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Dreams and Visions

Are You Eating Or Waiting For Someone To Feed You?

I had a dream / night vision  where I saw people sitting at tables with food on their plates, a lot of food. Yet I could see that these people were starving. It wasn’t like the food was bad or spoiled and therefore couldn’t be eaten, the people seated made no effort to feed themselves.  On a platform in front of the people I saw leaders, I’m guessing,  church leaders to be exact and they were fat with plates too in front of them but they,  unlike those seated, we’re eating.

The number one reason I’ve heard as to why people leave traditional churches or any church for that matter is they are not being fed.

Heb 5:12-14
Spiritual Immaturity
12 For though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of God; and you have come to need milk and not solid food. 13 For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe. 14 But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

The aforementioned scripture is a rebuke stating that there comes a time in every believers life when he/she should not only be feeding themselves but should also be able to feed others.

The 5 fold ministry is for equipping the saints.  When one equips  someone for a job and they have to come back week after to be equipped for the job then either the person doing the equipping has a problem or the one who supposedly was equipped has a problem.

The church today keeps believers in an infantile state,  purposely I believe , in order to have them keep coming back.

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23 thoughts on “Are You Eating Or Waiting For Someone To Feed You?

  1. True. They keep them infantile. Many of the leaders who should not even be leaders-they have no leadership abilities place the 5 fold ministries on to the wrong people. I went to a huge mega church bible study. The gentleman, though he was very kind spoke a teaching on ‘water baptism.’ I and a few other people had to continue to ask him questions because of the things he was saying. He was not happy. He stopped and said, “Their seems to be a spirit of confusion in the room” I wanted to snort my coffee. There was no spirit of confusion in the room-He was placed into the position of TEACHER by this church and he had NO gift of teaching. It never occurred to him that it was his inability to teach. The so called ‘Prophets’ had no gifts of prophecy….and so on. Many are led by businessmen…blind to God’s gifts. Many churches are just money makers as well.

    I have seen so much crazy stuff in the church the past 5 yrs that I am soooo happy that I never had this junk instilled in me for years and years as some people do. I love that Yeshua teaches me things-I can teach others what He has taught me..Just as those as yourself teach me things that God teaches you….and so on. The churches are on such an infantile level it is like me sitting in math class 101 where they teach you to add 1+1=3 and I am completely bored, stagnant, wanting to be taught 1×7,777 x1/444 -yx= you get what I am saying. And yes…I said 1+1=3 because the majority of what they teach is WRONG.

    • Good insight Joan. This laziness of Christians is nothing new. The Jews told Moses to hear God for them. Not much has changed.

    • This is how cults are born. Contrast that withe the Bereans of Paul’s time.

      Act 17:11-12
      11 These were more fair- minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so. 12 Therefore many of them believed, and also not a few of the Greeks, prominent women as well as men.

  2. This is very good. We have too many milk-bottle Christians in the United States.

    “Overcome With Great Sorrow”

  3. Nithya on said:

    I think this applies to every individual in body of Christ.All the people looking to you tube teachings and other person’s teachings including me.With many prophecies of a coming internet blackout,this might be the Lord warning us to learn to feed ourselves and become mature enough to feed others to become prepared for the upcoming famine(spiritual)days.Also the Word should become flesh in us,we have to eat it not just read it for it is through which Holy Spirit will speak to us as time comes.I have been feeling this lately too,when suddenly my computer wasn’t working properly yesterday giving me direct hints to become ready as soon as possible.God bless you.

  4. All these things are so hard for me. I want to run as far from church (particularly the one I’m in ) as possible, but to do so would be to disobey the Lord. I read the blog about the Goat Farmers and all of the posts here and I know it’s true. It’s not about God – it’s about numbers and money. So many people are willing to share as long as it doesn’t cost them too much or inconvenience them. It’s like the story in Matthew 19:21,22. Jesus told the rich young man to give everything to the poor and follow Him. The young man got sad and walked away. In the present day church, the young man would get angry and attack Jesus as a Bible-thumping hater for even making the suggestion. Then, he would get others to turn away because Jesus is weird and probably a little insane. (Welcome to my world) I wonder why I am where I am when it feels like I’m accomplishing nothing, but God hasn’t given up on the few true believers hidden in the midst of a rebellious people. I can’t do anything more than be the light and pray for them. I’m shut out in one church and bound in the other and I can’t walk away from either one. Please keep me in your prayers.

    • The fallacy that most Christians is that they equate numbers with anointing which could not be further from the truth. Jesus had a history during His earthly ministry of when He had big crowds following Him , He would say something off the wall and drive many away from Him. God always deals with remnants.

  5. There have always been problems with leaders turning away the sheep.
    Galatians 1:8 KJV
    But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

    I completely agree with your vision/dream and those who have commented in that the flock is not being taught to feed themselves. It is why I’m not in a church myself, among other things.
    It’s refreshing to see others with the same conclusion and can help one feel less alone on the matter but at the same time it’s a sad situation to be in. I believe satan is in most churches today and with the way things are going they are being lead to a one world religion.

  6. sandra on said:

    Hi Tony
    This vision really touches me.

    May I put some thoughts here, from our experience? This doesnot count for all churches, ofcourse, but these are some characteristics from what is described above, I think. This can be corrected ofcourse !!

    -I think there are definitely churches where leaders are eating themselves
    – You can see it in the faces, these are bloated (because of smug) Really, if you look at it it’s visible
    – People are starving
    – They collect sheep to serve THEM, they don’t serve the sheep
    – not willing to serve, to be the ‘least/smallest’

    – When people go, they worry ! But don’t care about these people, but about the money
    – Put themselfes on places and sit high
    – Own family first
    – Attracted by luxeoury lives, things, devices
    – Annointing goes away, more Saul characteristics are advancing

    I would like to add an important thing, and maybe it also connects with your previous dreams. Please, hear this.

    People are starving. But they don’t have to ! It is their responsibility too ! The Bible tells us not to look on/expect from people. So if people starve, they have the responsibility to seek, knock, search, for Bread ! Focus on the Lord, ask Him, spend time with Him, just in your house, not only in once a week in church ! They should not see themselves as victims (!) of bad leadership ! I try to say this for a long time but people just don’t listen anymore these days. ‘People’s own complaining and gossiping shut’s doors as wel and make them starving, and this must not be forgotten! Bless your ‘enemy’ so that you will be blessed (petrus, somewhere). Don’t rejoice if the enemy should fall (people may hope that leaders fall, this is a naturally human emotion but…) because the Lord sees it and it displeases Him (proverbs 24:18, it is a key verse and very important to read, what He might do to the rejoicer in such cases).

    But here is a ‘but’. This is: when they are stabile people, mentally normally healthy. If not: it can be hard to do that, and then they are truly victims.

    Another problem/and cause of starving these days is this:
    – people think they already are saturated
    – they don’t need more, because they are spiritually higher than others
    – they don’t want to admit that they are not doing well
    – they don’t listen anymore to others ! When you tell them some ‘nuggets’ they don’t want to hear, and start talking themselves with more words (actually they steel testimonies away)
    – they inhibit true words and wisdom with their own words and wisdom

    So you see, it goes on two sides. We don’t have to starve.
    (if we are mentally okay)

    Something else is going on to, and these things go parallel.

    The sad thing is …and this truly makes me sad

    There are not many bible readers, and if there are, the biblereading people misuse verses sometimes, or leave the halve out. And do not invest time with their Lord.
    And from their it goes….down.

    They get deceived, manipulated, ezechiel 13 (verse 10 also and ez 34) and ‘bewitched’ (in a church, can that be? Yes indeed, we’ve seen it before our own eyes, and then people are manipulable)

    However we must not judge but ought to pray and bless

    Our Lord moves in mysterious ways and surprising ways and indeed He does !!!
    Halleluja !!

  7. sandra on said:

    I see some very good comments above, which say about the same thing.

    Yes, it might be something the Lord uses to learn us to focus only on Him and strive for that, and shows us that we really need to.

    But let’s not forget, not everybody has the vitality to be undependant of people, because of wounds, etc. And they can go nowhere ….

    • Your insight is amazing Sandra! Keep walking and listening to the Lord as you have been. Don’t be discouraged when people don’t heed your warnings. Not many want to take up the cross on a daily basis and follow Jesus. Again Sandra, excellent insights on both of your postings.

  8. So interesting…you raise some good points and there’s just so much that could be said here that I won’t even get started. But the dream/vision should definitely be taken seriously because there are just too many coming to the table just to watch and be entertained, but have no intention of eating.

  9. jacqui on said:

    Hi Tony, I read this dream very early this morning but now it is the afternoon and I came across this piece of writing which is an issue with the church I have struggled with but I think it answers in part the crumbs under the table dreams. Check it out and see what you think.
    God Bless jacqui x

    • I have my reservations about this site Jacqui.

      • jacqui on said:

        Yes, just wanting to test it shall pray more

      • Tony, I am curious to know what are your reservations regarding that site Jacqui shared with you above. If you prefer to answer this privately, here is my email:

      • I just think one needs to tread cautiously when claiming that the Bible is not the Word of God.

      • He is not claiming the bible is not the Word of God so much as He is proclaiming that only through the ‘hearing’ of the Spirit of God speaking to our hearts is where the truth comes from. Initially, it may appear he is refuting the bible but what he is doing is showing that if we do not ‘hear’ the voice of the Lord in our lives, we cannot truly ‘know’ the Father or Jesus.

        The biggest failing in the church of today is that many are not being led by the Spirit of the Lord and most do not hear His voice nor seek His guidance for all their decisions. The Spirit of the Lord gave me a startling vision in my first year as a believer showing me this truth. He told me that “My people do not know Me. They are so busy with their own lives, they have no time for Me.” He spoke this to me in that vision after He showed me that His judgment was coming first to His house and then the rest of the world.

        For all my many years of walking with Him, He continues to ‘teach’ me by His Spirit and ‘then’ confirm what truths He has shown me by the printed bible. My source is not the printed bible but even more accurately, the Spirit of the Lord who is still actively writing His law on the tablets of my heart.

        Jesus told His disciples He was sending the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, to lead us and guide us into all truth. Today, we depend more on the printed new testament which did not exist when the first century church was formed and nurtured by that same Spirit of God. In other words, God did something through the power of His Spirit that many churches today struggle to do and still miss His best because we no longer rely on the Spirit of God to guide us but choose to let others lead us through their own study and their interpretations of what the printed word is saying. If this is not true, then how is it that we have so many different kinds of churches and with each promoting a certain doctrine or aspect of what they see as the truth.

        To be a Berean, we must not only search the scriptures but we must seek the source of the scriptures to learn from His perspective. The printed word is a letter from the Father to all people but it is not Him. It speaks of Him but for many, the bible IS God as they place a greater importance of the reading and studying of the bible than to enter into a relationship with the living God through His Spirit which He poured out to ENABLE us to obey His word through His power and not our own. He KNEW we did not have the power to obey UNLESS He gave us of HIS power and ability.

        The written bible is nothing more than a ‘road map’ to the truth, leading us to the source of all truth and only when we come to that Source and do as He speaks into our spirit man, revelation knowledge, will we be able to do what He is revealing to us. When we read the printed word and receive revelation knowledge while reading it, it is the Holy Spirit who gave us that revelation knowledge. Truly we live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. We do not live by what we read for we read many things besides the bible. It is the Spirit that makes us alive. The letter can only bring death. We hear this statement, nod our heads in agreement but do not know what it means UNTIL we begin to let the Holy Spirit into the everyday part of our lives and let Him have control.

        I am not saying anything that is not already shown in the printed word but this man’s site is saying the same thing but in a more radical and straight forward way.

        So yes, I have to agree, the TRUE Word of God is not what can be written on paper but what is written in our hearts and only God, in fulfillment of His promise, can write His law on our heart.

  10. I second that Tony. I looked onto the site and did not even have to read, my inner witness took a step back, it feels like it shrank back, when I just looked at the page. I proceeded to read regardless. Even while observing my inner witness. Tread carefully people. Reading the bible is not the word of God, We will not know how to repent ? when we are born again, HIS nature is deposited in us. immediately. We KNOW when to repent. our inner witness warns us, its why others can do what we can’t do. People will be deceived by truth and falsehoods mixed into the same. they will not have discernment and the enemy will use that as a foothold to gain access.
    don’t trust YOUR judgement, We are to be LED by the SPIRIT of GOD.
    not our own minds or ourselves or our own will or our own knowledge.
    You are not going to be wearing yourself in the last days and think that the Kingdom of God is going to come through you. You are going to be clothed from above.
    That means NO SELF left. Just Him. And the Holy Spirit. In you +the empty vessel of His mercy.

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