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Dreams and Visions

Preparing for Battle – A Re-visitation of a Dream

Just before the  presidential elections of 2012,  the Lord dropped the folowing word into my spirit, “prepare for war”.
The morning of11/12/2012 just before getting up, the timing here I believe is significant, I had a dream. in the dream I saw a table with armor on it. As I picked up various pieces, a person told me to put them on. I remember removing a green backing from a piece of armor and then placing it on my left shoulder as I am left-handed. although I use both hands for various thing, i.e. I write with my right hand and throw with my left. As I did, it seemed to be absorbed into my body and become invisible. So the armor, in essence, became a part of my body.This dream is, I believe,  a  warning for me  and others in the body to prepare and always be in a state of battle readiness as the enemy doesn’t announce when he is going to attack.

I re post this dream from 3 years ago because of the latest 2 dreams I had dealing with the armor of God.

I had another dream in 2013 that is related to the other 3 previously posted.

This is a very short post as I am not sure I have the complete picture of the dream as of yet. In this dream I was on a battlefield and I was dressed like a soldier as described by the Apostle Paul in Ephesians chapter 5 where Paul lists the armor and the sword. I noticed in the dream that I had been in battle and was kneeling on one knee and I still had my sword in my hand. There before me there was an Angel with wings spread. He handed me a scroll with a seal around it. That is where the dream ended. I don’t know as of yet if the scroll contained marching orders or a word from the Lord to be delivered. I’ll be in prayer to see what the Lord says regarding the dream.


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15 thoughts on “Preparing for Battle – A Re-visitation of a Dream

  1. Tony, the scroll is what you are doing now! Praise God for your obedience! This morning after reading your post abut the armor of God being fit just right for each saint, spoke to me about my oldest daughter and the battles waging around her.

    I sent your link to her and told her that you don’t wear shark gear to a bear fight, the bear will tear right through the suit! I thank God for her training zone. She is becoming fit in the kingdom so she has the strength, spiritual agility and wisdom to wear her armor. I praise God! I want to say He is preparing us; the truth is, He has prepared us. Bless you brother.

  2. Blessed be the Lord my rock who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. psalm 144.

    We must be willing, to be trained.

    Take opportunities and situations. These determine how ready and in authority we are when it comes to the point.

    It is a saying here and it is also my motto: it is better to prevent than to heal

    Another one is: when you going on ice go with good prepared iron (iceskates)

    The preparing happens prior to the situation. After or during, is being on thin ice. A situation may be sudden, but there have been many before………..which could have prepared us..

    The readyness is also in forgiveness etc and coming clear with God. One time I went on my knees crying (I had postponed it for 2 wks (!) deliberately, was stubborn, proud, but now bursting and had to kneel), just as I had dried my tears, there came a huge situation, literally at my door. I could hear the Lord saying: just turn the other cheek.’…and this made me so calm. The two aggressive troublemakers ran away in a haste as if their feet where burning. It could have gone totally different..if I would have lost my temper. Right on time, but He ofcourse already knew what was coming…I will never forget, it was on a 8th november day. I couldnot have turned the other cheek without Him.

  3. Brother Tony, please read this and test it . I believe it is a true and urgent prophetic call to act and I think it fits with your dream.

    • Penny this is a powerful Word . I see your blog is private so I hope my responce gets to you

      • I will take it to prayer. What did Lord say to you regarding it?

      • I’m curious as to how you found my blog. Have you been following me or did you find me on another’s blog?

      • Hi Tony, I found you a month or so ago through Jacqui and after reading through your archive I started to follow. I have been searching out many prophetic voices in the past 12 months and attempting to discern what the Lord has ahead for myself, for the church, and for Israel. I believe I have a gift for intercession and counselling but I am still waiting to hear what the Lord would have me do in this season.
        I felt a strong urgency this morning to pass on Lana’s word to those who may be able to confirm (or otherwise ) and who might be connected to other intercessors. Due to time zone differences I have not yet been able to sit quietly with the Lord yet but I intend to do so this evening.

      • I am glad that you were blessed by the dreams and visions that the Lord has been giving me

      • I will delete your response.

  4. The sword of the spirit is 1John 4:4

  5. Thank you for sharing! Please keep me posted as the Lord gives you revelation.

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