My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Keep Your Lamp Burning

I had a dream early the morning of 04/29/2012. In the dream my wife and I were in bed sleeping and it was very late. Our door bell rang and I remember saying to my wife, “who would be ringing our doorbell at this late hour. We both got up to see who it was. What was odd was that each of us had an old fashioned hurricane lamp, the kind you fill with oil, as our light . When we opened the front door, we saw an angel standing there with a jug of oil in his hands. He filled our lamps and told us that the time is short.

As it states above I had this dream 3 years ago. I have discovered some things while reading this post again and am essentially adding to this posting. First off I note that this dream could be compared with the 10 virgins 5 being wise and 5 being foolish. The 5 wise had additional oil to take with them so that they wouldn’t run out when the bridegroom came at night. It was God’s mercy that He sent an angel to fill our lamps. We should have had that responsibility   on our shoulders and have had the extra oil.

Secondly night and darkness are metaphors for evil in the bible. It does say that the bridegroom came at around midnight.  Oil, i.e.,  the Holy Spirit,  is essential to be able to travel in the dark.

As I studied more in depth I found that the Greek word for lamp was lampas and it actually meant a torch. This had to be replenished with oil every 15 minutes .

The reason I post this is that this scripture was not written with modern day light bulbs in mind. Again look at my dream above. My wife and I had lamps that required maintenance on our part, i.e., the wicks needed trimming and the lamps needed oil to burn. This was our responsibility in the dream and it is the responsibility of every believer to keep his/her own lamp full. What caught my attention is the fact that the oil needed replenished every 15 minutes in order for the lamp to continue to burn brightly.  What then does that say about how often we should be praying and getting filled up and all the more so as the days become more and more dark because of the evil.

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20 thoughts on “Keep Your Lamp Burning

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    We need have our heart to be ready, and He will take us…..Marsha

  2. Oh my, oh my Lord – Tony, a few days ago I scribbled out what was happening last week and am wanting to blog on it today now am back on-line. It includes my re-visiting your 1st contact with me in which you referred to this dream!!!

  3. ServingJesusHere on said:

    Men ought always to pray and not to faint.

    Jesus lived a perfect example of “filling the oil up and keeping the lamp burning” with His constant fellowship with His Father-our Father.

    No matter what He did during the day, that intimate fellowship was essential for the next work.

    We cannot live an effective life as followers of Jesus/ Children of God if we do not keep our lamps filled and burning. It is a daily maintenance lived in constant communion with our Father in Heaven and obedience to His Will/ Instructions through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

    Your dream is a great message to every believer. We must keep our lamps burning bright and do not slack, for the evil one roams about and will come in at any slightest opportunity or crack in the door.

    • It is a wake up call Ngozi for me Ngozi. Especially when I read just how often the lamp needed filing.

      • ServingJesusHere on said:

        Yes Tony, so true. our lamps do need maintenance/filling OFTEN. Your dream just confirmed a decision i had made yesterday to press in even more in closeness/ contact/ constant fellowship with our Father. There must never be a slackness in filling our lamps. There can never be enough oil to last forever. It takes a daily/hourly filling up. It sure isnt for the faint-hearted.

      • Indeed it’s not Ngozi. I’m taking this very seriously.

  4. sandra on said:

    Interesting about the lamp which had to be filled every 15 minutes.

  5. sandra on said:

    Yes, a wake up call. How can / must we see this he?
    There is slackness in filling (I used Ngozi’s word), in mine too I’m afraid. Sometimes it is hard to estimate one self in these things. ‘Am I doing good, or not good’, when I read about being righteous I think: ooooh, but AM I righteous ?? Shadowy !
    Especially when one is in the valley and doesnot hear a thing ,eventhough one asks.

    To come back at former dream of you; yes it is a narrow road !
    But ! I like to close with an encouragement !!
    Even if we don’t hear, and it seems we get no leading, I believe He does ! Because He says so; “Anyone who believes in him will never be put to shame.”

    Thanks again for sharing your dreams, it is a good thing, to inspect ourselves or better: to let Him inspect us.

  6. WOW! That was intense! I always asked God about that! like “What is the oil?” and I figured it was anointing which , now that I remember is the Spirit of God. And then I asked God about the brides being wise, and the others foolish.

    I want to be a wise person – that was well deserved! Amen brother! Helped me understand soo much!!!!!

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  8. I remember reading this dream.

  9. Nithya on said:

    Sir,There is a person on you tube(Joy of the Lord) telling lighting the wick of the lamp is starting to speak in tongues by faith and that only those ones can be His brides.Others may be raptured but only be guests in His wedding supper not brides.Can you please comment on this after discerning with His Holy Spirit?Thankyou.

    • Do you have the YouTube address where you found this so that I can comment on it? One thing for sure is that there is only one bride and not brides.

    • Nithya, I did not need to listen far into the YouTube video because she is setting dates for the Rapture which Jesus Himself stated that no man knows the day nor the hour. It will be like a thief in the night. In other words, we won’t be expecting it. So I would discard anything that she says.

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