    I suppose the people in the middle would be the ones who’re surrounded at all times by the Word of God. The ones on the edge of the Bibles would be only partly ‘standing’ on it, ‘grounded in it’, because only half of their being would have the Word right next to them; the other part of them would be next to the river of deception. So the Word would be sort of peripheral in their lives, wouldn’t it …… these are not total unbelievers, as they *were* standing on the Bible, but half their attention was on other, deceptive, stuff, so they lost their footing and toppled in.
    Christ said to me once in a vision: “Always back up your words with My words, even to yourself; then you will never go astray.”


  2. Marsha on said:

    I was reading my bible last day, and I hear a voice in my head, ” I coming Soon”. The Lord will come soon, be ready…Sincerely, Marsha

    • I’d would be more concerned about the people being deceived. And, what I could do to see as many saved and the backslidden return to the Lord as possible Too many Christians have an escapist mentality and care little about those who are perishing . They only care about themselves making the rapture. Christ came to seek and save the lost. We need to have the same heart as Christ.

      • Yes, that’s right, but most of those who are deceived will not listen, they are absolutely sure they are right. It is very hard to get them rescued if the Holy Spirit will not act and pull them out. What I have noticed by now is that people will not believe in salvation when you just tell them, others will not believe people can have demons and yet others who are deceived, will not believe they are deceived. People are very stubborn and full of their own beliefs. I do not know how much time you need to convince the people they are not right, I think it is only the mercy of God and His Holy Spirit that can change things and people. And I just realised how true it must be that the heaven rejoyces when one sinner repents as to get people to repent and believe in Jesus is the hardest task I can imagine. I am talking about my own experience with my own family and people I met. I would like to see at least one person who got saved through my witnessing. It is heart breaking truly to see how hardened people are today.

  3. Teleile on said:

    Yes, what you say reminds me of something I read years ago, where a pastor said to his audience: ‘How many of you really believe that people are going to hell?’ A lot of hands were raised.
    He said: ‘Then what are you doing about it?’
    Embarrassed silence!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this, why are we being shown so much about the lukewarm or misled Christians? What comes to me is that it’s because they are in the WORST danger!
    Take someone living a life way off-track, a drug dealer, whose live revolves around prostitution, crime, violence, etc. Deep down, these people know they’ve messed up. They know they’re not good, ‘spiritual’ people. But they can change, they can, in one day, reach rock bottom and wake up.
    (In fact that reminds me of this wonderful story – worth a read, he tells it very well).

    But the people who believe they are already ‘Christians’ are in a worse state, aren’t they? They think they *are* saved!
    If you think you’re just fine as you are, then you see no reason to make any effort. You can’t fill a full cup. So these people are actually in the more dangerous situation than even the out-and-out ‘sinner’.


  4. xandra on said:

    Very interesting dream !
    Very meaningfull is that the people on the edge were STARING at the water.
    When you ‘stare’ it becomes something

    Once I’ve seen that. I saw a black substance. (darker than darkest darkness) It was in my bedroom. I looked at it. It came closer. It is in the nature of people to define things.

    When I defined (named it, in the way of: hey this looks like……) it became what I named it, (a dog in this case, and not a scary one) in colour (before that it was black and just a formless substance)

    And this was only my thought, not even a spoken word.

    I should have sent it away immediately in the Name of Jesus.

    Still, I’m glad I reacted so slow and absent, ,because I learned a lot of that, to be carefull with where you put your attention and with how you define things too.

    So I assume, when one stares too long, puts the focus on the wrong thing, thinking it is good, the person gets wrapped in. (or is sinking in water)

    But also when one is aware of something that is not right, and does not react and leaves it like that.

    Again a proof that following Jesus is not a way of recreation, and we must take that seriously and be on guard. Also at nights. Nothing wrong with putting the clock at 03.00 and do some prayer. (if possible, sometimes)

  5. sandra on said:

    I am concerned about this deceit because I honestly don’t know what to do about it.

    I must still meet the first (or second) person who listens. Haven’t met much of those yet.

    How do we practically do that?

    • Stay in the Ark which is the word of God and be praying and spending time with the Lord. Try to find other believers of like mind and fellowship with them.

  6. sandra on said:

    I feel quilty, because what do I do ? Not much.

  7. sandra on said:

    I have tried but am sticked in: they don’t listen anyway.

    These messages are good but at the same time horrible. It makes us look at ourselves and our responsibility. Aiaiai.

  8. sandra on said:

    With quilty feelings and not doing enough, looking in the mirror and not being pleased. Sometimes I think: huh, I am probably the only one ?

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