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Dreams and Visions

Another Dream about a Ship

I had a dream the morning of 05/03/2015.  Since my last dream/vision I posted was about am ocean liner I, for the time being, am assuming that this is following the same thread. In this dream I remember being under the ship itself  although I was not in water nor was the ship for that matter. Nonetheless the ship was on top of me and it was crushing me. I could feel it becoming almost impossible to breathe. If I were awake and was experiencing this sensation I would be thinking that I was having a heart attack. I remember being just neat the middle of the boat towards the back. I  remember that I was at first trying to get to the front of the ship but the more I got under the ship the harder it became to breathe. I then began to back up and ended up getting out from under the ship.  No one knew that I was under there but me and the Lord. I have to wonder if that is how some people feel in Mega churches or just plain church for that matter. I had to get out of there in order to breathe as it was like the air was being robbed from me because of the weight of the ship that was upon me.  No air = no life.

Has anyone else felt that the very air and life was literally being sucked out of them in a church? Notice that I am not picking on any individual church. This is what I feel as I write this post.

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23 thoughts on “Another Dream about a Ship

  1. Deborah on said:

    Hello dear brother,

    No, I have not had such a dream as you described. But just this afternoon, I was sharing with my husband again, about a dream I DID have about ten years ago, involving very large boats, which were directly related to large churches. I will share it here:

    I saw a large pond/small lake. Upon it, were two very large boats very close to one another. People were on deck all around the sides fishing…but catching very little.

    Then I saw a similar size body of water, with a small row boat upon it. Those on board were frantically trying to bring the enormous number of fish they were catching into the boat, crying out for people…anyone to come and help them.

    The dream ended.

    The LORD showed me this:

    * The 1st large pond/small lake = The city I live in (population 82,000 plus)

    * The two ‘large boats’ = The two Evangelical/’Seeker ‘type ‘mega churches’ in the city I live in.

    * The 2nd pond/lake = Another town of similar size to mine

    * Small boat = small church

    * Fishermen on all boats = Those ‘fishing’ for souls

    The meaning? There are two ‘mega’ churches within just 2 miles of one another, both competing for the same ‘fish’ (souls), with neither really ‘catching’ many new ‘fish’. While in another city, there are not enough ‘fishermen’ (workmen) to handle the many whom the Lord is drawing to them.

    My heart is breaking today, as I just learned that one of those two mega churches I mentioned, has just reproduced the 11th exact duplicate of itself, in the surrounding cities of the ‘home’ campus. At the time of my dream, ten years ago, there was only the one main campus.

    I once asked the Lord, how in the world did the Roman Catholic Church (NOT one of the two mega churches I mentioned) ever become the monstrosity it became, with all of the power it wields? His answer? Reproducing exact duplicates – one at a time. 😦

    If my heart is breaking, I can’t imagine how the LORD feels.

    By His grace and for His glory,

    • Powerful Dream Deborah. This confirms the visions and dreams that the Lord has shown me concerning this. Thank you for sharing it with me, I greatly appreciate it.

    • I’m not sure if you have ever heard of a man by the name of George Barna. He is a church statistion and according to him there were, at the time I read his article, approximately 57,000 people per week leaving churches like the ones you mentioned. Church was meant to be a family not a corporation. Very sad dream Deborah of what the church has become.

  2. Marsha on said:

    Hi Tony,
    They are need to be preaching on the end of days, not just subjects. We need to hear prophesy for this day and age.

  3. unicorncoat on said:

    I’ve felt a very strong lacking of “meat” in churches most of my life and I know others who have felt it was sucking the life out of them.
    I would say this could apply to a lot of different aspects. My first thought was actually more along the lines of people in general (not actual church congregations but maybe some of those who are still blind) that can do this. I’ve experienced that recently with things over here.

  4. I am reminded of this verse:

    Amos 2:13 Behold, I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves.

    • So what do you think that the Lord is saying to you in this verse Levi?

      • The mega churches, of which I was never a part of and even today I am not a member of any church, have been straitening the Spirit of God, Who desires to work through His people. There is no spiritual freedom here due to their own dogmas. The only way out is come out of them, and, as you saw in the dream, you will be able to breathe the Spirit of God and do His will freely.

      • Amen Levi

  5. jacqui on said:

    This is a powerful dream Tony I felt the pressure as I read it. Although I have never been part of a mega church I have walked out of many churches because of their teachings. I felt the great sadness when Deborah posted too. It might not mean much but when you mention ships I always think of the Titanic and how everyone thought it would never sink ….. but of course it did…… I often see these mega churches as replicas of the Titanic….. just a thought anyhow. God Bless jacqui x

  6. Dust and Ashes on said:

    Even if you do not have a boat, the cross can bear you up with sufficient grace until a boat comes. That which was the instrument of death for Jesus, our LORD can (figuratively) be our salvation and our sufficient grace in times of need (drowning).

    “I will cling to the old rugged cross,
    And exchange it some day for a crown.”
    From “The Old Rugged Cross”

    Another comment concerning the “fishing” aspect, I have seen people (and have been myself) “hooked” so to speak into bad church settings ranging from lies to spiritual deadness. I remember thinking a time or two, hoping and praying more the like, that the new and vibrant ones coming in would somehow escape to a better church where the spirit was free to move and work.

    We are in the midst of an epidemic, we have more “believers” than ever on life support. It pains me to think that when the Spirit walks through a mega church He must just see beds and beds full of so called believers on spiritual life support or perhaps it is more like a nursing home with people just sitting around waiting to go home to the LORD or be “raptured”. Either way it a horrible thing to sit and ponder how many young and vibrant Christians go to sit in a spiritual junk yard and waste away. Wanting, waiting and in the end suffocating. Tony, thank you as always, I will remember you in my prayers.

  7. Dust and Ashes on said:

    That was written a year ago yesterday…
    I read that and I completely agree, there are many times that the Spirit leads you to do seemingly nonsensical things in order to accomplish an unforeseen or unimaginable goal. It is our due diligence to dig the furrows or lay the rocks or take a new route home. Sometimes He will flush something out, sometimes not. It does not matter WHAT it is that we are doing but rather that we are simply doing His will. Consider Isaiah…

    Isaiah 20:2-4 KJV At the same time spake the LORD by Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying, Go and loose the sackcloth from off thy loins, and put off thy shoe from thy foot. And he did so, walking naked and barefoot. (3) And the LORD said, Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot three years for a sign and wonder upon Egypt and upon Ethiopia; (4) So shall the king of Assyria lead away the Egyptians prisoners, and the Ethiopians captives, young and old, naked and barefoot, even with their buttocks uncovered, to the shame of Egypt.

    In verse 2 he it told to walk naked and barefoot
    In verse 3 God speaks in the PAST tense! He has walked around for three years naked and barefoot without ANY explanation at all. Most of us would not make it a day.

    Heavenly Father, conform us to the image of your son Jesus that we would hear your words and hasten to do them.

  8. This is interesting, as it kinda goes with what I dream. I have had several dreams of these large ships, one was in very shallow water and felt like it was closing in on me. We seem to have similar dreams.

  9. They bother me, as for me, all my dreams with water have negative connotations. As for churches, I never liked the megachurches. I associate them with people who have a lack of faith. Not trying to be negative with that, just my impressions.

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