My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Love Boat or Row Boat/Fisher of Men or Seeker of Pleasure?

I had a vision 04/30/2015 and what I saw is why I chose the title of the post.  For those of you who read my blogs who either have never heard of the love boat or are too young to remember the television series; It was basically a series where people boarded an ocean liner sort of like a carnival cruse ship  and they had a  wonderful time. The whole purpose of a cruise is pleasure. There is nothing wrong with taking a cruise so please do not think that I am stating this in this posting.

In the vision, I saw an ocean liner, a very large ocean liner. The people on board were partying and having a wonderful time. It was nighttime and I saw party lights on the ship. In the ocean I saw row boats. There were people in the water waiting to be rescued and the people in the row boats were helping them into the boats.  The people in the Ocean liner were oblivious to the people in the water. The row boats were in the water and those inside could reach into the water to rescue people. The ocean liner was massive and therefore the chop of the waves did not affect it much whereas it greatly affected the row boats. Every little ripple was felt in the row boats. The ocean liner was more or less insulated and isolated from the goings on in the sea upon which it was sailing whereas the rowboats were in the thick of humanity and were near to the people.

We were called to be fishers of men by Jesus. I do not believe that it was by accident that Jesus chose fishermen to be disciples and who also helped in founding the church. From what I have read, and someone please correct me if I’m wrong, Jesus did most of His miracles in the marketplace not in the meeting place. Jesus brought the temple to the people.

The Love Boat costs money in order to board and the more you pay the better your accommodations. The rowboat is manned by volunteers who charge nothing to those being pulled from the water and into the boat. One thing I noticed is that all in the boat were helping in rescuing it wasn’t a select few.

When was the church ever meant to be a place where we were entertained?  Yet this is what it, not all, has become. The church is like a commodity that is bought and sold. It  advertises and basically prostitutes itself and it seems that the one with the best entertainment is the one with the most people. When the Holy Spirit is not welcomed, the entertainment has to be good.

I had a vision a few years ago similar to the one posted above that I am posting here as well.

In this vision I saw a very stormy sea, at night,with no moon nor stars, and in the sea, there were people drowning. Also in the sea, were many rowboats with a captain in each and the captain, along with those in the boat were rescuing those who were in the sea. The boats would only hold so many and that is why many boats were needed. I saw that the boats all rowing to a light house. Also in the vision, I saw a very large ocean liner. It had a crew of thousands and it took every member of the crew to run the ship, no one could be spared to aid in the rescuing those who were drowning in the sea. Furthermore, the ocean liner was huge and very high so that it would be impossible for its crew to reach a hand into the water to rescue those who were drowning. As you might have guessed, the row boats are symbolic of home groups/simple churches. A rowboat can only hold so many before it begins to sink. The ocean liner is the mega church(machine) it has so much machinery needed to keep the vessel running that it can’t spare anybody. And when I saw the ocean liner steer toward somebody that was drowning in an effort to save them it ended up killing them. I believe that the Lord is returning the His church back to ts roots and to the simplicity of the gospel message from which it was birthed, I believe that the,”machinery” is being dismantled and the complexity of the machinery is giving way to the simplicity that is the Gospel pattern for church.

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14 thoughts on “Love Boat or Row Boat/Fisher of Men or Seeker of Pleasure?

  1. “Jesus brought the temple to the people.” Amen.

    We as Christians bring the Presence of God to the people. We are a savour of life unto life to those who are called to eternal life; we are a savour of death unto death to those who are perishing. Either people will be drawn towards us because of Christ within us, or else they will be repelled by us. We are not lukewarm, worldly people who enjoy worldly entertainment—which is in a lot of Christian churches.

  2. I don’t believe that the megachurches are prostituting themselves. I believe they’re pimps and they’re prostituting God. A pimp gets the money while the prostitute does the work. Just a thought…

  3. sandra on said:

    I think we must not be so negative about churches.

    We left one recently after 10 years.

    Still we shouldnot be so negative and speaking about these churches with dedain.

    This implicates that we ourselves are sooo good.

    Are we?

    Should we not repent of telling, where THEY should repent of ??

    God uses also curved /bent things to touch people

    And what are we to say about this incorrect and even erroneous things (churches), in regard of His mercy, maybe nothing.

    But listen carefully, IF we HAVE something to say, then why not go there, be a member, insert in and speak up?

    Try it long enough.

    And when after a while they still don’t listen, leave again, to go to the next one

    Come on people, stop complaining like this and even call churches names (!!) Do something, act, speak up.

    I’ve had it. With both sides.

    • Sandra in a perfect world that would work. However, for the most part, prophets are not welcome in churches. I have seen this first hand. We are living in the Laodicean church age. The name Laodicea cokes from 2 Greek words meaning people’s judgement or people’s opinions. From what I understand it is where we get the word democracy from. There are thousands of denominations, which by the way means division, in the world each worshiping God in their own way. God is to be worshipped one way and one way only and that way is in Spirit and in truth. The church is the body of Christ and it, but not all, is prostituting itself to the world instead of being set apart it is becoming more and more worldly. I do not believe that individual churches is what is meant here Sandra but the body of Christ as a whole.

    • I do not believe that any here are saying that the are better than anyone else Sandra. What I see in visions or dreams is what I post. I try not to stand in judgment of any church as that is not for me to do nor is it any Christian’s job for that matter.

      • sandra on said:

        I know. It is good that you post what you see. That is what the Lord is showing you, and I’m glad you share it.

        It is just that there is a lot of nagging in general about churches

        I’m hinking on two legs.
        I know very well that that is the case with these laodicea churches. On the other hand, when does something goes towards nagging, that is a small border and this is meant in general. And certainly not for your vision, I would not dare to critisize that.

        It is sad that they don’t want the prophets or testimonies. I’ve experienced those things as well. There is no place for that. I just don’t want to give it too much honour anymore.
        But He is above that all and He will deal with it. That is a comfort. And who is open and willing He will touch also even in those churches. Due to Him, not them.

        I don’t always know what to think of it myself: we should not go against churches but maybe we can insert and make a change. The other thing is: if you know something and have spoken out and if they refuse to listen, it is better to get out. That is an action too, a powerful decision.

        I believe that we may pray that He shakes the whole stuff. And how He does it, He does it, but He does.

    • In the book of Revelation the church of Laodicea is the only church for which Jesus has absolutely nothing good to say about. In fact this is the only church where Jesus is on the outside knocking to gain entrance.

  4. sandra on said:

    Churches are not pimps ’cause God cannot be prostituted. Basta.

  5. Absolutely Jesus brought ministry to the marketplace. Church was not done within 4 walls. In essence, He walked the earth almost like a homeless man – reaching the lost and making disciples out of unworthy men. Thanks for your post. I’ve been slow in catching up.

    • Amen. His ministry was visible to all it wasnt, as you said, behind 4 walls. More and more people are beginning to figure this out and leave the church as it has come to be known. We are the city set on a hill.

  6. Nithya Krishnakumar on said:

    Your dream speaks volumes that people might dare not speak in open.

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