My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

I Prayed The Prayer

I had a dream 05/30/2015 just before waking. In the dream I saw a long line of people,  a very long line.I could not count how many were in this line. I would liken it to the line you would see if a movie star were in town and people were waiting in line to see him/her. Hopefully this conveys the picture of what I saw in my dream.These people were all standing in line waiting to gain entrance. In each of their hands was a rolled up scroll.  I was shown the words on the scroll which said ” I prayed the prayer”.  This was the admission ticket,  if you will,  that the people in the line were trusting in to gain entrance into heaven. Then I saw a large hole and these people were bring cast into this hole. The hole i  am guessing was hell.
The scroll that each one tightly held onto and trusted in did not gain them the entrance into heaven as  they believed it would. Jesus is the only way into heaven.

1Jo 2:3-6
The Test of Knowing Him
3 Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. 4 He who says, “I know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 5 But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. 6 He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.

How many people think that they’re saved because they prayed the prayer that a pastor had them pray with, “every head bowed and every eye closed”, God forbid that they should make a public decision to leave their life of sin and follow Christ.

How many pastors will go through eternity, providing they make it themselves,  living with the fact that those he/she had,  “pray the prayer”, and never were made disciples of Jesus and never taught that they must leave their life of sin now are burning in an eternal hell.

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38 thoughts on “I Prayed The Prayer

  1. unicorncoat on said:

    This reminds me of the parable of the ten virgins, how only half were prepared with full oil (oil also representing the Holy Spirit) and when the others came to the door of the bridegroom he said, “I know you not.”
    I’m glad you posted this. We live in a society that firmly believes that only one simple prayer saves their lives forever and they can go back to the ways of the world, never considering it again.
    I remember when my grandfather passed away many years ago people asked if he had ever accepted Christ and that made the hardship of his death seem to be okay to them because they assume he is in Heaven, though we don’t fully know. They use it as an excuse to not witness to anyone, “Oh God will work in them, they’re saved they’re just not living like it right now. They’ll come around.” and “I firmly believe once someone accepts Christ as their Savior they’re saved forever.” But accepting Him is living out His desires in our life, not just a prayer asking Him into our hearts. Now we have a scripted prayer to help continue this way of thinking. There’s little talk of what it takes to live your life as a true Christ follower and how to keep going in it, at least from what I’ve seen.

    • The “sinners prayer” has become more of a magic incantation than a new way of living for Jesus.

      • unicorncoat on said:

        I agree. It’s the “stamp of approval.” Did you know it actually didn’t come around until Billy Graham picked it up and then it started in churches everywhere? I learned that this last year.

  2. Deborah on said:

    For many years, I have taught Bible studies at a jail. So often when I saw someone come to Christ, I would be asked by others: ‘Did she ‘pray the prayer’? ” My answer then was as it is now: “I am not interested in getting someone to ‘pray a ‘prayer. I am interested in seeing sign of ‘new life’.”

    Many times, I have had the priceless privilege of being what I refer to as a ‘spiritual mid-wife’, to be present in the delivery room (figuratively speaking) when someone is ‘born-again.’ No two births are identical, but there are unmistakable similarities. And just as there are markers which identify a woman who is in real labor from a woman who is merely experiencing ‘Braxton Hicks’ (false labor) – so it is with one truly being born into the Kingdom of God.

    So often, the ‘baby’ doesn’t even realize that it is in the ‘spiritual birth canal’! They have no idea what is happening to them ❤ But, I know. And I marvel that the God who is the sole giver of physical life, is also the sole giver of spiritual life….and He has allowed me to be in the delivery room again and again.

    "Pray the sinners prayer'? NEVER. I believe this is just one of Satan's lies……..and countless millions have believed it.

    Only by His grace and for His glory,

    • If only more believers thought this way that salvation is not a prayer but a complete change of lifestyle we would see a very different church.

  3. sandra on said:


    I saw a dream, I was on a wrong road, did not know it yet. It was on the wall of a fortress. At the end I saw something was happening there. So I went closer. It was horrible: people were jumping in a black hole. One after the other.

    As I saw: not out of unfree will, they thought they were doing something right.

    Then I made my journey back.

    When I was down again I came in a sort of waiting room, and saw other churchpeople there. I thougt : oh, they made the journey as well and decided to return, just like me.

    After that
    A splitting occured in my church, and these people in the waiting room were also key-people. (they left, we left)

    At the time of the dream all this was not happening yet.

  4. sandra on said:

    (the last sentences, are not from the dream but real. I just don’t understand the waiting room)

    • You said that at the time of your dream the split had not yet occurred. Could that explain the waiting room?

      • sandra on said:

        No, this dream was in the summer and in the fall the problems started. There were very few people in this waiting room.
        The waiting room; makes me wonder ! Have no clue what this was about.

  5. sandra on said:

    But…isn’t it cruell?

    I have a hard time to believe this will happen to people who tried, but were deceived, or because others did not take their responsibility. That is like passing a huge huge almost impossible test.

    But it is not: once in, always in. In fact we make decisions every day.
    But still…..I have difficulties with this ending. My God, how is this possible.

    • Sandra many say the “sinner’s prayer” and treat it like some sort of magical incantation that all will be well and they can go on living their life of sin and still make heaven because they prayed the prayer.

      • sandra on said:

        Yes, like that, I understand, they should take the bible and God mentiones many times His ‘demands’. You can’t buy one ticket for eternity.
        Then there is the filling of the Holy Spirit, without that, the Word does not reach our heart.

        Unbelievable that these things happen, without further after-care after the sinnerprayer.

        It is like the catholics, they declare one holy, on basis of nothing.

      • I believe that there will be many suprised pastors on judgment day when they see how many that they led in the “sinner’s prayer ” are not in heaven.

  6. sandra on said:

    Yes, it makes me wanna cry. It is absolutely terrible.

    Tomorrow we have a conversation with one
    And hope that he is willing to listend
    Because we can’t let him go like that

    Hope his pride is gone.

    • I will be praying for your meeting.

      • sandra on said:

        Thank you Tony !!

      • Let me know how it goes

      • sandra on said:

        We had the conversation last monday, with the pastor-couple.

        This idea was born in the weekend in my heart, to speak to them, after a lot had happened (manipulation, lies, self-exaltment)

        Intention: reaching their hearts, trying to make them look from another perspective.

        It was horrible. Nothing changed. Started to mention all things we (the group that left) had done wrong. They both fullfilled different roles. The pastor exalted himself (he was disappointed in the spiritual bagage of the leavers he said) and the woman did some lies on me, on a subject on which she thought I was sensitive for. She used it as an USP to manipulate (thinking: if I get them back, this whole group will come back). Mean, actually.

        We lost attention, cause we noticed clearly what was going on and our mission was impossible, in that way.

        I felt strong however when I got to bed, felt victorious. Was amazed about that, just coming from a lionpit.

        When I closed my eyes, there was no dream, no vision, more a quick thought and I saw myself doing it:

        I threw a key backwards over my right shoulder. (threw it away)

        (In a way of: ‘well, I might as well throw this away now)

        It is that last thing (the key) I would like to hear your idea about, Tony.

      • Keys lock and unlock doors Sandra. I believe that the key you threw was your access to that church and your former pastor. It’s time to move on and pray for the Lord’s direction for your lives.

      • sandra on said:

        I felt sorry for them, and out of that wanted a (last) conversation and hoped to find some brokenness. Brokenness = opening, and a way to ones heart. I think the key was to open something for them, I’m not sure.
        There was no brokenness what so ever ( they were the real victims according to themselves and we were the weed, thistels ! (they say)


        HE is truly Wonderful (jesaja 9).

        Normally after something like this one can feel frustrated and sad or even angry. how does one feel normally in these cases? Not very glorious.

        But He gave a victorious feeling and power and confidence !

        Miracles are in the small things too. We must see the miracles in these small things.

        I was amazed (again) by His Glory and could only say: Yes Lord You are truly Wonderful.

        And like Job i can only admit to Him that He is ncomprehensible. He is. He gives glory where human beings don’t expect it !!

        Wow, how gratefull I am.

  7. sandra on said:

    It is an extremely irresponsible thing, a sinner prayer without after-care and coaching.

    They should better not act at all and sit in the last row and shut up!!!!

    • That is why in Matthew 28 Jesus commands his disciples to go out and make disciples. The actual word means someone who is attached to his/her teacher and follows them in their doctrine and conduct of life. In other words, to disciple someone is to be intimately invoked in the person being discipled’s life. We, as believers are all charged with the task of making disciples.

      • sandra on said:

        You’re right. (well the Bible is)

        This thing makes me very angry.

        The same as another way of acting: freeing people without knowing how and why.

        One day I heard the same story, of two mothers – independant of eachother- : they told that their child had been delivered (freed) and after that they were in severe identitycrises. They needed psychiatric help.

        It was no coïncidence that I heard this twice on one day, out of two different mouths, of two women who don’t even know eachother.

        One can be too enthousiastic. But the Holy Spirit is needed !

  8. sandra on said:

    —Too enthousiastic…or too greedy (.>in order to look interesting)—-

  9. Thanks for this Tony as I’ve been thinking about this lately.
    Those verses are vital and all too often overlooked. They’re based on Jesus’ original instructions to the public for building our lives either on The Rock, or else on sand: ie. ‘The Sermon on the Mount’.

    Privately in the upper room (John 13-17), Jesus reminded the disciples,:
    “If you love Me, you will obey what I command (14:15)…If anyone loves Me, he will obey My teaching. My Father will love him AND WE WILL COME AND MAKE OUR HOME WITH HIM.
    “He who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words are not My own, they belong to the Father who sent Me (14:23-24).
    “If you obey My commands, you will remain in my love…My command is this: LOVE EACH OTHER as I have loved you…! (15:10-12)

    Many who quote scripture fail that prime test – not just pastors! Lately, I’ve again come across a believer being unchristian in judging and condemning another believer – Jesus calls this hypocrisy! (Matt 7 – do such folk get into the Kingdom?) It demonstrates lack of Christian love. Hence my liking Bill Johnson and associates for stressing the values of Kingdom culture such as honouring one another

    Fifty years ago such animosity was common across demon-ations and so I headed for New Age and occultism – so it required Jesus himself to rescue me per Col 1:3 (full story at

    All that’s another reason for my concluding that the “Once saved, always saved” dictum ‘ain’t necessarily so’!

    • I am sure that some will find this post upsetting. But it is in fact the truth and unfortunately goes against what many believe and have been taught. Salvation is not meant to be “fire insurance” so that once saved you may do as you please and still be welcomed into heaven. Good insight Richard!

      • Thank you Tony.
        Many churches realised they needed to follow up evangelism with discipleship, which is what happened after I heard BG in ’89 (but not all were equipped to do so). Hence the Lord did it through people I’d deemed to be “such biblical bigots I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole!” – Baptists. But He knew that’s where I’d get a good grounding in scripture, eg. from an ex-Brethren elder!

  10. sandra on said:

    What a pity, I can’t really understand the above of you RIchard… I am interested though in what you have to say! ‘Barge pole, BG, deemed, bigots’ I can’t figure it out. 😦

    • Hi Sandra, just discovered your query within WPress as don’t get email follow-up to threads. In view of time constraints I had to be brief – but too much so. Sorry.

      As Billy Graham was mentioned above I used his initials regarding his visit to Earls Court, London in 1989. Not all churches sponsoring the event were able to follow up and disciple new believers.

      The one that did it locally however, did an introductory session but I didn’t know what kind of church they were – even after a number of meetings at home. When I found they were Baptists I recalled my previous vow as an ardent anti-Christian in a dinner conversation. The Baptists with us had closed minds, unlike the Anglican vicar who was open to Eastern & New Age ideas. Hence, I thought they were very bigoted.

      The barge pole reference is one of opprobrium as they were very long poles for pushing barges along English canals. So ‘Not touching someone with a barge pole’ means keeping them away at far, far more than arms-length!

      Only much later when being discipled and taught to study the Bible did I learn our Lord has a sense of humour. He put me with ‘bigots’ in order to get a really good grounding in His Word – and I couldn’t find out their identity at first because they were having internal issues on teaching about Holy Spirit!

      Hope that clarifies things for you, and others, Sandra.

  11. I love the dream because it is so self explenatory!!! This is indeed the case with so many. That is the sad part of the dream – it is reality. Churches full are in that ‘line’. Sometimes I am not even sure how to make people understand they are falsely counting on salvation.

  12. In fact… I sometimes pray that prayer again and again from time to time because receiving God’s forgiveness is a daily thing and especially our need for it. This is not a ‘thing’ we do at the age of 8 in Sunday School and then live on for ourselves. This dream should be shared with others. I will.

  13. Such a terrifying but true message. We can only pray that these truths reach everyone’s ears and heart before it is too late.

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