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Dreams and Visions

The Whole Truth or Just A Piece?

I had a dream 05/14/2015. In the dream I hear the word Laodicea. Laodicea is the 7th church mentioned in the book of Revelation and is the only church of the seven that Jesus has absolutely nothing good to day about. In fact the word says that it makes Him want to puke. The word “Laodicea”, is formed from two Greek words. These words are laos, which means “people”, and dikazo, which can mean either a personal opinion or a decree,for example, a sentence, given by a judge. Therefore,the word “Laodicea” can mean both “people’s opinions” or “people judged“. From what I have read there are over 25,000 “Christian” denominations, the word denomination means division, each claiming to have the corner on the market when it comes to the truth. Now back to my dream. As I said above I had a dream where I saw a white cloth. Then I saw hands begin to take pieces from the cloth. The pieces were no bigger than what you could put between your index finger and thumb. This kept going on until the cloth was completely gone. A piece of cloth as small as the one I saw in my dream is pretty much worthless because it can’t be used for anything. We tend to throw pieces of cloth such as these away.  The church of Jesus Christ was/is to be a guardian of the truth not a judge of what they like and what they don’t like. It is the truth, the whole truth, that sets you free not the piece(s) that one finds to their liking. The Sword of the Spirit is the complete word of the living God and it is the only offensive weapon we have. To take the truth of God’s word apart is to render the sword powerless.

1Ti 3:15
(15) But if I should delay, that you may know how you ought to behave in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth.

Each hand in my dream only took a piece of the cloth and therefore only had a piece of the truth. We must remember that God said that He was the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob and in so saying He was stating that He was the God of People. God hates division among brethren.


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29 thoughts on “The Whole Truth or Just A Piece?

  1. sandra on said:

    This is a serious challenge these days for true christians. It is almost as if divisions are necessary now, because of laodica minds. God loves men /women who still stand for Him too and when they make decisions in favour of Him. What is more important then? No division, or..the decision (to stay faithfull to Him)

    The answer is in the article I believe: “To take the truth of God’s word apart is to render the sword powerless” That can’t be an option.

  2. Great insight – perhaps the cloth is the shroud, it was folded and left neatly for us in the tomb. The shroud representing Christ is shredded into the imaginations and ideas of Man. It’s all about Him but somehow along the way we (Man) always think we are the wiser still. I do not follow or commit to a denomination, but I do support the Church and know that Christ had and has a better plan for it. In the end – He will have His Bride and it will not be a specific denomination -. I just think in the meantime we must wisely and prayerfully choose a Church that is scripturally and not culturally based. And contribute as best we can to keeping the shroud whole and the focus on the truth, while we can. We are not a perfect people, but we do need the community of worship with other believers and we could all take heed to the warning of Laodicea and remember we are not to be lazy or lukewarm when it comes to Christ. ~ Amen :Y

  3. sandra on said:

    In this town there are many different churches. Some people including us left a church after lots of lies, and we all have the question: where to go now, are there any good options. This one is not an option because….that one is not an option because…… So many churches in a place like this, unbelievable, but hardly appealing. It is the same thing in another package. That’s the problem.: where can people go? We always say: one can put whipped cream on a turd, but it stays a turd.

    • Sandra, If you were asked to describe church using only what the New Testament says about church and none of your experiences or knowledge of church how would you describe it?

  4. sandra on said:

    I would think: being united, sharing, faithfullness, humility and simpleness. prayer, encouragement, walking in His power, doing the Holy communion, correct and teach eachother, giving space to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  5. sandra on said:

    Don’t know Tony, that is a big responsibility, and I am unorganized. I would like it, if people come together, and everyone can share something, bring something in. I think you mean that. Think we learn much more that way, and it would be encouraging, stimulating. Also to share things about the Word in a practical way (testimonies, prayer for eachother and together for others). That is what we miss, we know the theological stuff, but how did people bring things in practice in a variety of situations. I looove to hear those things. Haven’t heard much about that, I look things up on the Internet. And fruits, I wonder where the fruits are. And that they don’t think you’re crazy when you tell testimonies. I am sad to see people struggle, with the same mountain over and over again, but they don’t put much in. But if one wants output, there should be input. I know it is hard sometimes, I had to learn it myself with falling and standing up and am still learning, ofcourse there are mountains, there are no roses on the path. But roses are certainly not there, when church is just a club.

    • Jesus trusted 12 uneducated fishermen to establish His church. What makes you different from them?

      • sandra on said:

        Now we have a group of people, we come together once in the two weeks, just to talk and keep contact. However, they (still) want ‘real’ church. (in a building, with the hierarchy, they also are used to this from their youth – we aren’t, for us it is easier to leave that oldfashioned idea of a church – or should I say new-fashioned). They have made clear from the beginning: we don’t want to start a new church, that is not our intention. I thought that too at the beginning, now way jose, although later it did occur in my mind. I’ll pray about it. Thank you

      • If you gather to honor Jesus He will show up and then it’s church

      • I’d like to interject here to show what we are all really looking for. Read 1 Cor. 14:26-33. This is what “church” was initially like. Each one contributed while the Holy Spirit did the leading. Notice how it says let 2-3 prophets speak but then it continues to allowing everyone who receives from the Spirit of the Lord to give what they received until everyone has had a chance to prophecy (the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus).

        I’ve led groups in this fashion and we’ve had the most fruitful times in the Lord imaginable. I’ve seen an explosive growth in those participating where in the church services of today, there is virtually little to no growth at all. It is like the difference between putting a plant that needs direct sunlight into a dark shaded area and planting the same kind of plant in full view of the sun. The difference in growth is remarkable. Church services is like putting the plant in a dark shade and not allowing direct contact with the “Son’s” rays but following the paradigm of 1 Cor. 14 is like putting that same plant directly in full view of the “Son”.

      • I see the same thing Jerry. Churches will become targets as the days grow darker and won’t be a safe place to meet. Homes and other inconspicuous places will become the safe place to meet

      • Yes and this is where the Lord will reveal to everyone this new (but old) paradigm of how to fellowship with Him as a gathering of believers. Having tasted of this, I so long for it unless I get to go home before then. I was already shown through 2 dreams about my home coming.

        When I was 15 years old (7 years before Christ came into my life), I was given a dream where I saw Jesus return and I was one of those being caught up in the air. The most incredible experience anyone can ever experience, being transformed from this flesh to eternal life….it was beyond description and the closest I can tell is that it was like being transformed into PURE JOY! In that dream, the moon was very very close to the earth, so large that it dominated the sky and with one end below the horizon and the upper end at about the 2 o’clock position.

      • That was some dream!!

      • Enjoyed the conversation. Until next time.

  6. sandra on said:

    You’re absolutely right, they are less loose people than we are, more bound to fixed ideas about church. I understand, it is probably the background, we don’t have a churchbackground (I got baptized in 2004, my husband in 2006) and before that we had never seen a church. They want the hierarchy, building, the order, we said: we have all experienced that that is no guarantee for ‘succes’, but that can horribly fail. And that is no guarantee for ‘order’. We’ll see.

    • You can take the person out of the church but it takes a while to get the church out of the person

      • sandra on said:

        Yes remarkable is it not? Also they still see themselfes as damaged and victims I tried to shed another light to it: let’s be happy !! That we were standing for a decision and made the right one !! That we are out !!That is priceless !! I noticed a gathering two weeks later, at least one person had picked that up.

      • Nothing worthwhile is ever easy Sandra

  7. sandra on said:

    No, that is a process.

  8. The best most Holy Spirit led church I ever had the joy of belonging to was a small group right in my own little apt.
    I mean, THAT was church and then some. Everyone came with something, a Psalm, a teaching, a prophesy, a doctrine, a revelation, just like the bible says it’s supposed to be when the Body of Christ is functioning in harmony. We gathered no “tithes” but needs were like when one sister needed furniture and household goods, It was glorious. and we were blessed beyond measure.

    • You said it Scarlett!!!!! I’ve experienced the same thing when I was backbone a small town in Pennsylvania.

    • We long for that here 8n Tucson

      • Tony, I kinda believe it’s like if we “lift” Christ up, then He will draw men unto us…(to minister to and/or for fellowship).
        Nevertheless, we may be tested in this…not to compromise and cave in just for the sake of having fellowship that may not be directed of the Lord.

      • Scarlett you said a mouthful there. It’s like being tempted to settle for second best or worse yet a counterfeit

  9. Here are 2 messages that show that truth shared by Scarlett and you experienced as well Tony:

    These both speak about the 1 Cor. 14:26-33 paradigm of how believers gathered together. It is the richest time of growth for those who participate, just as you both have experienced. I’ve led groups purposely following this pattern and allowed the Holy Spirit to actually lead where everyone became aware that it was He that was leading and not anyone else.

    What is coming while in the midst of severe persecution against the saints, will be the latter rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit which is expected to be 7 times greater than the early rain experienced at Pentecost in Acts 2. In a vision, He showed me how this will happen and also showed me how the Holy Spirit will be orchestrating it all. There will be many thousands of “home meetings” where most of the saints will gather without a pastor or other ordained minister. God will be directing His servants the apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists to each location through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Each will receive what He wants them to receive in order to prepare them for the greatest harvest the world will ever see. The most incredible signs and wonders will be performed by those whom He prepares.

    I can’t recall whether I spoke of this latter part in those messages, which is why I mentioned it here.


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