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Dreams and Visions

Watchmen On the Wall

It’s been a rough night dealing with a cold so I am up.  As I am up now the Lord began to show me a vision. In the vision I saw watchmen,  many watchmen standing on what I will say are the walls of the various cities where the Lord had placed them. All had horns to their mouths and all were sounding warnings. In biblical times the watchman on the wall was responsible for warning the city of impending danger. If he saw trouble coming and didn’t warn those in the city them the Lord said that blood would be on his hands. As I am writing this post I can hear the sound of many shofars being blown. As you might imagine this vision is very unsettling but as a watchman I need to post this. The watchmen ‘ s blowing of the shofar was/is, I believe,  a call to be prepared for war, i.e., an invasion.

As with any dream or vision that I post here, take this to prayer and see what the Lord speaks to you concerning this.


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36 thoughts on “Watchmen On the Wall

  1. Excellent Tony for I was pondering in the early hours that this Passover-Easter will be critical for US-Israel relationship.

    You’re no doubt aware of notions of ‘divorce’ and last Rosh Hashanah your VP Biden even told American Jewish leaders to look to Israel NOT the US for security!! This recent news comes at the same time as your POTUS and Kerry are irrationally engaged in a loser’s chess-game with Iran! AND if Iran blocks Mid-East oil routes around Arabian peninsular then you’re well on course for the Shemitah judgement! AND a ‘blood-moon tetrad’ over the Pacific will be seen USA (but not Israel).

    NO wonder Rev John Kilpatrick in Alabama was so deeply concerned on bringing a Holy Spirit directed message last Sunday! He reminded everyone what happened to Britain when we reneged on the Balfour Declaration and thus lost our global influence and empire! So is USA about to be flushed down the pan? (Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s your own leadership.)

    • Do you get the sense that the allies of the U.S. will follow the U.S. in this?

      • My apologies but been rather pre-occupied with blog to reply, and it’s now dinner’s up so will chew on your question and reply asap.

      • My mind was on how consequences of nuclear deal at ‘blood-moon’ Passover with ‘prince of Persia’ and against Israel, as dominated by Obama and Iran, will therefore affect USA only. Hopefully it will be ‘the writing on the wall’ for those involved.

  2. Hi Tony, this post resounded strongly with me and I went straight to prayer. The Lord showed me several things :
    1. “This is the hour of darkness ” – a strong sense of God’s watchful presence while evil has it’s way (for a predetermined time) Luke 22:53
    2. God calling his people into his ark of protection. I saw this like Noah’s ark, a massive internal space, door open awaiting the arrival of the called ones, built to protect and endure. A strong sense that like the creatures that God called to Noah’s ark, God’s call would be heard by all his faithful ones.
    3. God’s complete sovereign control of all the circumstances to come.

    My reading for today includes psalm 32, I believe this is confirmation of all this :
    Psalm 32:6-7 NIV
    “Therefore let all the faithful pray to you while you may be found; surely the rising of the mighty waters will not reach them. You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”
    I offer this to you for your prayer and discernment. May God bless you for your faithfulness.

  3. You are right Tony, it does confirm the Word I shared and also the post I shared afterwards concerning my conversation with YHWH and the dream I had afterwards.

    He is warning His people everywhere, as I have heard. He is also giving final warnings, or as my dream made me believe, allowing His people sound out final warnings to the evil ones or those following the evil one, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

    I would agree with Penny. Like Noah, those who heed His call will be going into His protection during this time.

    I know there is more He will reveal. I am pressing in more.

    Psalm 91 never leaves my mind as it says it all. “He who dwells…..will abide…”

    One will have to choose to dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High God inorder to abide under the shadow of the Almighty. YHWH will not drag anyone under His Wings. It reminds me again of your vision/dream in relation to free will.

    Let’s keep pressing in and sounding out what He gives us.

    • I only wish we had the ear of more people to listen. But we have to use what the Lord has given us and be faithful with that.

      • Yes, we must trust that He knows what He is doing and where He sends us is where He wants us for the time being.

        I honestly wish the whole world will be saved, Tony. It breaks my heart so much. But we know that will not be. Not everyone wil follow Him or heed His call.

        We must simply do what He sends us to do and leave the rest to Him.

      • I would like God to ask of me what my part is so I can do that. I do not know what your saying when you say we are to go into the door of the Ark. JUST words. I need a for example. I am a doer of the words of God and it seems there is no example of what to do…..BB

      • Think of the ark as a place of refuge in God from the coming storm

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  5. Marsha on said:

    I feel war could break out anytime in Israel. Then they will try to hurt us also. But the Lord may come just before that happens.

  6. I hope you are feeling better and I am praying for your recovery from your cold. Tis the season, eh?
    Thank you for posting this warning, He is indeed trying to warn the people. I have not yet felt anything concerning this, though there is a feeling of urgency which may or may not be my own feelings, too hard to tell right now. If I hear anything I’ll let you know.

    Feel better soon!

    • Thanks Lindsay. You seem to have a gift of discernment. It will grow as you use it. Don’t be afraid of going out on a limb and looking foolish. Noah looked foolish building an ark on dry ground for a flood that no one believed was coming.
      Thank you for praying for my health it is greatly appreciated.


      • Honestly, out of all the gifts there are it is one of the ones I most hoped for, especially given my own experiences and family’s spiritual health.
        There are times it feels as though it’s turned off but I’m hoping it will keep growing and I can be more observant without everyone thinking I’m focusing on “the negative.”

      • I was accused of looking for demons under every rock when I first started moving in the gift. That was the prelude to the Lord calling me as a watchman. Be faithful in what He’s given you and you’ll be given more.

      • Here’s a dream I had a while back that reminds me to push on even when I don’t see fruit.

      • Thank you for your words of encouragement on this and sharing that post. It’s easy to become discouraged and lose track of what’s been planted when others aren’t able to relate.
        Thank you again.

      • You’re welcome Lindsay. I will tell you that if you have a need to be liked you’re going to have a rough time with this gifting because rejection is part of the package.

      • I hear that. I don’t need to be liked and haven’t for awhile. I need to be focused.

      • I’m not trying to be a buzz kill. But I don’t want you not to have a clear picture of what you seem to be moving in.

      • I would say a part of the difficulty in the beginning was a lack of trust that I had this developing gift and being around some who didn’t know how to handle it. That has been improving in some ways but I do not expect anyone near me to understand it. The beginning phases were more difficult with not knowing anyone who could relate to someone new to a gift who doesn’t know how to handle it themselves, if that makes sense. I no longer feel I need anyone to relate though it is nice to see more people out there utilizing the gifts God has given them. This is something God needs me to develop and use through him for his needs while others have other gifts to use so we can work together

      • For the record I don’t think you were being a buzz kill. I appreciate your honesty

      • One thing I had to learn was not to go around “undressing people “. What I mean is that when I was in church I would walk up to anybody and blab what I saw. People felt uncomfortable around me. What I had to learn is that just because I see something it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to say something. What the Lord showed me at times was an FYI and not something to be shared. Hopefully this helps.

  7. In the beginning I had the issue with fearing telling people to begin with (mostly my family) as they have a more conservative church view. I don’t go around telling just anyone about the things I might experience, most people aren’t open to that kind of thing and most around here aren’t very used to the idea to begin with. If someone is open about it I will discuss it but I’m selective unless the Lord says to do otherwise.
    Thankfully I have always had my small group to talk with about these things.

    • Just realize that those in the mainstream church will most often be the ones who reject you. Discernment brings things to light that some would like to remain hidden

      • Unfortunately I do realize this. I’ve had to be careful with what I share with some in my own family (mostly my dad), for example, because of a spiritual/personal blindness and misunderstood concepts of God’s spiritual gifts and the why/how they should to be used.

      • Demons know when they’ve been found out.

      • Yeah.. they haven’t been very happy about a lot of things we’ve been doing.. though we’ve been falling subject to warfare quite often due to our own laziness. Thankfully we see that now so we can fix what needs to be fixed.

    • One thing I learned is that you don’t give a flower a name before it comes up out of the ground. Once a flower blooms it is event to all the type of flower it is.

  8. I wrote a song a while back called “Watchman on the Wall” and God has been prompting me too that it is time to release it. Thank you for sharing your visions with us, you strengthen us for what is to come.

  9. Critical. And the other blood moon also I read. Tom and I discussed during that time also what this might mean…

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