My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

A Blast From The Past?

As I was dozing off I had the following dream. 03/29/15.  In the dream I was trying to close a door, a very big door, that led to my past. It seemed that the harder I tried to shut it the harder was the pushing on the other side to have it remain open. The amount of physical strength I was exerting in the dream to shut the door can be compared to people trying to break down a door with the intention of harming and/or killing you. How hard would you fight to keep that door from opening knowing that if you failed it could cost you your life? This is the situation I found myself in and I will say that even with me trying to hold that door shut with every ounce of strength I had, I was loosing. Then Jesus stepped in and closed the door with my hands also on the door. I have heard the supernatural described as His “super” meeting my “natural”. Even with the door closed I was not out of the woods yet for you see it was I and not Jesus who still was in possession of the key. I remember having to lock the door myself. I received absolutely no help fro Jesus. He had done His part The key in this dream had a name and its name was the human free will. I remember giving Jesus the key and walking away from the door. It is a good thing I did because the cries I heard from the other side of that door beckoning me to let them in were tugging at me, and, had I maintained possession of the key I might have not had the strength to keep walking away from the door.

Now as to the title of my post a blast from the past I will describe what I mean by the phrase.

I have heard many a Christian say, when referring to their past that is was a blast.  If they consider it a blast can they say that they truly repented? Now,  I am not here to judge hearts or motives so please do not read into this more than what is intended.

Rom 6:21
(21) What fruit did you have then in those things of which you are now ashamed? For the end of those things is death.

There are things in my life that I wish I had never done, wish I had never said and people I’ve wounded that I wish I could undo the damage that I caused. I pray for people that are no longer in my life. I pray for their healing every time their name comes to mind. I do not want anybody’s blood on my hands.  There is no blast from my past that I wish to brag about.

As I write this post I see another vision. One of the throne room of God. Behind the throne room is also a door. This door was shut tight. Those going through it were going to hell from whence there was no return. No human could open this door from the side of hell to which it opened to. The door led to hell and it was a one way trip.

So I would encourage those who think that Jesus cannot set them free from their past. He can and does. Those  who think that He cannot forgive you for your past, He can and does willingly and lovingly.

The key, once He helps you to shut that door, however, is in your hands. I would suggest you get rid of it like it was burning with the very fire of hell which is where it was forged and where ultimately it will lead.

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9 thoughts on “A Blast From The Past?

  1. I like this dream.

    I think the fact that you were trying to close it and really meant to do so was crucial in YHWH helping you. Often we expect Him to do something we really don’t want to be done. What i am saying is that some people do not want to close the door to their past/anything/sin and because of that there is nothing our Father can do to help you unless you want that help. This is not in every case as YHWH can and will have mercy on whome He will have mercy.

    You wanted to close that door, you couldn’t so He helped. You had the key, you chose to give it to Him, so He took it and kept it for you.

    You rightly said, its all about our freewill. We have to want help, choose to be helped so He can. There is a saying I always use, “a sick person cannot be helped/healed if they don’t admit their sickness and/or go for help”. You can’t help someone who doesn’t think they have a problem or need your help.

    Remember Jesus always asked those He helped/healed what they wanted and if they wanted to be healed. Some of them told Him they needed His help right off the bat. He doesn’t force-help.

    YHWH can set us free from any bondage. He has done a lot for me already and there is more to be done. I am willing to give it all to Him.

    If you need help, go to He who can help you and like Tony said, will do so willingly and lovingly. Choose to surrender your life and baggage to Him and allow Him to work at it.

    Thanks Tony for this reminder.

  2. I’m sorry, its not “If you need help..” because WE ALL need help. I meant to write, “If you want help..”

  3. sandra on said:

    Thanks Tony ! Much to read lately ! Can’t respond much, broke my arm……

  4. Marsha on said:

    Hi Tony,
    This was very, very good. We need to trust Him for forgiveness, He died for our sins to take them away from us, when we accept Him. He was the ransom, for our sin, and God Bless you. We need to have faith, and trust in His words and deeds. Sincerely, Marsha

  5. He spoke to me again about that free will just last week I believe and I blogged about it. I love when He confirms.

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