My Dreams and Visions

Dreams and Visions

Crumbling Church

I had a dream 02/20/2015. In the dream I was looking at a church building. It was covered in what I will call a dingy what plaster. As I was looking at the church building I saw cracks begin to form in the building and then I saw it slowly begin to crumble . The word I got is that the foundation upon which it was built could not sustain the structure built upon it because it was faulty. The church Jesus is building is a temple made without hands and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.


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8 thoughts on “Crumbling Church

  1. Shirley on said:

    Amen…and it won’t look like anything we have seen before!

  2. AMEN!

    This is true.

    Is exactly what we are trying to make clear now, in the situation we’r e in.

    Things are manmade, so no fruits

    I have a question, I was just discussing with my husband: we really see which people come from a generation of believers, and where blessings were, and who is a ‘new’ believer and has missed blessings for most of their lives(still have to clean up messes)

    How do you think about generational curses?

    And might it be one of the reasons -except for manipulation from leaders, which we are experiencing also– why church is also crumbling? Can it be that people who are still under those kind of curse(s) are easy dissappointed, don’t dare to speak out, etc…

    Have you ever had a vision about this ?

  3. Amen Tony,
    I may be that the church was crumbling because so many now have left the church and the end of the Gentiles is at hand.

  4. Joan OF Arc 77 on said:

    Your confirmation. on 1/20/2015.. I had the very same vision…many, many crumbling churches. It is close to this time. yikes.

    • Powerful Joan!!!

      • Joan OF Arc 77 on said:

        Dream 1/20/2015
        “Houses being crumbled to the ground”
        I was standing inside a very TALL house I knew it was my home in the dream and there was a window to my right, and a view of another TALL house. My children were there inside my home with me but they were all grown up as they are now.

        I watched from the window of my tall home–the house to my RIGHT fell down in crumbles. The noise of it was quite loud & strange and the sight of it falling swiftly, abruptly out of my view shocked me.

        I yelled for my children and I ran outside. The neighborhood of TALL houses–almost all of them were crumbled. Some homes were crumbled completely to the ground–others half way. Bricks and debris everywhere! I was shocked to see that the neighborhood of TALL houses were crumbled and the majority of them destroyed. I knew what this meant and yelled for my sons to get back inside MY house. Sinkholes were starting as well. Before heading inside, I got one quick glimpse of a broken stone CROSS from another one of the crumbled buildings as well. It made me hesitate and wonder. The ground was opening up in many areas of the neighborhood. I told my sons that they had to pack their belongings and get ready.

        My interpretation came quickly as I awoke this morning.The TALL homes Our human bodies which carry within us the Holy Spirit-Yeshua- the High tower-Our homes represent those who claim to be of “Christ.”

        Their homes were “swiftly” dropped down to destruction. The specific house was to my RIGHT. Representing those who are ‘supposed’ to stand on the right side of Yeshua but do not. My house was TALL and unmovable. “MY” house was not my “Son’s houses” and I told them to get back inside MY house. (I intercede for my sons for their salvation because they do not believe in the Lord any longer.) They were safe within MY home due to this…but telling them to pack their belongings and get ready to go…meaning intercession can only go so far–they MUST get spiritually ready on their own.

        The glimpse of the crumbled and broken cross was the High Tower of a church. Representing Hashem’s church….well not really..but they thought so apparently.

        I am sitting here thinking deeply of this. It is very clear to me this morning.

        “The judgements are coming and they start at the “House of the Lord.”

      • Have you told either of your sons your dream?

  5. J G HEMLOCK on said:

    My twins are 30 years old and do not believe in Yeshua any longer :*( They know I have visions-I have had them since childhood. One of my boys had them also when he was around 5. He went to Heaven. 🙂 can you imagine..and then stop believing? I had a vision 3 years ago. It was my son smiling and waving at me! I was so happy to see him but then the vibration that came from him was demonic. (Devil posed as light) as soon as I recognized WHO it was-I went to rebuke and it started doing perverted things at me. I rebuked it in the name of Jesus and instead of leaving POOF like they always do, it hunched over into this weird thing. I went to leave the vision and Yeshua spoke and told me to go back in and place “The blood of Christ on this thing.” I didn’t want to go near this thing but I obeyed. I placed my hands on it and placed His blood on it. Woke up like what the heck does this mean?

    Found out very soon after-that very night I had this vision, his girlfriend hit him hard in the groin while he was sleeping and slit her wrists in front of him! YIKES! demonic! You think he would believe just from that right? I interceded for him that evening. Now I pray in this manner-placing the blood on everyone when I pray-even ISIS men. Driving the demons out of them. They may be muslim but they are still MEN. I am not surprised in the least that the devil will try to take my children because I am on “Hell’s Most Wanted” list and he hates that I expose him. He can never have them. 🙂 He just tries to get me to back down with fear that I will lose my children. I put the Lord first before my children in faith- knowing that he will ALWAYS tell me just as He did that night! 🙂 God is awesome. I don’t back down from the devil and he don’t like me so much. ha!As we say in NY, “Whadevah”

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