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Dreams and Visions

In Spirit and in Truth

When you really think about Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well and the fact that He revealed the life that she was hidding, truth becomes more relevant when Jesus begins to speak of the Father seeking those who would worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  The Lord knows who we are and who we pretend to be. Whether willing to admit it or not we have all sewn fig leaves for ourselves. When the Lord asked Jacob his name that was Him asking him his identity which was lier, grabber of the heel, deceiver  and thief. In his wrestling with the Lord his name was changed to Israel. God doesn’t want us to come to him with our lips but our heart. When the woman at the well had her past revealed by the Lord she was naked so to speak. What happens next is awesome. He told her that she spoke the truth when she said she had no husband. How foolish to think that anything can be hidden from God.
Jesus revealed His divinity to a sinful woman who in turn evangelizes an entire town.
Worship must be in Spirit. We can’t begin to worship a holy God the way He desires to be worshiped so He gives us His  Holy Spirit  to  worship through us. Truth is the second requirement in worship.  The Lord would have us come to Him without the fig leaves we cover ourselves with. He knows who we truly are and who we pretend to be as i said above. When we are truthful as to who we are I believe that we can then be truthful with God.

Because of Adams sin he was afraid of God. God does not want us to be afraid of Him. He wants us to fear Him and that’s for our own good but not to be afraid of Him. Coming to God in truth is coming to Him as He sees you and realizing that He already knows and still Loves you.

Worship is the goal of evangelism and
evangelism is the result of true worship.


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11 thoughts on “In Spirit and in Truth

  1. sandra on said:

    And being honest. Some prayers would not be understood or would even be judged, in company. There can be raw prayers, too. The ones in which you show the hurt, sounds easy, but can be hard. I found that these usually cause movement. Sometimes it takes a while to get there (again), jeremia 17:9-10.

    • sandra on said:

      (Then obstructions to worship in spirit and truth are out of the way.)

    • This is what church should be like Sandra. It is what I would like to see. I long for relationships with people who would like to do church the way it was done in the new testament.

      • sandra on said:

        Yes, I long for that too, I’ve ‘thrown the ball up’, about what we talked about in a previous topic: starting something ourselves, all with the same input.

        It is the people that form such a ‘church’ And that is also a bit of a thing.

        The ones who worship in truth and spirit maybe a minority.

        This has to do with time. The time people spend with God, seeking for His truth, getting lessons from Him, meditating on the things.

        I see it happen too little.

        At the same time I emphasize: I’m having difficulties too, it is not easy, it is costing me my looks (10 years older after another wrestling> this is a joke).

        But I’m always determined to learn things, to ask Him, how certain things work, why certain things are ordainned. decreed. He knows I want to know why cause if I know what is behind it, I’m certainly motivated to do it, to obey. That establishes the faith. Otherwise it is just a theology/religion.

        That is the confidence we may have, to ask that, hebr 4:16, and helps with worshipping in spirit and truth.

      • Amen Sandra!!!

      • sandra on said:

        Maybe people are victims now, of there own laziness, by being stuck in a system? (I dont mean all, but yet many)

      • it’s all some people know.

  2. sandra on said:

    ( I mean, I need to understand why Im doing what I do. Then my heart and determination are with it)

  3. Great post, Tony! ⭐

    Indeed, God does not want us to be afraid of Him and I gladly admit I am not. But sometimes I am afraid of myself, seeing those unfathomable abysses of darkness in my heart! In fact, at first sight it would be easier to live with a mask, yet masks or fig leaves are like walls between God’s light and our inmost being. From hence, it makes sense to agree with Paul who said, “I know in my flesh dwells no good thing.” (Rom 7:18) Nonetheless, God is good! 🙂

    Every blessing,

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